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The 2022 Cultural Event, Bacau

After a two-year break, mainly caused by the coronavirus epidemic, a new edition of the BAC – FEST – “George Bacovia” national festival, organized by the District Library “Costache Sturdza”, will be held from 15-18 September, in continuation of the previous sessions, Starting in 1971. The festival has been organized over the years by various cultural institutions (most often by the magazine “Ateneo”). Starting in 2017, it is coordinated with the district library “C. Sturdza “of Bacau. Bac-Fest is a festival funded by the Baucau Provincial Council, which offers you 4 days of different cultural and artistic events: editorials, debates, book launches, conferences, performances, festive evenings, concerts, theater and poetry readings. Plus some other surprises.

Bacovia is the number one brand in Bacau

“Like our ancestors, we want to promote the heritage of Bacau, we organize this festival because there is a need for something like this and not because it is trendy. When you say Bacovia, you say Bacău, we also do it because we need to offer something else to the people of Bacău, because there were two years of the epidemic, a period when everything was shut down, the economy, the culture, the education. It also has an educational dimension, because we must also offer young people, whether they are pupils, students or with other training, alternatives to what schools, universities or other institutions offer them. There are several levels offered by this festival, the program is varied and of high quality, and we have invited to it people of exceptional culture, writers, poets, critics, musicians, artists of the theater scene, etc. And we organize it for Bacau, for the people of Bacau, for what we owe to George Bakovia. And because Bakovia deserves it!

Adrien Gekko, Director of BAC-F . Festivalthe EastDistrict Library ManagerEtene “Costache Strudza

What is Buck Festival?

Bac-Fest is the national “George Bacovia” festival, whose first was held in 1971, in an enthusiastic and simulated atmosphere that is difficult to comprehend today, with the participation of some of the big names of Romanian culture. It was also at this time that the Bakovia Memorial House was inaugurated in Bacau and the iconic statue of the poet made by the sculptor Konstantin Popovici was unveiled. The streets were full of purple flags and posters, bars were open non-stop (even an order came from the center!), sweet shops were selling bakovia cakes, etc, etc.


Who is the jury and what criteria was chosen, was another question I put to director Adrien Gekko.

“I answer this question frankly and transparently, which I have also found in other readers. It is a jury nominated by all established procedures, according to the only chosen and accepted criterion, which is competence. I say it with conviction and responsibility, it is the strongest jury a literary festival can have. In Romania, at the present.They are recognized personalities in the academic and literary world, creators and critics, experts of the cultural and creative phenomenon in Romania and internationally.People with different opinions and opinions but that is precisely what guarantees objectivity and transparency in making final decisions.Awards from courses Previous, as well as nominations from the current version, prove it“, It was Adrien Gekko’s answer.

sBring Vancu: Lecturer at Lucien Plaga University in Sibiu and director of the excellent Transylvania magazine, invited to many national and international festivals, Radu Funko is a poet, prose writer, translator and essayist, who knows the dynamics of contemporary poetry that he writes and writes about with talent and passion.

Florina BergolHe is a writer in several specialized journals, and author of books on literary criticism and theory. Although she defines herself, humorously, as an “amateur literary critic”, Florina Bergol has a permanent and powerful presence in the current cultural press, where she stands out for her courageous stances and emphatic judgments, which combine sensitivity and rigidity.

Alex Goldes: Lecturer at the Faculty of Arts at the University “Babeș-Bolyai” in Cluj-Napoca and a scientific researcher at the “Sextil Pușcariu” Institute of the Romanian Academy, Alex Goldiș, like no one else, combines interests to study literature theory with an excellent knowledge, in the roots of the grass, with literature Contemporary, to which he has devoted himself for many years, which makes him one of the most authoritative critics today.

Bogdan Cretu: Professor at Al. Koza University of Iaşi and Director of the Institute of Romanian Philology A. Philippid, Bogdan Creo is a strong presence in the current literature scene, imposing himself through an original critical spirit, dressed in graceful and radiant discourse, which we find recently in his books imaginary.

BYankee BUrţFrom– sieve: Associate Professor at the University, Research Scholar at the “G. Călinescu” Institute of History and Literary Theory of the Romanian Academy, Bianca Cernat is one of the strongest voices in current criticism, distinguishing herself by her sharp and solid opinions, but also by clear and relevant positions, Which brought him the recognition he deserves in the academic and literary world.

BAC-FEST 2022 Nominations

The jury sat for nothing this summer and decided, after deliberation and voting, the nominations for the festival’s four sections.

