Museum Night: Cultural institutions and more open their doors in Timisoara

Museum Night is a successful European event on an international level and this year in its eighteenth edition. Museums and cultural institutions in dozens of countries turn their lights on and open their doors on the same night. This year, the event is celebrated all over Europe May 14.

The events will also take place in Timisoara on Saturday evening. The Banat National Museum, Banat Village Museum, Calpe Gallery and Nokia have already presented their program on the official website. Free admission.

Museum Night 2022 program:

1. Calpe GalleryThe opening of the movie The Unseen is set in Black & White – Cristian Graure

Christian Grauer is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher, primarily interested in studying photography and the limitations of mixed media representation, fusing the visual arts with cultural history, science, and social engagement. The exhibition builds on a series of recent research on color perception and is a means of placing personal investigations into the philosophical perspective of the philosophical relationship between photography and pantomime through personal techniques.

Visiting hours: 20-24

2. The National Girls Museum

In the courtyard of Theresia Bastion, starting at 6 pm, the opening of the history reenactment camps began – the reenactment groups “Eyaletul de Timișoara”, “Losonczy Istvan”, “Hrafnabroethr”, “Răscoala Project” and “Timișoara Historical Reenactment Association”. At 7 pm, interactive events, presentations and stage plays from the history of Timisoara and Banat begin, with re-enactment groups present – medieval weapons and clothing, customs of the past, a day in the life of the Pasha of Timisoara, raids and battles in the Borderlands, battles of the 16th century Timisoara castle. From 20.30 – “Fiare din Beci” – interactive display of pieces from the exhibition of historical swords and swords. From 21:30 – “Pilgrims” show – Twilight of the Poets. From 22.00 – fireworks theater “Amor Flames – Tales of Fire”. Legends of the Night are told through music and fiery choreography in a show that premiered at Museum Night 2022 at MnaB.

The exhibitions “Patrimonium 2021” and “Fiare din Beci – Legends and Crucifixion” can be visited in the attic B1 of Theresia Bastion. In the B2 attic of Theresia Bastion, you can admire items in the closet that had never before been shown in Banana Art and Craft. The bastion hall houses the living tarantula exhibition and the exhibition of the month – “Hirschfänger hunting knife (18th century)”, and on the ground floor of the building is the Ștefan Popa Popas Museum.

Visiting schedule for Museums Night: 3-18

3. Girls Village Museum

Exhibition Traditional costumes of Moldova and the ethnographic collection of Bukovina Dare Flosya It presents the public with some of the most famous private textile collections in Romania.

Other galleries to admire: A traditional port from the collections of the Timișoara Banățean Village Museum, Banatian glass icons from the collection of the Timioara Bănățean Village Museum, naive painting by Viorel Cristea. There will also be a fileDemonstrators They aim to stimulate creativity and educational play and will try to bring back the memory of visitors of different ages, the traditional crafts of the village world.

Visiting schedule for Museum Night: 19 – 24

4. Nokia TimisoaraExplore the past, imagine the future

For the fourth time, Nokia Timișoara turns into a museum and opens its doors to all those who are curious to cross the threshold of this museum. From the youngest to the oldest, passionate about science and technology, they will be able to surprise both old and new equipment.

Visiting schedule for Museum Night: 18 – 24

Museum Night is the annual cultural event sponsored by the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the International Council of Museums (ICOM). The first such event took place in 1997 in Berlin.

Last year, the people of Timisoara came out in droves on Saturday nights into the city, to enjoy open exhibitions at the three large museums in Timisoara (Museum of Art, National Banat Museum, and Punchian Village Museum).

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Photo. Hundreds of people at shows, concerts, exhibitions, at Museums Night in Timisoara

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