A quarter of a century since the re-establishment of the Hossy Diocese

Today, the Hossy Diocese celebrates the 25th anniversary of its re-establishment. The event was postponed for a year, due to the epidemic, and the event brought together intellectuals from the province and the country, the chief bishops and priests, who spoke about the importance of the episcopate in the life of Vaslui County, recalling the turbulent history of this diocese, but also the moment when the communist regime abolished the Hussite episcopate in 1949 .

“We celebrate a quarter of a century since the re-establishment of the episcopate, which could only have been abolished by the communist regime in 1949 through the physical disappearance of Bishop Gregor Leo. If the bishop resisted pressure and survived any attempts,” said Vicar Adrian Solomon, who was invited to the celebration. Against him, it would have been very difficult for the communist regime to abolish the diocese.”

On this occasion, the historical book “Bishop of Howell: Memory and Reality”, by B.


“I believe that every bishop, every priest, and every believer in this diocese has contributed in one way or another to the history of this diocese from an ecclesiastical point of view, each according to the possibilities and gifts he has received from God, but also according to his own capabilities. Put the context in which he lived. Hos Diocese, which has a value of 423 years, a proven history, with a lot of worthy and industrious bishops, with a lot of worthy priests, monks and believers, the owners of the houses have contributed in one way or another, depending on the person and the historical place and in the development of this diocese, which is very important from an ecclesiastical point of view For our Patriarchate and for the life of the Church in general. The 45 bishops and 12 vice-bishops, together with a large number of priests, monks and believers, have written important pages of history in the more than four centuries of the diocese’s existence,” said His Eminence Emilian Christianol.

The quarter-century anniversary of the re-establishment of the Diocese of Hussey included a symposium in which personalities from the Vaslui culture, as well as priests who made their contribution to the revival of the Diocese, drawn with words during these twenty-five years of spiritual and cultural heritage, the context of the history of the abolition and re-establishment of the episcopate, and the life of the Church in this The part of the country during the communist period, as well as the impact of the re-establishment of the episcopate on the spiritual and cultural life of Vaslui province.

“Time has shown that humility, self-denial, long patience, self-sacrifice, awareness of God’s calling and love for the Church have paid off. The Hossy Diocese has been reborn with so much freshness. I believe that the years since its inception can be a testimony, beyond the chain, and this necessary, for some organized reports in various fields of activity, of the way in which orthodox faith, culture and spirituality have been carried and cultivated from present generations.History has demonstrated that God’s ideas and plans differ from those of people, regardless of the social situation they are temporarily in and that God’s ideas and plans come true without restrictions, however improbable they may be,” said B. Bishop of the Hussites.

The head of the Vaslui Provincial Council, Dumitru Pozzato, wanted to send a congratulatory letter to His Eminence Ignati, Bishop of Howell, on the occasion of the quarter-century since the diocese was re-established.

“It is a day of chosen grace and celebration for all believers in Vaslui district. It has been 25 years since the spiritual gifts poured out on our diocese, which have become dynamic and active in the spiritual and cultural life of the country. His Eminence Joachim was the pioneer who was able to return the municipality of Hosi to the position of an important spiritual center for this Part of the country I note the efforts of Archbishop Ignatius, the current bishop, who is highly involved in cultural and charitable activities, further revitalizing the spiritual life of the diocese. The Vaslui District Council and the Diocese of Hușilor are important partners both in the organization of cultural events, but also in the revival of heritage churches and monasteries , and the historical testimonies of these lands. “A long and blessed life for our diocese,” said Dumitru Pozzato, Chairman of the Vaslui Provincial Council.

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