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Police Academy Admission 2022: Lists of results are displayed after the scheduled medical examination of more than 600 candidates who have passed the exams. Athletic and written.

Final results will be announced on September 30th. The final acceptance rate is calculated as a weighting of 50% in the sports test and a score of 50% in the written test, and a medical examination is mandatory.

Police Academy Admission Results 2022 – Medical Examination

The Police Academy publishes the lists after the medical examination every day as per schedule.

Police Academy Admission 2022 – View Final Results

Candidates whose medical fitness has been declared medically fit are accepted, in descending order of acceptance rates.

The vacant seats as well as the vacant seats following the resignation of the candidate or the loss of the seat occupied by the competition shall be filled under the provisions of the Regulations, by redistributing the candidates declared “rejected” to the same college and specialty, based on their choices, in strict descending order of the averages obtained (but not less than 5.00), applying the tie-breaking criteria set forth in these Bylaws, if there are multiple candidates with the same average.

The Central Admission Committee verifies the correctness of the final results of the competition with strict compliance with the approved educational number.

Candidates are informed of the final admission results by publishing them on the official website of the Academy.

For candidates declared ‘rejected’, lists are made in alphabetical order by faculty, separately for each form of education (full-time or part-time), with grades in competitive subjects and average obtained next to each.

Police Academy Admission 2022 – Medical Examination

The medical examination is carried out in accordance with the provisions of MAI Order No. 105/2020 for candidates who fall within the number of places available in the admission competition in descending order of the averages obtained in the written test. The Academy sends candidates who will undergo medical examination to the enlistment units.

At the end of each day, the Academy displays the status of the candidates who have completed the medical examination, respectively, until the number of places available for the admission competition is filled.

We see Planning a medical examination

Update: Medical Examination Rescheduling List (September 20-21)

The medical examination is done by completing the medical record with the following details:

  • Candidates who fall in the number of open places for competition submit themselves to the recruitment structures, which will issue them the address to the unit doctor and a copy of the certificate issued by the family doctor
  • With the documents issued by the human resource structure of the recruitment unit, the candidate presents himself to the unit doctor of the recruitment unit to open the medical file
  • In the event of direct observation, during a medical examination, of tattoos or decorative elements, of any kind, applied, embedded or implanted on/in the body, not covered by clothing, in summer clothing, or other specified criteria regarding the HR line of candidates provided by normative statutes In force, the unit physician records them in the medical file, which is subsequently sent, together with the dispatch address, to the staffing unit. The conclusions regarding the continuation of the selection procedure are determined by the human resource structures that requested the medical examination, by referring to the legal conditions and established criteria for recruitment and selection, established by the applicable normative acts
  • With the medical record, completed in the first part by the unit physician, the candidate presents himself as planned, at the Medical Center for Outpatient Diagnostics and Treatment (depending on the province in which he/she resides) to perform and record the results of medical examinations: Bucharest: CMDTA ” Dr. Nicolae Kretzulescu “from MihaiVodă Street, no. 17, Sector 5 (; Ploiesti: CMDTA from 1-3 Ghimpai Street (; Oradea: CMDTA of Donria Street, no. 7 (the courtyard of the MAI Oradea Hospital – entrance from Brașovului Street). ( Access to the premises of the medical center depends on the identity card and the unique identification code
  • The result of each medical examination carried out concludes with an expression of eligibility for the specialty concerned, which is related to the medical standards in force, and is certified by the signature and initials of the examining physician
  • The type of medical record for admission includes clinical examinations: Rx. Lung (radiological examination), electrocardiogram (electrocardiogram), abdominal and pelvic ultrasound, laboratory tests, as well as specialized clinical examinations: cardiology, surgical, orthopedics, ophthalmology, ENT, nervous and psychological systems.
  • Lab tests will be done in the morning, before any food/liquids are taken, and candidates are entered into the medical center premises at 07:00. For an ophthalmological examination, spectacle wearers must present their spectacles and contact lenses are prohibited.
  • In the event of strong doubts about the conditions set forth in the medical standards, to clarify the diagnosis, any necessary laboratory tests or specialized clinical or clinical examinations may be requested.
  • In the event that the candidate does not agree to perform the mentioned additional examinations, as his medical fitness cannot be completed, he will be declared “UNFIT”
  • Additional examinations are carried out for a fee, which the candidates pay at the cashier of the medical center
  • After medical examinations and results have been recorded, by reference to the medical scales, the candidate submits the medical record to the unit physician who opened it, so that he can ascertain from a medical point of view whether the candidate is “APT”. or “INAPT” for admission. The conclusion is recorded in the medical record and certified by signature and first
  • After completing the medical record, the unit doctor who completed and signed the medical record issues the certificate of the results of the medical examination that was conducted, which he brings to the candidate’s knowledge of his signature and handing it over to him, for submission. to the employment file

Police Academy admission calendar 2022

  • Until July 8: Submit an application for registration of type
  • Until July 13th: Psychological assessment
  • Until July 22: Submit documents to the recruitment file
  • July 21-27, 2022: The registration fee for the competition has been paid by the candidates who have declared psychological fit, online (bank transaction date).
  • August 1, 2022: Recruitment units for the nominal schedule are sent to the Police Academy “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” with the candidates who have submitted their full recruitment file, including a copy of the application and documents
  • 4-10 August 2022: information processing and computerized distribution of candidates to regional selection centers, at the level of the police academy “Alexandru Ioan Koza”
  • August 19: Presentation at the Academy premises (including on the official website of the institution) / at the regional centers of the list of candidates for the entrance competition and the rooms where the physical performance assessment test is taken
  • August 22-28, 2022: Conducting a physical performance assessment test
  • August 29, 2022: Presentation of the list of candidates to take the written tests and their distribution according to the competition series
  • August 30-31, 2022: Conducting written exams
  • September 1, 2022: Presentation of the provisional results of the written exams
  • 1-2 September 2022: Submission of Objections to Written Exams – Online at the Police Academy “Alexandro Ioan Cuza”
  • 3-4 September 2022: Resolving the grievances over the written exams (at the headquarters of the Police Academy “Alexandro Ioan Cuza”) and presenting the provisional ranking of the candidates after the written exams.
  • From 6 to 29 September 2022: medical examination, including adjudication of appeals. Candidates shortlisted in the category of those who have passed the written test after adjudication of appeals will present themselves to the enlistment units in order to edit the medical record.
  • September 30: Presentation of the final results of “ADMISS” announced candidates October 1, 2022: Submission of “Admissible” announced candidates for registration

Police Academy Admission 2022 – Acceptance Rate

The mean of admission obtained by each candidate is the arithmetic mean of the scores obtained in the physical performance assessment test, respectively in the written test, with two decimal places, without rounding.

The mean of the written test is the arithmetic mean of the scores obtained in each individual subject, with two decimal places, without rounding.

The acceptance rate cannot be less than 5 (five).

Police Academy Admission 2022 – Tie-breaking Procedure

To break the tie between candidates who get the same overall average, the following criteria are applied respectively:

Police Academy

  • The degree obtained in the specialty of the Romanian language, in the entrance competition;
  • The degree obtained in the discipline of history, in the entrance competition;
  • The average score in the baccalaureate exam.
  • The degree obtained in the Romanian language specialization in the baccalaureate exam.

fire department

  • The degree obtained in the subject of Algebra and Elements of Mathematical Analysis, in the entrance competition;
  • The average score in the baccalaureate exam.
  • The grade obtained in the second written test within the baccalaureate exam.

Withdrawal is also applicable during the third medical examination to determine eligible candidates to participate in this examination.

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