“Please don’t forget that I’m not just a minister!”

The Minister of Sports, Edward Novak, has been accused by the National Youth and Sports Federation (SNST) of “quickly obtaining maximum life premiums”, on a par with Nadia Komenica for example. Novak responded by saying he would take all steps to get those responsible for the slanderous statements to respond to their actions. “I fully meet the conditions for granting a life pension,” he stressed.

What SNST wrote about Novak, on Tuesday, on the official website:

“Several people from the sport, coaches, performance athletes, ministry employees, sports federations and clubs, allege that the current minister has suspended the Sports Results Awards, while for him all awards are approved immediately, at the highest level, and substantial. Funds are allocated to all applications you submit.

Edward Novak immediately entered the list of those receiving a lifetime pension; Equal to Nadia, Patzachen, Lippo, and Szabo.

After initially saying he was still considering whether to retire as a Paralympian athlete, Novak took his case to the Sports Ministry and was soon awarded the maximum annual life premiums; The Minister of Sports (!) immediately approved his request and the money was immediately allocated: Novak Carol Edward receives a monthly annual salary of 16,635 lei. This amount is awarded only to the most successful Romanian athletes, and this is what the champions who have won the most medals at major world and European championships, Olympic trials, receive. The Ministry of Sports, led by Minister Edward Novak, placed athlete Edward Novak in the maximum performance group, along with Nadia Comunessi (gymnastics), Ivan Batzishin (boating), Elisabetta Lebo (rowing) or Gabriela Szabo (athletics).

80,000 lei, for CS Intersport

Intersport Sports Club, based in Hargita, received 80,000 lei, in August 2022, to organize a sports competition. It is interesting how the Harghita sports club received funds from Târgu Mures City Hall, and for the partnership on the basis of which the budget was awarded, it was signed by the wife of Minister Novak. The headquarters of the sports club “INTERSPORT”, financial code 17094433, is located at Leliceni Street No. 47, Miercurea Ciuc, Harghita Province, and until December 2020, Edward Novak was officially its president, now he is the only club athlete.

Novak – FRC -> Novak

At least another suspicious scheme, other public funds given according to the formula that Novak gives – Novak receives: The Ministry of Sports, with Minister Edward Novak as credit coordinator, allocates a budget to the Romanian Cycling Federation, and the Federation gives funds to the Romanian Cycling Federation. Intersport Sports Club (June 2022). At CS Intersport, the Secretary General is the wife of Eduard Carol Novak, a position for which she receives an annual income of 3171 lei, Novak:

FR Ciclism move 100,000 lei to CS Intersport on June 1 – cycling sport event organization package in Szeklerland,

FR Ciclism transported 8000 lei to CS Intersport on June 9 – Romanian National Road Cup organized for children, stage 3.

Minister Carol Edward Novak awarded €75,000 in a motorbike race

Edward Novak was always interested only in himself, he was never interested in those around him, he did not think about team members, only him. This is what happened in February 2020, when he was president of the Romanian Cycling Federation. Then he gave himself 75,000 euros! But in the same year, he illegally prevented an increase in the salaries of FR Motorcycle employees, in violation of Law No. 156 of 2020, which stipulated an increase in the salaries of workers in sports federations as well. I mean, for him it was money, he gave 75,000 pounds from the union budget, as for the employees and his colleagues, and to those with a minimum wage, he didn’t want to give even what was required by law. At the end of the same year 2020, Edward Novak was appointed Minister of Sports, from which he receives a monthly income of 14,200 lei according to his fortune announcement.

We recommend all employees of the Romanian Cycling Federation and all other national sports federations to request their salary rights retroactively. Stop accepting the violation of your rights, and demand payment on time, according to the law, for your work!

* Law No. 156/2020 and Law No. 206/2020 were SNST initiatives that raised salaries for all sports and youth workers.

SNST is requesting the establishment of a committee at the Ministry of Sports level to verify the legality and level of all publicly reported positions regarding awarding of prizes. We also ask to verify the reasons for not granting budgets to affiliated units until this date and the criteria for granting budgets to national sports federations. Answers are also needed regarding the ban on sports results awards.

We demand the prompt release of the budgets needed to pay all recorded arrears; We also take into account the public data announcing that sports will receive a record budget for 2022. We cannot accept the collapse of units, the exclusion of athletes from the cabinet, while in the minister there are all kinds of schemes for allocating funds and determining the level of pensions and prizes for life. “

On Monday, SNST published another article on Edward Novak:

“After participating in the Paralympic Games, who was directly interested in material rewards, Edward Novak asked to increase prizes for outstanding sports results, moreover, this was his only intervention at the government table.

Then he made sure to immediately receive his award for the second place he took in this competition, not caring about the fate of other athletes. Novak’s prize after the Tokyo Olympics was 554,344 lei (5,543,440,000 old lei, about €113,280). In 2020, Novak was awarded 97,000 lei from MTS.

With no track in Romania, Novak trained for the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, in Bulgaria, in Plovdiv, where he enjoyed the best conditions. But how many Romanian athletes can afford the training camps, equipment, and the rest of the necessities?

The National Football Association learned about the significant arrears recorded by sports clubs in 2021 and 2022, in terms of awards for special results obtained by athletes. The Minister of Sports bears the blame for all this, as he is the one who suspended all terms of the premiership, completely ignoring the needs of athletes and technical teams, and dealing with lack of interest and lack of sympathy for all the problems that the Ministry seeks solutions for.”

Minister Edward Novak responded to the National Journalists Syndicate’s accusations, Wednesday, with a message posted on Facebook, specifying:

“Recently, I have always been the target of attacks by the National Youth and Sports Federation and I want to make it clear that I will do everything in my power to make those responsible for these outrageous statements respond to their actions.

This last episode, in terms of annual salary, also has a touch of distinction, considering I’m a Paralympic athlete, and Paralympic medals are still viewed differently and get less attention and recognition.

Regarding the false allegations being spread in the media, several clarifications are needed. Especially since the ministry did not ask for a point of view, the obvious intent is to start a scandal, and not to clarify possible misunderstandings about it.

At the end of my athletic career, after the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, I submitted to the Ministry, as a retired athlete, a request to grant an annual stipend for life, under my statutory right, conferred by Law No. No. 69/2000 for Physical Education and Sports with subsequent amendments and additions.

The conditions for granting a life pension, which are fully fulfilled, are expressly provided for by law, as well as in its implementing regulations, as well as the method of its calculation.

Sports performances have also been confirmed, at the request of the Ministry of Sports, by the specialized federation, in my case, the Cycling Federation, and by the Romanian National Paralympic Committee.

These results are: 1 Paralympic gold, 3 Paralympic silver, 5 world gold, and 2 European gold. I mention only those that were taken into account to determine the amount of the pension, and not all those that were obtained throughout my career.

Another indicator that is the basis for the calculation is the most recent average gross salary for each economy published by the National Institute of Statistics.

As a result of my sports results, the resulting coefficient was 7.35. It is set, also as a result of statutory provisions, at 5.

This is where the award amount, the same amount as other athletes benefit, was released precisely because the law sets the coefficient at 5 regardless of performance level. It is the maximum amount that can be awarded as an annual bonus to an athlete.

The right to an annual salary is granted to any retired athlete, regardless of the position they occupy and regardless of the type of medals. The Paralympic Games are obtained with the same effort and have the same value. Regarding their number, the numbers that I got legally give me the right to the maximum annuity. Please don’t forget that I’m not only a minister, I’m also a performance athlete, and he has the same rights as all athletes! “

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