King Ferdinand School has been expanded and has a modern gymnasium | Event

Expansion work for King Ferdinand’s School and construction of a gymnasium was completed in less than a year, faster than the stipulated period in the contract, Sibiu City Hall announced.

“From next week, the students will enter the building of the new building and the gymnasium, and in the courtyard they will have a handball court and a volleyball court. Thus the capacity of the school has increased, allowing classes to be held in one shift. With the investment amounting to With a value of 14 million lei, we have set up new classrooms, laboratories, a library, a large and modern gymnasium and two sports fields in the school yard, which have been completely rehabilitated.”

Investment funded by European funds

A new building body with an area of ​​1105 square meters has been established in which 5 new classrooms, 2 laboratories, a documentation and information center and health facilities have been established through this project. Solar panels have been placed on the roof of the building that will cover up to 70% of the thermal energy needed for hot water, and LED lighting, being more energy efficient. Most importantly, the building is optimized for use by people with disabilities, with ramps and a lift platform.

Students own a 1,340 square meter gymnasium with changing rooms, showers, toilets, a doctor’s office and a sports storage room. The court in the hall is paved with parquet for sports activities and is arranged so that it is possible to play basketball and handball, in addition to other activities specific to the sports classes. The roof of the main access area of ​​the gymnasium is of a grass terrace type, and the school yard has been completely rehabilitated. The sidewalk was reconstructed and two sports fields, one for handball and the other for basketball, were constructed. The basketball court is equipped with a high-performance modular deck and is equipped with height-adjustable basketball systems.

The new spaces were properly equipped, and the investment of nearly 500,000 lei was saved from the local budget. Classroom furniture, computers, and interactive whiteboards were purchased and installed, as well as gym equipment.

Next is the old body update

Sibiu City Hall has submitted a project to obtain non-refundable European funding through PNNR, to improve the building’s energy efficiency. With an estimated investment of 6.5 million lei, the building will be thermally insulated, and floors and door and window carpentry will be replaced to ensure increased thermal comfort. The old lighting will be replaced by LED fixtures with presence sensors and equipment that allows adjusting the intensity of the light. Photovoltaic solar panels will be installed on the roof to produce electricity for lighting, ventilation and additional consumption. The thermal energy production and distribution facility will be rebuilt, by installing a thermal plant equipped with air and water heat pumps, which will produce a significant portion of the thermal energy for heating and hot water. The halls will be ventilated by modern installations with heat recovery units. The project also includes the installation of a charging station for electric cars with two charging points.