Edward Novak is involved in a new scandal. Annual salary at the same level as Nadia Comunessi and Elisabetta Lippo. Minister’s reaction

The former Paralympic cyclist ended up leading Romanian sports after entering politics with the Democratic Federation of the Mediterranean.

Scandal over the life pension collected by Edward Novak

Edward Novak is one of the most disputed persons who was at the head of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, because he was involved in several scandals, some of a financial nature, others of a fictitious nature, and others because of grave mistakes.

Now, according to gsp.ro, the National Youth and Sports Federation (SNST) is putting the minister in the wall because he is taking advantage of the position he holds to maximize his income. Specifically, all his awards are at the highest level.

In support of their claims, the unionists submitted a document showing that Edward Novak receives a lifetime pension of 16,335 lei, the maximum possible, just like other great athletes.

The minister is on the same level as the heavy names in Romanian sport, such as Nadia Comunessi, Anna Maria Popescu, Elisabetta Lippo, Gabriela Szabo or Marian Drogulescu. In turn, former gymnast Larisa Jurdach receives only 13973 lei.

Want SNST answers to block prizes

The unionists are calling for the formation of a committee to verify all these matters, including the reasons for not granting budgets until this moment. They also want to unlock funds and award athletes as required by law.

“He was always concerned only with himself, not with those around him. SNST required the establishment of a committee at the Ministry of Sports level to verify the legality and level of all publicly reported positions regarding awarding of prizes.

We also ask to verify the reasons for not granting budgets to affiliated units until this date and the criteria for granting budgets to national sports federations. Answers are also needed regarding the ban on sports results awards.

We demand the prompt release of the budgets needed to pay all recorded arrears; We also take into account the public statements by which it was announced that the sport would receive a record budget for 2022.

We do not accept the collapse of units and the discontinuation of athletes from prizes, while in the Ministry all kinds of schemes for the allocation of funds and the setting of the level of premiums and prizes “stated in the SNST press release.

How does the minister defend himself?

Minister Edward Novak responded on social networks and believed that he was the target of attacks launched for free by the National Federation of Youth and Sports, explaining that the pension he receives is in accordance with the law.

“This last episode, in terms of annuities, also has a touch of distinction, given that I am a Paralympic athlete, and Paralympic medals are still viewed differently and are given less attention and recognition.

The conditions for granting a life pension, which are fully fulfilled, are expressly provided for by law, as well as in its implementing regulations, as well as the method of its calculation.

The right to an annual salary is granted to any retired athlete, regardless of the position they occupy and regardless of the type of medals. The Paralympic Games are achieved with the same effort and have the same value.”Novak wrote in a Facebook post. It should be noted that this time the minister chose to have the letter in Romanian only, and not in Hungarian.

Novak Eligible for Maximum Life Premiums

In accordance with applicable law, the athletes who can benefit from the annuity are those who have won a gold, silver or bronze medal in individual or team events at the Olympic Games or a gold medal at the World and European Grand Championships in Olympic events.

For athletes who accrue Olympic champion titles and world or European champion titles, or world and European champion titles, the annuity awarded to the best performer shall accrue with the annuity for the lowest performer.as described in the law.

According to these data, Edward Novak is eligible for a maximum annual salary, because he was awarded the brilliant medal at the Paralympic Games, World Championships and European Championships.

Scandal with the national ice hockey team

Throughout his term, which began on December 23, 2020, Edward Novak has been embroiled in many scandals. The first struggle between him and the great fencer Anna Maria Popescu, after winning the Olympic silver medal at Epee, in Tokyo.

Returning to the country, the athlete asked for a suitable budget for the fencing, but the minister responded and let us understand that the money given to one or another union is not decisive in achieving the best performances.

She followed the story with the players of the Romanian national ice hockey team who sang the Zicklerland ground anthem and stood in front of the Hungarian fair at a world championship match in Slovenia. Novak said at the time he saw nothing wrong with the athletes’ actions.

A few days after this statement, the minister went on a television program in defense of hockey players, but the presenter suggested that the Romanian anthem be recited together: “Wake up, Romanians!”. When it was his turn, Edward Novak smiled without saying a word.

Make a fatal mistake for swimmers

The minister went from blunder to blunder and before the finals of the Romanian Football and Under-19 Cup, he wanted to congratulate Sepsi and Csikszereda on qualifying for the finals, but he forgot about FC Voluntari.

After David Popovici made a splash at the World Swimming Championships, Edward Novak did it again. He is of Hungarian origin, appointed by the Democratic Union of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the government, and he has posted a bilingual message on Facebook. There are differences between the two texts. More precisely, the phrase “All the hearts of Romania beat today” transformed to “All our thoughts gave him strength today.”.

The return of athletes from swimming brought with it a new scandal. The minister was really excited to see David Popovici, but he completely forgot about the other athletes. It was this omission that caused him fierce criticism from Robert Glenita’s mother.

A cruel exchange of lines with Elisabetta Lippo

At the beginning of July, when all team sports were in the last hundred meters with preparations for the new season, Novak issued an order requiring squads to include at least 40% of Romanian athletes.

The Minister’s decision was strongly challenged by most of those involved, CNCD President Chapa Astalos explained that the matter violated EU legislation and said why such a decision could not be taken, which could backfire on Romania.

The latest scandal of the minister was with the great athlete Elisabetta Lippo. Novak was accused of not coming to meet the rowers, who returned with eight medals, including five gold, from the European Championships. The politician stated that he was not invited, but received a sour response from Lippo.

Added to all this is a scandal with financial implications. The sports minister allegedly awarded himself a commission of 75,000 euros for bringing a sponsor to the Romanian Cycling Federation during the time he was president of the federation.

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