Edward Novak granted his maximum annual life premiums, such as Nadia Komonisi and Elisabetta Lipow »union accuses him

Article from GSP – Posted Wed Sep 14, 2022 at 2:16 pm / Updated Wed Sep 14, 2022 at 2:47 pm

The National Sports and Youth Association (SNST) accuses Sports Minister Edward Novak of taking advantage of his role in government and “immediately approving all of his first courses, at the highest level”, while funds for performing athletes on the other hand would be blocked by the Feds. . Novak receives a monthly annual salary of 16,335 lei, the same level as exceptional Romanian athletes, such as Nadia Comunesci, Anna Maria Popescu and Marian Drogulescu.

Unionists accuse Edward Novak of prioritizing money from the budget when it comes to his pocket, showing the state of the annuity that the cyclist at the top of the Sports Ministry collects monthly.


Nikolai Decaux, furious, at the conference before the match with Anderlecht: “Only here this happens! Do not worry!”

Edward Novak receives an annual salary at the Nadia Comunisi level

Novak receives monthly 16,635 lei, which is the maximum possible level of a life pension, just like the exceptional athletes of the country, such as Nadia Comunesci, Anna Maria Popescu, Elisabetta Lippo, Gabriela Szabo and Marian Drogulescu.

On the other hand, former gymnast Larisa Jurdach gets an annual salary of 13,973 lei.

3,720,330 leGranted by the Ministry of Sports in July in exchange for 592 annual pension for life

Unionists point the finger at Novak, claiming that “he was always only interested in them, never interested in those around him.” To further the idea, it presents a stand from the moment Novak was at the helm of the Romanian Cycling Federation, in February 2020, when Novak collected €75,000 from the Forum, in the form of commission on a contract concluded by the commission. the Union.

SNST is requesting the establishment of a committee at the Ministry of Sports level to verify the legality and level of all publicly reported positions regarding awarding of prizes.

We also ask to verify the reasons for not granting budgets to affiliated units until this date and the criteria for granting budgets to national sports federations. Answers are also needed regarding the ban on sports results awards.

We demand the prompt release of the budgets needed to pay all recorded arrears; We also take into account the public statements by which it was announced that the sport would receive a record budget for 2022.

We do not accept the collapse of units, the dismissal of athletes from the Cabinet, while in the Ministry there are all kinds of schemes for allocating funds and determining the level of premiums and prizes.


Edward Novak, Paralympics and World Champion

Novak earns an annual salary from being a successful cyclist. The Minister of Sports is the most successful Paralympic athlete in Romania’s history, and a multiple medalist at the Paralympics, World and European Championships.

At the Paralympics, he has won gold in the C4 pursuit event, on track, since 2012, and at the World Championships he has won no fewer than 5 gold medals over the years.

How is the annual premium calculated?

According to Law 69/2000, athletes who have won a “gold, silver or bronze medal in individual or team events within the Olympic Games or a gold medal in world and European championships for major Olympic events are entitled to an annual stipend for life.”

With gold medals in both the Paralympic Games and the World and European Championships, Novak fits the bill here.

According to the law, the life pension is equivalent to 1.5 gross average salaries of the economy, and its current value is 6,095 lei.

The annuity is provided as follows:

  • 100% for the first gold medal obtained at the Olympic Games;
  • 80% for the first silver medal obtained at the Olympic Games or for the first gold medal obtained at the World Championships;
  • 70% for the first bronze medal obtained at the Olympic Games or for the first gold medal obtained at the European Championships.

For athletes who have gathered the title of Olympic champion, world champion, European champion, world champion and European title The average life of the best performer accrues with the pension of the lowest performer‘, as defined by law.

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