When you get the latest model phone, you hate your job and you are unhappy with life

Aunt, young lady, about 23 years old, in a shop. Almost fresh, almost asleep, but I was totally surprised in the morning time when I came to order coffee. I think I was the first customer and sounded boisterous, meaning waking the living dead, good morning and toothy smile.

Miss, since the first “conventions” in the conversation, I managed to spoil my idea of ​​a positive day, with the sun in the sky and warm water until Christmas. Yes, there was something wrong with her angelic face. Maybe a short night, a text he received and missed, or the fact that it wasn’t payday.

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Obviously, as a curious person with documents in order, I started by asking questions, such as “Why?” , just to see what was going on, but also because… I had to wait a few seconds for the coffee with milk to arrive.

Obviously, the first reason was related to her morning mood. I was curious to know what ruined his safety so much. I asked if it wasn’t my fault for letting myself into the store so early in the morning – I guess it hardly hit the mop.

The answers came, and the fun began, obviously

I found out that before the pandemic, he had attended university, but had given up that job with his studies because he wanted to get a job. He worked in a call center, got a few contracts with obscure websites for which he had to pack packages, and now he was selling coffee, newspapers, etc. Nothing wrong with that, so impressive.

But. Exactly, however. There is a huge gift. He begins to grumble, saying that he does not have enough money, it seems that he lives empty and that his younger years are fading away. Yes, I also smiled when I heard that. Apparently, almost out of reaction, I put a compliment on the table – I hoped it would make his day better, but the moaning continued. Spontaneously, I became a kind of psychologist.

The manager hired her for 4 hours, but she also spends 10 hours on the table

She gets paid very little and that at her age she should have fun, not work. This startled me for a second, after which I realized I had no reason to judge her.

Then the long-awaited moment came. I’ve seen a nice iPhone, that’s new, if you fall off the pads and get an implant if you’d like to buy it for the money. It was her.

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I added a second compliment, much more veiled, which allowed me to learn more about the connection between a little money and this cool phone that many people dream of. I was hoping he would tell me that he got it as a gift from a fan or that it fell from the sky.

I found out that he does not like the phone. He’s already bored with it, even though he’s only been suffering from it for a few months now. Which is a surprise: he bought it as a subscription and pays a cart full of money every month.

I was upbeat in the discussion and told her that a new iPhone model was coming, that what she already had was outdated — and that’s what everyone got. He proved me right and said he would also take the next stage.

Consumerism in flowers, cards and installments

Good. Here we end this story about money, a job, a hard life, and other “simple” topics to focus on the behavior we just described.

A young woman of only 23 years works Monday through Friday for 8 hours or more, complains that she has no money, but has a premium on a modern phone that she is bored with.

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I missed telling you how she was dressed. She was an ordinary girl and wore nothing to help her stand out. However, this iPhone “stole” him from his youth and his life.

It is not only a victim of the system, but especially a victim of the stupidity caused by consumerism. It’s about all the financial education he didn’t have in school and probably didn’t even understand from the internet.

The girl still works there today. And the taste of the coffee is the same. She is still not happy.

This text is for the angry young lady of life, but also for all those who, even if they have had a difficult life, seem to make it even more difficult because they do not know how to stop impulsive buying.

And I say this from my own experience – I experienced all kinds of financial behaviors until I realized that many of the things I was buying were pointless and time consuming.

Work, stress, little money, but we have an iPhone

The text is also available to all who know that the new iPhone 14 has appeared and who have already hit the pre-order button. Happiness will come from all the beauties in the package. A happiness that lasts a few days or hours. Then back to work, stress, less money, and bosses thinking only about how to pay you less and stay on schedule.

And after you’ve reached the end of the text, and you’ve probably found yourself in such moments, it’s a good idea to stop whatever you’re doing and think about whether you have much higher rates.

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Did you really need that car you got for your company? Do you really need a 3 bedroom apartment or can you stay in 2 rooms? Is this home you just built your dream or a 30-year installment nightmare?

And everything from the iPhone I wanted to get this year, too.

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