National “George Bakovia” Award: Konstantin Apoloi, Mircea Sertorescu, Mariana Kudrow, Serban Fouar, Gabriella Melinscu, Ion Morian, Marta Petro, Ioan S. Bob Octavian Soviani.

The Book of Poems (2021): Svetlana Karsten, Claudio Comartin, Stefania Mihalach, Florentin Popa, Simona Popescu.

Poetic Talk (2021): Ramona Poldezar, Elena Boldor, Rari Kologor, Valerio A. Cook, Adelina Pascal, Alexandra Pazgo, Katilina Stanislav, Eliana Nigeria.

Critique of Poetry (2021): Mercia Presley, Cosmin Siutloy, Al. Cistelecan, Nikolai Quande, Mihai Juvenel, Marta Petrou.

“Bacovia” National Festival partners: “Ateneu” magazine, “Vasile Alecsandri” University, “Fain” Bacău theater, “NV Karpen” Bacău College, KARO Galleries, “Mihail Jora” Philharmonic, non-profit organizations from Bacau. Media partners: TVR Iași, Radio Iași, Radio Trinitas, DEŞTEPTAREA, TL 1, EuroTV, ATENEU Magazine, Observator Cultural, Jurnal FM, Timpul Magazine.

BAC-FEST 2022 برنامج Program

September 15: 11.00-11.30 manuscripts and ex libris Bacovia (C. Sturdza County Library Hall); 11.30-12.00 Opening of the Bacovia – Dionis Pușcuță Exhibition. Coordinator: Victor Eugene Mihai VEM. Presented by: Marius Manta (Multimedia Hall, C. Stordza County Library); 12.00-13.30 Symposium of “Ateneo” magazine: The Novel in the Post-Human Era. Curators: Carmen Mihalachi and Marius Manta (C. Stordza County Library Multimedia Hall); 18.00-19.00 Awards for the magazine “Ateneu” (Teatru Fain Bacău); 19.00 – 20.00 Bac-Fest Show: “Mariabel Girl” (adapted after Domitro Solomon) – ACT Baku Ensemble (Teatro Fine Bacau).

September 16: 11.30-12.00 Bac-Fest Books: Dan Perșa – “A Journey to Hell, Heaven and the City” (Polirom, 2022). Presented by: Florina Pîrjol and Adrian Jicu (NV Karpen Bacău College); 12.00-13.00 Bac-Fest conferences: Vasile Ernu – Bacovia and Gil Perestroika from Bessarabia (NV Karpen Bacău College); 18.00-19.00 Bac-Fest conferences: Mircea Cărtărescu – address reserved (Hall of Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacău); 19.00 – 20.30 Awards Ceremony of the National Festival “George Bakovia” (Vasily Alexandri University Hall).

September 17: 11.00 Caricatures Bacovia – VEM (Galeriile Karo Bacău); 11.00-12.00 – Exhibition with poets: Mircea Sertorescu, Ioana Nicolae, Radu Vanco, Diana Ebor, Gabriela Fierro, Valentin Talpallaro, Ovidio Gennaro, Violetta Sappho, Mir Pollan, Tenkoa Perenvic, Val Minescu and Dan Petrosco (Caro). Moderator: Violetta Sappho; 12.00-12.30 – Bac-Fest Books: Ioana Nicolaie – Essence of the Heart (Humanitas, 2022). Presented by: Radu Vancu and Cosmin Ciotloș; 18.00-19.00 – Dialogues of the Baccalaureate Festival: Nikita. The poet as well as the soldier. Bogdan Creo in dialogue with Andrea Goldich (Fine Baku Theatre); 19.00 – 20.00 – Bac-Fest Concert: Eliza Noemi-Judeu – Silence of Nichita (Teatru Fain Bacău).

September 18: 12.00-12.45 Bac-Fest Books: Constantin Călin – “Bacovia again! …” (Babel, 2022). Presented by: Elena Ciopano and Marius Manta; 12.45-13.30 Bac-Fest Books: Adrian Jicu – “Iorgu” (Humanitas, 2022). Presented by: Bogdan Crew and Alex Golditch (George Bakovia Memorial House); 18.00 Photo gallery: Crows hear … – Ovidiu Ungureanu (Mihail Jora Bacău Philharmonic); 18.00-19.30 – “Music makes every atomic sound”: Analia Seles (Tango), Gabriela Ettock (opera) and Cristina Ducliscu (Fado). Dance: Adamas Club Athletes (“Michael Jura” Bacau Orchestra).

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