Professor de Vie Marine, forcibly removed from the museum after winning the lawsuit brought against him by the director: “I was expelled and humiliated” – Vremya No

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SCANDAL … Professor DV Marin, was forcibly removed from the district museum, after a quarrel with Ioan Parfeni: “A museum designer pulled me forcefully by my overcoat towards the exit, three others appeared and pushed me under the satisfied gaze of Ramona Mocano whose servants listened to her.”

Change … Professor Dumitru F. was fired. Marin from the museum with a big scandal, the other day, during the thematic exhibition “The Age of Stephen the Great Reflected Through the Heritage of the Museum on Both Banks of Prut”. He was accused, in a press release, of being pushed and beaten by several painters “whom the directors mustered”. “In the staircase at the entrance/exit was Ramona Mocano who wanted to convince herself personally that I had been expelled, evicted, insulted in a public place called the Museum, from a public demonstration, from a work of public interest,” Professor DV Marin writes in a press release. Written in his own distinctive style, as he does not forget to declare himself “one of the The founders of the county museum during its formation, as the chief inspector of the Vaslui County Culture and Arts Commission, between March 1, 1970 – March 1, 1974”, but also “one of the most important people in culture.” According to some witnesses to the accident, it was all going to start after he offended A man from Vaslui named Ioan Parfeni Professor Marin.He would then ask him to stop filming it, and instead of easing the controversy, as would have been good for some elderly people, let things deteriorate into a few hand-to-hand fights and, according to Professor Marin, punches Several photographers also got into the fray, who wanted to remove the “flag” of the scandal and explained to the teacher that he was not allowed to photograph because he did not get approval from the institution. DV Marin explains: “Employees of former A. Grecu said I had to pay a photography fee at the museum, A lady also joined him, but none of them knew the reason for the payment and how much.” He claims to have a video recording of the entire scene and it would not be the first time he has been expelled from the museum. But the current incident occurred after the court rejected the museum director’s request regarding the defense of non-discriminatory rights. Heritage – moral damage Elsewhere, Ramona Mocano lost her lawsuit against Professor Marin for articles that she considered libelous. It should also be noted that a few years ago, the Vremea Nou newspaper was also banned from attending a public event organized inside the museum. The museum director is behaving as if she is on her own property.

Professor DV Marin told in a press release how he was expelled from an event organized by the “Ștefan cel Mare” Vaslui Provincial Museum. It happened on August 24, 2022 (after) at 11:00 am, when the Foundation, in cooperation with the Soroka Museum – Republic of Moldova, organized a joint exhibition in the Multimedia Hall: “We went, recorded, at 10:50 am, I received the map, and I sat on the chair (empty hall) and then … the designers and the service people began to come into the hall for me. One by one … but a lot. What’s more, they put an old young man named Parvini to jump to the beat, right in the hall. And … More: In the presence of 10 to 15 people, right during discussion with the guests from Soroka, a museum expert pulled me forcefully by my overcoat towards the exit, and three more appeared and pushed me under the satisfied look of Ramona Mucano to have his servants listen to her. Each whispered to me: ‘You Hurt us, we are not responsible, fire us, please leave the museum…”. They had no motive, absolutely nothing. The photos provided show how Mocanu Ramona gave them orders, how her servants – her designers – pushed me and how she beat me. The poor designers executed themselves All of them with stern apologies.But, knowing that we are in a public demonstration, I didn’t leave the room until Ramona Mo had checked out. canu 7-8 participants from the room, to the hallway, they tell me to leave me alone. When I also came out, the last time, into the hall, as I had sacks of historical material on my back at the Constitution, everyone poured into the hall and shut the doors so that I could not enter either. At least one with a mustache and dark hair (Carpenter), with a hat (photo) propped herself up with his back towards me holding the door, and other female employees shutting the door, and others pushing me toward the exit. A former employee of A. Grecu stood in front of the camera and said I had to pay a fee in the museum, a lady joined him too (photo, Ada Simin), but none of them knew why and how much I would pay. All under Ramona Mucano’s wide open eyes. Everything has been photographed, but we are attaching only a few pictures,” says Professor DeVie Marin.

Marin: “It’s an insult against a person, or a reporter, or a man of culture, on an ongoing basis.”

He also states that “there were no visitors from Vaslui in the museum, only the museum staff, 23 people. I was pushed by the staff mobilized by Ramona Mocanu until I got out of the museum, at 11.16, so everything took more than 20 minutes. Up the stairs at Entrance / Exit, it was Ramona Mocano who wanted to convince herself personally that I was expelled, expelled, insulted in a public place called the Museum, from a public demonstration, from a work of public interest, to a Museum and does not have a 50% contribution, no right, but she commits The usurpation of official adjectives, abuse of office, and personal abuse of a man of culture known and respected all over the world.The problem is also this: this citizen, sitting on this post, did the same on Sunday, Sept. 20. 2020, at the Museum’s exhibition of medals, badges and posters, which In the case of the first three editions of the Festival of Humor I personally carried (and it was not easy) all over Bucharest, in the first three editions of FNUCT and likewise at the opening ceremony on the 18th, at the book fair in the library, from the 19th, in the exhibition of the cartoons by Nicolae Vizito in the hall Va City Hall Salwa Day 19. The facts The process was born from behind. 8779/2020, which Mocanu filed and lost in court. Gentlemen, this is an insult to a person, a reporter, or a man of culture, on an ongoing basis,” continues Professor Marin. The press release continues his opinion on the professional competence of the director, an opinion we will not reproduce because it is subjective, and in addition, we believe that it is not journalists who are Who can determine whether the director is qualified No, but state authorities Situations such as those in which Professor Marin was implicated are culpable, no matter what perspective it is viewed from: verbal or physical violence, restriction of access to an event or in public institution, or violation of rules and norms.of institutions, nobles, etc.

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