Third League: Sportul Simleu- CSM Satu Mare 0-2 (0-1). Csik is the new leader of the tenth series!

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The goal justifies the means… This is what the short history of Saturday’s match at Simleu will look like. CSM Satu Mare triumphed 2-0 under Măgura on tough ground against an uncomfortable team that has only lost in the past two years at home once.

Antal Barna quickly opened the scoring after a counter-attack in the 4th minute. The match practically started with CSM in the lead … But unfortunately, in the 10th minute, the new possession, Rad Adrian, was injured. The player brought on the last day of the transfer from miner Oka Dij sprained his knee and was replaced by Bajo… “Hopefully it’s just an extension of the ligament. On Monday, we do an MRI,” the medical staff says.

In the shelter from the advantage taken from the fourth minute, CSM played economic. He dominated the match and the opponent did not leave any lane towards Anka’s goal in the first half. The second half put the home team players ahead. The sport created two clear opportunities and demanded an unjustified punishment. In the complete dominance of the locals, the pair raised by Primavera, Bajur Sovej decisively contributed to the 2-0 goal in overtime. Suvge scored from Bajor’s pass and calmed the spirits.

Satmarines goals were scored in 4 and 90 + 2 minutes, via Antal Barna and Nandor Sauvig.

0-1: After a deep pass, Antal was left alone with the goalkeeper, and from the left he scored from 10 meters into the far corner of the goal.

0-2: After a quick counterattack, Denis Baior passed to Süveg, who shot from the right, from close range, landed into the long corner, under goalkeeper Tudor Mare.

CSM Satu Mare also had good chances through Baior and Kevin Barth, in the first half, respectively through Antal and Kotlin Vida, in the second.

Goalkeeper Julian Anka Tripp interfered twice in the second half with shots by Alain Kotona and Victor Dolab.

The new acquisition of CSM Satu Mare team, Adrian Rad, suffered a serious injury in the first minutes of the match, and coach Tibi Csik had to replace him, and Baior took his place.

CSM Satu Mare capitalizes on the erroneous steps of Gloria Bistrica (0-1 with a missed penalty in Cluj) and FC Bihor (1-3 in Ocna Dej) and advances for the first time since being in the third league to the first. Ranking site!

On Wednesday, CSM Satu Mare will play in the third round of the Romanian Cup against Minor Baia Mare (Second League), and next Saturday they will play the fourth stage match against CFR Cluj II. Both matches will take place in Satu Mare, at Olympia-Daniel Prodan.

What Tiberio Jicic said after the match victory over Simliol Silvani.

“I want to congratulate the boys. We played in very difficult conditions: in bad weather, on a difficult stadium. We played under pressure, but with the work we did in this match, I think we deserved to win. We have two difficult tasks ahead, on Wednesday we will play the derby. Regional with Minor Baia Mare, then next Saturday. She matches CFR II. We have a tough week ahead and we take it very seriously and want positive results.”

League 3, Series 10, Phase 3
CS Sportul 2007 Simleul Silvaniei – CSM Satu Mare 0–2 (0–1)
Top scorers: Barna Antal 4., Svig Nandor 90 + 2.

Semelo Sport: Marie-Tilsian, Wheel, Szesio, Furna-Baco, Lugerdin, Oil, Ceran, Katona-Olaru. Reserves: Kuzma, Bob C, Bob R, Paul B, Marina, Lukak, Marina Di, Papicio, Obrich. Coach Dănuț Şomcherechi.

CSM: Iulian Anca-Trip – Adrian Ciul, Călin Vădan, Răzvan Prodan, Ciprian Brata (min 65 Negrea), Adrin Rad min 10 Bajor), Adrian Micaș, Barth Kevin, Hernando Orte Ridrigo (min 73 Vaida), Süveg Nándor, Barna Antal (at least 73 bora).

Reserves: Eduard Berbacci – Soto Zalan, Mihic Morian, Adrian Bora, Zsiga Ervin, Bjorn Denis, Kotlin Vaida, Raul Zeman, Alex Negria. Coach Tippi Jicic

Series 10, Stage 3
Lotus Bailey Felix – CSM Sighetu Marmaţiei 2-1

Claudio Codoban (72), Rozvan Cree (87) / Kotlin Tututa (4 – penalty)

Victoria Carey – SCM Zalău 0-1
Mihai Dorovty (82)

Minerol Oka Dig – FC Bihor Oradea 3-1
George Gilgor (51), Yunoy Ross (61), Raul Vitan (90+3) / Sergio George (41)

Sportul Simleu Silvaniei – CSM Satu Mare 0-2
Barna Antal (4), Nandor Sovage (90 + 2)

CFR Cluj 2 – Gloria Bistrita Nassaud 1-0
(70 – penalty kick)

1. CSM Satu Mare 3 3 0 0 8-2 9
2- Gloria 2018 Bistrita Nosud 3 2 0 1 6-1 6
3. SCM Zalo 3 2 0 1 5-1 6
4. FC Bihor Oradea 3 2 0 1 7-6 6
5. Lotus Baili Felix 3 2 0 1 6-5 6
6. CFR 1907 Cluj SA 2 3 1 2 0 2-1 5
7- Miner 1947 Okna Dig 3 1 0 2 4-53
8. CSM Sighetu Marmaţiei 3 0 1 2 2-7 1
9. Sportul 2007 Simleu S 3 0 1 2 0-7 1
10. CSM Victoria Carei 3 0 0 3 1-6 0

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