Photo. The former cinemas of Timisoara have been reintegrated into the city’s cultural circuit for TM2023

With a total of nearly 5,000 seats Timișoara belongs to private operators in private complexes, and ranks second in the country, after Bucharest, in terms of the number of seats in cinemas.

but, In recent years, independent and artistic entertainment productions They did not enjoy the same support. DrThere is an interested audience, Including foreigners who will visit us in the course of the Timișoara European Capital of Culture program, this part cannot be attracted without sufficient exhibition spaces.

Thus, Cinema Victoria, Cinema Dacia, Cinema Studio, Cinema Timiș and Cinema Freidorf will host film screenings, concerts and exhibitions next year, as Timișoara will use the title of European Capital of Culture. everybody It is now in various stages of updating.

The strategy aimed to introduce and maintain cinemasthey In the social and cultural circle with which they dealComplex The project center of Timisoara, The spaces are designed not to remain closed, but also become cultural hubs, with rooms suitable for conferences, performances, concerts, educational workshops, celebrations, etc.

cVictoria’s heart

Until the reopening of Cinema Victoria, Timisoara was the only large city in Romania that for over 10 years had not had any functional art cinema.

In February this year, Victoria Cinema on Ciprian Porumbescu Street (in Bălcescu district) is waiting for youFrom Latest notifications to open to the public. Since spring, it has reopened with a new look – With modern equipment and facilities, but while maintaining the classic line – the cinema has hosted a lot of shows and events, including “Ceau Festival, Cinema!” Or the European Film Festival.

Victoria cinema has a theater Multifunctional with 200 seats, retractable screen and Sound system truly For movies, concerts and plays. Here, the audience can participate in:

  • stage
  • independent theater
  • improvisation
  • student theater
  • stand up comedy
  • Art House Cinema
  • Cinematheque
  • contemporary dance
  • aperforming arts

The cost of the works amounted to 11 million lei, including value-added tax, equivalent to 2.2 million euros.

Photo: Adrian Bandoro/Tune

cTimic’s heart

Cinema in the center of TimisoaraAnd the To be ready for TM2023, We will get industrial look Multifunctional room, bar, three interactive rooms, but also s A vertical garden, seven meters high, on an area of ​​approximately 90 square meters.

The approved technical project provides for conservation and renovatebad LimestoneIU Red from the walls and columns in the hall and from the columns in the exit halls, and the hall would have the same shape but new seats.

sThe show rooms, located on different floors, are soundproofed so that they can host different events simultaneously, without their interference and inconvenience to the participants. The space is suitable for:

  • Music and so onAnd the Offers for the general public
  • Jazz, blues, rock, world concerts, local bands, But also big concerts
  • Various offers for the general public
  • Rehearsals and mini concerts
  • Movie premiere

DrThe rehabilitation of Cinema Timiș is handled by the consortium of Audiotech Multimedia Group (leading) companies – Codo Solutions SRL, and The official start of business was in February 2022. So far, they are in the scheme, transmitting representatives of the municipality.

In order to transform Timiș Cinema, Timisoara City Hall Put nearly 20 million lei on the line, including value-added tax.

Image: tion

cinema studio

The cinema studio will also be ready for the year that Timisoara will be the cultural capital. Work is underway on the construction site, and it is the third town hall cinema to enter the construction site, after Dacia and Victoria.

Work began at the film studio in June 2021, of those DealANDU the Audiotech Multimedia Gruoup – Mist Lider Construct SRL. It costs more than 14 million lei to convert the cinema.

Cinema Studio will function as an art house type cultural space, integrated into the Europa Cinemas network. The main field of activity will be cinema, with European independent, artistic or composed film screenings.

The futuristic art cinema in Timisoara will have two screening rooms, one large, approx. 200 seats, smaller seats are approx. 50 seats, the latter designed as a multifunctional space, which can be used, for example, in workshops and discussions or as a studio or photo gallery.

A modern center dedicated to education and film production will be located in the building’s existing attic. Administrative spaces will also be there.

On the new roof there will be a bar with a terrace approximate 80 people, Then one will also be installed here Retractable screen, on a metal chassis, pRicom And a theater for small events with sound system, mixer and projector.

Image: tion

cheart of dacia

Business at Cinema Dacia, which began in the first part of 2021, has started at about 70%, according to the site’s manager. About cinema update TT & Solaria Grup – Euras is responsible, receiving more than 2.5 million euros.

The building is located in DaciaFrom In an advanced state of decay, and sThe premiere was last used at the end of the 1990s.

And theHere, too, the cinema is designed so that it is not limited to movie screenings, but that the theater has many functions. With a capacity of 382 seats, The Dacia Cinema will be able to host:

  • educational events
  • Film screenings for high school students and documentaries
  • educational concerts
  • Opera performances, museum tours
  • Puppet Theater
  • conspiracy
  • European and Romanian cinema for the general public
  • Children’s Film Festivals

It is placed on one of the outer walls and a large screen, along with an improved external audio system, So kids can watch movies outdoors, right from the nearby park.

Image: tion

cinema frieddorf

The documentation is for turning Cinema Freidorf into a turnkey cultural center, but there are still some steps to follow before the actual work can begin. First of all, the Timisoara City Council will discuss and vote on the documents; If it gets a favorable vote of local council members, the city council will begin the bidding to find an outlet.

The renovation of the abandoned cinema in Freidorf will cost almost half a million euros. It’s hard to believe that the space will be able to host cultural and social events from 2023, although, according to the original plan, a formal opening was contemplated in November 2023.

Once the Freidorf cinema becomes the cultural and educational center of Freidorf, it will be supported and organized here

  • Film screenings for the public or art house / documentaries in moderation
  • educational concerts
  • Circus performances, workshops, dance, music and forum theater
  • Diverse educational programs for vulnerable communities
  • Counseling Center for People with Addictions, in partnership with the Department of Social Assistance in the municipality of Timisoara

The future cultural and educational center Freidorf on Nicolae Andreescu no. 97 will include a two-level building with all necessary equipment and facilities.

The cultural and educational center will provide cultural and social services of the type of a day center to help[ integrată (informare și consiliere psiho-socială, consiliere familială, consiliere vocațională, terapie ocupațională, educare și socializare, grupuri suport, servicii medicale de bază etc). Prioritate vor avea persoanele cu domiciliul/reședința în zona Freidorf”, spuneau reprezentanții municipalității la finalul anului 2021.

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