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“Bucharest Days” On the occasion of these 563 years of existence of the capital Across A series of cultural events Organized by Capital Hall through ARCUB in Between 16-18 September: Bucharest Jazz Festival #9 (September 16-18, Combinatul Fondului Plastic), exhibition “From Ţepeş to Brâncuşi – 5 Centuries of History and Culture in the Roman Space” (September 16-October 22, ARCUB – Gabroveni Inn), Open Streets – Bucharest, Urban Promenade (September 17-18, Kalia Victory), “Dâmboviţa Delivery “ (September 16-18, Timpuri Noi – Mihai Bravu) and concert “A story from yesterday’s Bucharest” (September 18, Odeon Theatre).

Bucharest Jazz Festival #9 | 16-18 September | plastic box collect

“Bucharest Days” start Friday, September 16 with Bucharest Jazz Festival Opening #9 to me plastic box collect. The capital’s only outdoor jazz festival, Bucharest Jazz Festival is back on the city’s cultural agenda after a two-year break with Custom Edition completely Romanian jazz.

From Bucharest Jazz Fest 2022 squad I belong Soren Zlatt, Ion Paseo Jr., Soren Romanescu, Alex Mann, Trigon, ZMEI3, Ramona Horvath and Tony Lakatos, Papa Hromadka, Paul Weiner and Nicholas Simeon, Luisa Zahn feat. Big Band Radio, Ionel Tudor Conductor, Eva Maria Gârlea & Robert Cozma, 7th SENSE, Three Fo (u)r Two.

Details here.

Exhibition “From Vlad Šipesh to Brâncui – 5 Centuries of History and Culture in the Roman Space” | September 16 – October 22 | I ride Gabrofini

For those passionate about history, Exhibition “From Vlad Šipesh to Brâncui – 5 Centuries of History and Culture in the Roman Space” It opens Friday, September 16in Arkop – Gabrovini Inn During Bucharest Days. One of the most ambitious and courageous special exhibition projects in our country, the event at ARCUB illustrates the history, culture and “Romans of Romanians” over the past five centuries through Extensive collection of more than 350 maps, old books, historical documents and rare photosand many of them First shown to the public. The exhibits are part of Emilian Radu Collectionsone of the most famous and passionate Roman collectors of art and historical objects.

The exhibition can be visited during the period September 16 – October 22in the time frame 12.00-20.00in I ride Gabrofini. Details here.

Open Streets – Bucharest, Urban Promenade | Victory Road | September 17-18

one ofThe seventeenth pedestrian weekend from the series Open Streets – Bucharest, Urban Promenade It is held in the context of the “Bucharest Days” remembrance. And so between September 17 and 18“Open Streets” offers Bucharest citizens a (re) friendship with the city they live in and changes Victory Road On the island of temporary relaxation with urban walks and A series of outdoor recreational activities and artistic events.

Details here.

“Damboviţa Delivery” | Splaiul Unirii 160 | September 16-18

This year’s edition a “Damboviţa Delivery” It is taking place within the “Open Streets – Bucharest” project during this period September 16-18. Organized by Nod Makerspace, Cărturești . Foundation And the Ivan Batzaichin Association – Mila 23The project makes use of Dâmboviţa as a green artery in Bucharest, transforming it into a vibrant public space where people can enjoy water, animals, plants and community. for three days Part of the Tempuri Nui River – Mihai Bravo., “Dâmboviţa Delivery” restores water with water sports Street activation More than 30 presentations and workshops And the Cultural and sports activities For big and small.

Details here.

Concert “A Story from Old Bucharest” | Odeon Theater | September 18

Little Paris evoked in ‘Bucharest Days’ Concert “A Story from Old Bucharest” programmer Sunday 18 Septemberin Odeon Theater. celebrity Tango, foxtrots And the swinging Heard mainly in vaudeville and Revista theaters in old Bucharest, in classic music and that from cafe partyThe show proposes an intrusion into the fascinating life of the stories of a world almost lost and buried under layers of oblivion, which music reconstructs in an unparalleled way. The party presents light Romanian music in Interpretation of Mirona UNESCO so is valentine pashtinoaccompanied by Scumbag City Based on Tenor Allen Stoica as a guest. The project Organized by the ProCultArt . Association together with Odeon Theater. Details here.

The ‘Bucharest Days’ series of events was started by the Capital Hall, through the Directorate of Culture, Education and Tourism of Bucharest Municipality and ARCUB.

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Arch – The Bucharest Municipal Cultural Center has been developing the cultural identity of the capital since 1996. The projects initiated and implemented by ARCUB during the years of activity have contributed to the diversification of the cultural life of the city, as well as to its registration among the major capitals of the world.

Arch He is the organizer of the International Festival of Light – Spotlight, the International Festival of Street Theater – B-FIT in the Street! , the only international jazz festival in the capital, Bucharest Jazz Festival, and annually develops non-refundable funding sessions for projects cultural actors in Bucharest.

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