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Rehabilitation, Equipping and Fencing of Al Dhiaa Romanian Secondary School: Bidding over 8 million lei, in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

The Municipal House of Al-Dia Al-Romani has recently launched a tender for the implementation of the project “Rehabilitation, Equipping and Fencing of Al-Dia Roman Secondary School” in the electronic public procurement system. The estimated total value is 8,253,660.67 lei, excluding VAT.

general objective

The overall objective of the project “Rehabilitation, Equipping and Fencing of Daya Romana Secondary School, Alba Province” is to improve the educational infrastructure at the level of the municipality of Daya Romana, bearing in mind that the location and type of educational infrastructure have a special impact not only on access to education, but also on its quality. In this sense, ensuring the minimum physical base (rehabilitated / modernized premises, sanitary conditions necessary for operation, provision of equipment, teaching materials, etc.) for the development of educational law are prerequisites for the common interest of the student, to discourage absenteeism and reduce the phenomenon of abandonment / school leaving early education, to increase the graduation rate and the transition to higher levels of education.

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Specific goals

1. Rehabilitation of the high school building with the first and eighth classes of Daya Romana.

Achieving this goal has a positive impact on the local community from several perspectives:

– Architecture: the rehabilitation of the facades of the building means a significant improvement in the architectural aspect, while respecting the applicable urban planning provisions, and implicitly increasing the attractiveness of the site;

– Safety and health: rehabilitation reduces the risk of accidents due to deterioration (separation from plaster, ceilings, ceiling, etc.); bringing the building to European safety and health standards;

– economically: thermal rehabilitation includes the reduction of thermal energy losses through the building envelope, improper carpentry and through internal heating and hot water supply installations; Increase the value of the building.

– social: the development of the educational process under normal conditions, the development of the infrastructure of education and training;

Environment: Reducing energy consumption means reducing the consumption of raw materials as well as reducing the degree of pollution.

2. Equipping Daya Romana High School with modern educational equipment and materials.

The quality of the educational process is directly affected by the quality of teaching equipment and materials, along with the physical infrastructure and the quality of the teaching staff. The project aims to purchase equipment for servicing the school’s classrooms as well as information technology equipment.

How will Al Dhiaa Al Roumiah High School be arranged after the works

Demisol consists of:

– from a hall connected to a workshop, a pumping room, a storage room and a medical office equipped with its own sanitary unit and an additional entrance from the outside;

– two storage rooms with separate entrances from the outside;

Two archive rooms with an entrance from inside the school.

Ground floor consisting of:

– from an administrative area with an access hall, a main hall, a psychological office, a secretariat, a hall connecting the director, the professor’s room, a health group for employees;

– an area dedicated to the Romanian language offices, a center for documentation / audio-visual information, an arrival hall and a windfang with separate external access – secondary 1;

– Dedicated area for Physics/Chemistry lab, Maths locker, Biology locker and Isotopes/Geography locker, Access hall both in the archives area and in the Health Collections area;

– the area of ​​health groups consisting of a cleaning area, a health group for people with disabilities, a health group for boys and a health group for girls;

– an access hall connecting the two building structures (ground floor and ground floor + floor) with an entrance on two sides of the building, one towards the inner courtyard and the second towards the left facade;

– an area consisting of a hall connected vertically to the ground through 2 caravanserais, 3 classrooms and a ceremonial hall equipped with its own staircase;

floor consisting of;

– from a hall connected vertically to the ground floor by 2 staircases, 5 classrooms and a CEAC room equipped with its own pantry;

A technical space that will have separate access and will be of adequate size and equipped to operate the solid fuel station.

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