How the district of Meteiu Apostol was left without water, sewage and paved roads: “It was convenient for us that Abba Nova did the work on the basis of an extension contract, but the council members objected to it”

For many years, residents of the Metechnical Apostol neighborhood of Ploieti have been lied to that the streets they live in will be connected to the utilities and thus paved. In fact, although they pay taxes and fees the same as in the city, people live in much lower conditions than those in the countryside. Video at the end of the text.

The Prahovean Observatory spoke with several residents, but also with the Vice President of the Mitică Apostol Association about a neighborhood modernization project that was banned by members of local councils. Says Soren Gioromesco, one of the mighty Voices of the Neighborhood Forgotten by the authorities.

Interview with Soren Gioromesco, Vice President of the Metech Apostol Association

Reporter: As a resident and vice-president of the Metech Apostol Association, you have been involved in discussions with representatives of the Town Hall on the topic of neighborhood modernization, particularly the connection to the sewage network and, implicitly, the asphalting of everyone. roads. What happened to this plan announced by local authorities for so many years? Why did it not come true?

Soren Gioromesco: We witnessed, first, and then everyone from Ploiti, an astonishing scenario: an elected mayor being sabotaged by members of his party’s council. The rest are explanations … The mayor proposed a plan, the city council initially agreed and sent his representatives to the negotiating committee with Apa Nova. Then councilors from the mayor’s party blocked that deal, but they didn’t try even a better deal. Politicians holding the strings might imagine that they are in an illiterate village and that the voters of Ployiti are easily deceived…

How would you classify the current situation of the inhabitants of the Metechnical Apostol neighborhood?

It is strange and ironic, to say that we are better off than the rest of the city, at the moment: they have no hot water after what they had, and we lost none of what we had…Moreover, at our insistence, the mayor, managed to bring the broken screen From modern streets to other neighborhoods and spread out on some of our streets…”Take us out of the mud”, in the words of a contemporary thinker. Other than that, nothing has changed, only the four “electoral” paved streets have deteriorated a bit more in 2020.

What are people’s biggest problems out there? What can you tell us about the sewage system … which practically does not “overflow” anywhere?

The biggest problem is the lack of running water for two-thirds of homes. Then I think, dust and mud, the problem is now solved for a portion of the streets. Next comes the sewage: pipes have been installed, some of which have become oval or even broken (which the people of Apa Nova have told us at many town hall meetings over the past years) and of course, sewage cannot be used, because the pipes do not lead to Anywhere. It sounds like a “stupid movies” scenario, but in fact it made sense to first fix the pipes on the streets, including the water pipes, so that they could be paved later, during the construction of the sewage treatment plant. What really deserves the stupid movies or the ‘wild west’ is that some of the neighbors were apparently ‘smart’ and connected to this drain that leads nowhere and now they are in danger of backing up to their homes from spilling…

Who do you think is responsible for the current situation of the Metiki-Apostol neighborhood?

It is difficult to give an answer without politicization. But I think it’s clear that whoever has the power also bears the responsibility. Until 2020 it was PSD, now it’s PNL. If the PNL leadership wanted it, the problem would be solved. Perhaps they had not yet found a stronger self-interest to bind the interests of the residents of the Metiti Apostol, or perhaps they were upset that their mayor, who had fallen in disgrace, was campaigning through the Metiti Apostol … somehow we “fell” in the middle “”. We lack people of vision who understand that they cannot eat with two mouths nor be happy if they run after an illusory force serving all kinds of gentlemen, hoping to be “masters” from time to time.

How do you comment on the city council’s decision to reject the additional law to extend the concession contract and implicitly the investments that, by the end of this year, would have facilitated access to a modern drinking water and sewage network?

At the time, there were quite a few in the press who thought the rate increase was too high. Mr. Serbo of CL, of PNL, had been on the negotiating committee with Apa Nova Ploiești for a year at this time, and then, in December, I saw him at a CL meeting “absorbing” the additional work and promises that would come from the local budget. It was a decision worthy of a case study as an example of populist and satirical politics in a school of political studies. In 2-3 years, I bet we’ll have much higher tariffs than those suggested by Apa Nova, perhaps with a “home” company from which money can be “pulled”. Simply put, they mocked the inhabitants of Mytica Apostol and considered others to be fools. If this extension were to be voted on, we could now be in the process of connecting all households in Mytica Apostol with running water – a common fact for a European county municipality.

What solutions do you propose to develop the neighborhood so that it has a decent standard of living, closer to European standards?

Under the present circumstances, I think it is necessary, as a first measure, to at least pave all the streets to remove dust and mud. Then everyone should have running water. On unpaved streets, such work is not even expensive! Hence, the major negative impact on quality of life is vacant land, much of which belongs to town hall – it should be used, perhaps auctioned or franchised, but only for homes or small shops/businesses, but not for noisy activities. Part of the land can become small gardens. At the moment, buds and weeds are growing on vacant land, including ragweed and other allergens that the municipality must condone! Pedestrian crossing, including bicycles, into Municipal Park and, implicitly, into town, above or below DN1, is mandatory. How can we be part of the city without pedestrian access? Until then, we need a traffic light crossing. Not all Ploist residents probably know, but this is an old neighborhood, and not some recent real estate development, so neighborhood residents have not only a legal right, but a moral right as well, to be in contact with the city on foot.

From the information available to you, what financial resources from the local budget for 2022, needed for the incorporation of the Mettech-Apostol district into the municipality of Ploiesti, have been allocated? that’s enough?

I participated in the discussion of the draft budget with the mayor and insisted that he could allocate funds for the micro-treatment plant (which he did, but … we don’t see it being done) and for the expansion of the water network, which will, indirectly, be included in other chapters or it will be Possible through Apa Nova, within the limits of investments already provided for in the current contract – but for this purpose such investment must be requested and prioritized, which we see is not. I suppose local councilors still have to agree to such a thing. My impression is that the main problem is not money but the lack of participation in the implementation of projects of this type by officials. Simply, it doesn’t work. That is why it was convenient for us to have Apa Nova do the work on the basis of an extension contract, because we know from experience that those who belong to a private company really have to work when they are asked…

Do you think Metke Apostol will benefit from basic services such as drinking water and sanitation this year, given the current political context?

There is no chance. For us, this “grand alliance” of those who did nothing until 2020 with those who do nothing now is very bad luck. They have the impression that apart from them, there are not many alternatives, so they can tolerate the ridicule of voters. Maybe they are right or maybe they have surprises. Unfortunately, they also control the press largely through advertising contracts, and it takes a lot of kindness on the part of people not to allow themselves to be manipulated. But maybe new generations, maybe young people who know how to check information on the Internet, will be able to change things. Otherwise, honest, hard-working people end up leaving the country, not because of poverty, but because of their “disgust”… I still hope, in the medium and long term.

The majority of the inhabitants of the Metich Apostol district agree with the representatives of this association. Watch a report below on how people live without water and sanitation and who do they think is responsible for this situation?


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