HBO Max launches the short documentary series “Irina…

HBO Max will release the Max Original short documentary series “Irina Rimes: On my Way with Irina Rimes”, directed by Barna Nemethi, based on a concept by Mara Siyama, produced by Global Records.

The first three episodes of seven of the mini-series will be available on HBO Max starting June 3.

What do you do when you feel like you can’t find your inspiration, when you feel like stepping away from the essence and losing yourself? After two years of chaotic activity, Irina Rhimes feels she needs a change to find herself. Irina is on the road for two weeks and travels in a traveling studio across six cities with the goal of completing her album Home, a special concept album, and Irina’s tentative journey towards self-rediscovery. The album was produced by the artist and her band in different regions of the country (Bucharest, Braشوفov, Piatra Neamt, Iaاشيi) and culminated in album production in the Republic of Moldova, in Chisinau and Izvoir, where Irina comes. .

Irina Reims: On My Way is a journey that explores the influences that made Irina Reims the artist she is today. Irina Rhimes remembers important moments in her life, talks about the words she writes, about the people who helped her in her career. In parallel, the details of the sources of inspiration for previous albums, the preparation of videos, and charity concerts were revealed.

Professionals from the music industry, artists and public figures such as: Tudor Chirilă, Andra, Cătălin Măruță, Damian Drăghici, Adrian Despot, The Motans, Alex Cotoi and many others were invited in the documentary to talk about the artist’s career.

The documentary Irina Reims: On My Way with Irina Reims grew out of the need to say things: about me, about the people working on this project, about what happens behind the scenes, behind the cameras, about the industry, and what it means to build a project. I want to show people the struggle of being an artist. So that mom and dad, relatives and friends understand why I don’t have time to visit them, why I don’t answer the phone all the time, why I sleep until four in the afternoon, but most importantly, why I write what I write. I want people to see the sacrifice you make when you decide you want to be an artist. How should you give in and at the same time, let everything revolve around you. You cannot be an artist 8 hours a day, 10 to 18. You are an artist from the moment you decide that you will do nothing else in this life. I am honored to be able to tell my story with HBO Max and thank them for their trust,” said artist A.

Jonathan Young, Executive Producer, HBO Max: “Irina’s story is a very personal one, but at the same time universal. It is about the struggle to find your voice, the compromises and difficult decisions you have to make, homesickness and the need to find your own path, with your own strength.” Irena’s path is a path of discovery. We see Irina in moments of relaxation, reflection and recharge. Always with warmth, candor and incredible sincerity. Irina Reims: There is a gem on my way and it was a great honor to be part of this journey.”

Irina Reims: On My Way with Irina Reims is a short documentary film based on an idea and concept created by Mara Siyama, developed and produced by Global Records. The direction was signed by Parna Nmethe. The executive producers are Anthony Root, Jonathan Young; The producers are: Ioanina Pavel, Mara Ciama, Iliana Dumitrache, Alexandru Dorobantu and Cosmin Dogaru (Stay Sharp).

Irina Reims is one of the Romanian music industry artists who has made her mark on the audience and on the radio and television charts through her unique style of interpretation, featured pieces and hundreds of intense and emotional live performances. “Despre el”, “Cosmos” and “Pastila” are the three albums composed by Irina which include songs such as “Visele”, “What happened to us”, “Iubirea noastra muța”, “Bandana” and “Bolnavi amândoi”, You Don’t Know How To Be A Guy”, collaborating with artists like Guess Who, Carla’s Dreams, The Motans, INNA, Grasu XXL, Bruja or Cris Cab, as well as songs composed for Andra, Antonia, Nicole Cherry confirms the versatility its uses.

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