Nobody like us. What is the requirement imposed by the Constanta City Council and the members of the local councils for the position of director of the municipal sports club

On Tuesday 23 August 2022, the celebration of the founding of the Constanta Municipal Sports Club took place. The club’s management has officially presented its identity and strategy for this new start to the sport of Constanta. There were (from left to right): Constana Deputy Mayor Ionoy Russo, Sports Minister, Eduard Novak, Constanta Mayor Virgil ižek, interim director of CSM Constanța Andrei Talpeș. Photo: Constanta City Hall

Constanța City Hall is organizing a competition for the position of director of the newly created municipal sports club. The procedure began in August 2022. Only one person submitted their file and was accepted (details here).

She has another leap ahead on September 15th. It is about supporting project management. There is no actual competition. If he convinces the committee, he will become director for the next four years.

A club member brought to our attention an entry requirement that, in his opinion, had a knack for sifting candidates. The specific conditions for participation were as follows:

  1. Long-term higher education, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in one of the following fields: in the basic field of social sciences, branch of science – legal sciences or in the basic field of sports sciences and physical education;
  2. Seniority in the specialty of studies necessary for the exercise of the position, not less than 9 years;
  3. Graduation from an international sports management program organized by an internationally recognized international body.
  4. medically fit (physical and neuropsychological);
  5. They have not reached the standard retirement age according to the law.

The third point caught our attention. We are talking about a management position in my country sports club. Why is it necessary to “graduate from an international sports management program organized by a recognized international sports entity”? Who usually does such a course? Is this requirement a habit or is it just a requirement with dedication?

The example from Medgidia…

To find the answer, we looked to see the requirements in similar cases. For example, in Medgidia Sports Club, one has achieved very good results. Organized by Medgidia City Hall Competition For director in January 2021. These specific conditions:

  1. Undergraduate undergraduate studies have graduated with a diploma, and long-term graduate studies have graduated consecutively with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent;
  2. Seniority in the specialty of studies necessary to occupy this position – at least two years;
  3. At least two years of experience in a management position.

Therefore, “graduation from an international sport management program organized by an internationally recognized international entity” is not mentioned. We repeat, this did not prevent the director who won the competition from obtaining exceptional results. Medgidia City Hall, like Constanța, is a member of the PNL.

…but also from other cities

I looked for announcements of similar competitions organized by municipalities in Romania, to see if there is anywhere else such a ruling as in Constanta or at least something similar (eg, training courses organized in Romania). No such case appears in Satu-Mare City Hall, Zalău City Hall, Sighisoara City Hall, Reșita City Hall, Focșani City Hall or Bacău City Hall. We could not find a similar case in any municipality in Romania.

How is the ministry

Then I looked at the conditions set by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to fill the positions of directors of sports clubs under its authority. I thought there would be more difficult conditions here. Well, the ministry does not require “graduation from an international sports management program organized by an internationally recognized sports entity”, but only undergraduate, masters and seniority studies. details over here. Those who compete for the ministry become civil servants, and they do not have a management contract.

Explanation of Vice Mayor Yunoi Russo

We asked Ionui Russo, one of the Vice Mayors of Constanta and responsible for the CSM, to give us an explanation for the introduction of this clause. He explained that all conditions, including this specific text, were approved by a decision of the local council. So all board members, PNL, PSD, USR, agreed to include it. However, it was the City Hall that organized the competition.

Here’s the deputy mayor’s full response.

“We want to make the CSM club the best performing nationally. In this sense, the professionalization of management is also necessary, which includes a contractual relationship, based exclusively on skills and performance.

Modern sports club management, in addition to a high work ethic, requires very specific skills.
Taking into account the fact that sport in general should apply policies and strategies which are in line with European policies and strategies but also with those at the global level, considering also the importance of cooperation with various international entities, the candidate’s possession of such a course/program, Reveal in terms of acquired knowledge that can be applied as part of the management plan, as well as communication skills in a foreign language.
These considerations were taken into account in proposing and agreeing to these specific terms. It’s approved by HCL, obviously. We want the most qualified and trained at the highest level, with a modern and future vision, to be able to lead a club and project of this scale.

The results of the file evaluation will likely be on the town hall website, and the accepted files will mean they meet all HCL requirements.”

Additional cost

Programs such as those requested by Constanța City Hall can be carried out in several places in Europe. I found a niche site with almost 100 offers. It can be done full-time or part-time and usually takes 6 semesters or three years. Such a course in Croatia, for example, costs just over 4,200 euros per year.

Quota: several million euros

The position of CSM Director also involves a significant amount of financial responsibility. So far, shortly after its creation, the club has a budget of about 2 million euros in public funds, that is, from the money that Constanta residents and companies pay from Constanta to the local budget. More precisely, it is about 9,907,000 lei, which is about two million euros. Most of the money, 9,357,000 lei, goes to operation, while the rest, 550,000, is used for the development department. details over here.

Who is the temporary manager?

The interim director of CSM is Andrei Talpeș.

“Over the years, we have implemented successful projects for Constanta sport. By creating the Constanta Municipal Sports Club, we want to expand the model to more sports disciplines. Constanta is a city that has produced countless champions over the years. Now we have the opportunity to contribute to the growth of future generations of Champions,” André Talpey announced at the appointment, in January 2022.

Andrei Talpe is the president of the District Basketball Association and team manager for the BC Athletic team, according to information on the site. The association has managed and operated several sports projects funded by Constanta City Hall since the time of the former mayor. Members of the basketball team were awarded cash prizes last year by Mayor Virgil ižek.

how much does he earn

The director of the CSM earns a total salary of 12,200 lei per month, and the deputy gets 11,200 lei. You can see the list of valid salaries for the month of May below.

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