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First of all, let’s be Christians and wish the “stone house” sisters.

On Saturday, August 27, a “political event” took place in Măciuca de Vâlcea, held under the banner of the wedding ceremony of the leader of the AUR, George Simeon.

The groom Semyon himself unequivocally declared his wedding a “political act”, a statement that the bride Irina unreservedly supported.

For this political event, George Simeon, preparing to receive ten thousand guests at the wedding, set one condition for them, that they all wear traditional clothes.

The “Simeon’s Wedding” was held according to the script created and presented live by the Romanian TV station, which gave a marketing hit, and earned many rating points.

The entire show, under the title “Simeon’s Wedding,” swung between being a political act, like “Zele Kodriano’s Wedding” and a more traditional act, like George Kochbuk’s “Zamfirri’s Wedding.”

The wedding of Zelea Codreanu was held in Focşani on June 13, 1925, one hundred thousand guests participated in the wedding, for which invitations and a “wedding poster” were printed, defining the wedding as “the great celebration of our nation”.

The AUR party is seen as out of the Legion, and is assimilated with the Zilya party. AUR uses nationalist ideas which appear to have been copied from “The Legionary’s Book”.

In fact, Semyon’s wedding was completed without leaving any trace, however vague, of anti-Semitism or legionnaires.

The wedding was a strictly political marketing product, which was provided to Semyon by the organizers. His role was to conscientiously interpret the role of the groom. The wedding took place within decent limits, which is characteristic of the Roman tradition that Kochbuk so eloquently described in the “Zamfir wedding”.

Coşbuc published “Zamfirei’s Wedding” in Tribuna magazine in 1889, the year of Eminescu’s death, proving that Romania still had valuable poets.

“The Zamfir Wedding” is the epic of rural life, in which the famous Roman model is followed, according to which the wedding ceremony takes place.

Semyon’s wedding was an archetype of this traditional model, which was appreciated by people of good will.

Simion wanted to recreate the Roman rural universe from the Zamfira wedding.

If the wedding of Zamfira took place at the court of the wealthy emperor Sugyata, and the wedding of Zelia Kodriano in Fochani, then Semyon’s wedding took place in Musyoka.

At her wedding, Zelia Codriano did not lie when she relied on the presence of one hundred thousand guests at the wedding.

On the other hand, the legend of George Simeon is counting on the attendance of ten thousand wedding guests from all over the country.

That he was floundering, and it was proved in the count that there were no more than four thousand.

For a traditional Roman wedding, four thousand wedding guests are too many. It can only match the wedding of Zamfira. For Codreanu’s wedding, four thousand wedding guests would have been quite a few.

For those who did not take part in the wedding or did not watch the popular TV show of the Romanian TV station, it must be said that George Simeon scored well in the classes of organization and tradition. He counted on the attendance of ten thousand guests at the wedding, wanting to show the country just how big and powerful his AUR ceremony was.

There were only about four thousand, even if the relocation of the wedding party to Măciuca was prompted not only by the holding of the party, but also by the tourist activity, which was multiplied by the traditions placed on the stage, including the many facilities offered more freely. There was plenty of food and drink, displayed on the alleys of grills, cauldrons, serving plates and dining tables, with the ton of cheese sent by Gigi Becali taking center stage.

The artistic moments unfolded ceaselessly, keeping the interest and appetite of the wedding guests awake.

The Phoenix Squad performed unimpeded, even though a Taliban army hurled insults at its members on Facebook.

There were terrible proposals for the band to refuse to sing at Semyon’s wedding.

Ridiculous proposals, such as those made to European countries, to ban Russian tourists from entering the country.

In order to include all the typical components of the wedding scene, George Simeon even allowed his hair to be shaved with an ax, despite his cheek being freshly shaved since the morning.

The event, even if it was political, was declared a success as a whole and because everything happened in plain sight, not behind the scenes. George Simeon stated, according to his list, the wedding cost about 500 thousand euros, of which about 12 thousand he paid from himself, and the rest were bails.

Here we are approaching the first versions of the “Zamfira Wedding”, with which we can not help but remember “The earth is long, yes it is wide, but it is like a rich arrow …”

Against the background of the crises the Romanians are going through, it was too much and Simeon did not miss to give us a hard time.

Simeon’s wedding “stole beginning the campaign election

The main purpose of his wedding, as Semyon was not shy about declaring, was to be a prominent political event.

This Simeon’s intention contrasted starkly with the religious ceremony, which was held outside the church by an important council of Orthodox priests, based on an exemption obtained from the patriarchate.

The political character of the event was further reinforced by the second announcement by George Simeon, a “drunk” of success, of his desire to run for President of Romania in 2024.

With this statement, made on August 27, 2022, George Simeon stole the start of the campaign, causing real confusion. Why so early, two years ago?

The explanation is that Simeon is counting on an early election.

We won’t separate from the many launches of such nominations, because many brides and grooms will have more crowded weddings than traditional weddings.

The most logical answer to the bewilderment of many is that Simeon’s star was fading into the national heavens and wanted to give us a sign that he existed and that he had big plans for the Romans.

After his activity in Parliament, photographing only with his phone or rubbing his neck with Minister Popescu, Georges Simeon wants to take over the leadership of the opposition, to be the only one negotiating with the authority. If the force is willing to negotiate anything.

For this, Simion needs to appear and with the candidacy launched, he wants to justify his participation in a premature election campaign. Such a campaign is permitted only one month before the elections.

However, with his marriage, Simion set an obstacle course in his campaign, as he opened Pandora’s Box for resemblance to Zelea Codreanu.

Zelea Codreanu was a fanatical model, but also a historical one, good to study, but not to be followed.

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