Alexandru Dido, General Sports Director of Corona Brașov

On the same day as elections in FR Hockey, in which Alexandru Dedu’s candidacy for president was rejected, the former president of the Handball Federation was introduced by Brașov’s mayor, Allen Coliban, as CSM’s General Manager of Sports Corona Brașov.

professional sports Yesterday wrote about Alexandro Dido (51 years old), former head of FR Handbal, whose profile has not been approved.

The announcement came dry without explanation. For the position of Vice President of the Federation, the nominations of Ervin Miklos, Alexandro Dido and Tzilard Joseph Berezki were rejected.

Official: Alexandru Dido, General Sports Director of Corona Brașov! Three-year contract with a monthly salary of 5,000 euros

Prosport’s sources claim that the former handball player sent the necessary documents via e-mail, otherwise they had to be submitted in physical form.

“I am glad that Alexandru Dido has accepted the challenge of being General Sporting Director and assuming development goals for the next three years at Corona Brașov. Dedu has demonstrated a management performance at FRH,” Coliban said.

Dedu will receive a three-year contract with a monthly salary of 5,000 euros, which is 2,000 euros less than what he receives as the head of FR handball.

“Yes, that’s right, I will get a salary of 5,000 euros! There are players and coaches, including in this club, who earn more than the General Director of Sports. It is normal in sports. The same is happening in CSM Bucharest. Otherwise, the sport in Romania will be closed!”

With the contract that I signed, I have incurred some goals, which will condition my presence or my exit from this club. My skills are focused on the athletic side. With the agreement of the interim director of the club, I will also be involved in the administrative part.

I belong to the general manager of CSM CoronaDedu said at the press conference.

“I want and hope to be judged by the facts”

Dido says vehemently that he will not accept the interference of politics in the club’s decisions. “I will never be a civil servant. Sport belongs to everyone, and obviously I will always have a dialogue with the political side to exchange ideas, but politics is politics, and sports is sports.

I was the head of FRH for 8 years and I finished pesedist, penelist, userDepending on who commented. “I want and hope to be judged according to the facts,” Dido said. Coliban intervened and explained that Dido would have his free hand to run the club.

Alexandro Dido will be rigorously evaluated on sports performance, he has some specific goals, and our role as politicians is to support performance

Corona on the Barcelona model!

Dedu dreams of taking CSM Corona to another level and says he knows what to do.

“I have been a professional in sports since I was 18 years old. I came to Braشوفov because CSM Corona Brașov is a big club in Romania and here I had the opportunity to work and build a project. In my wildest dreams I would like Corona Brașov to look like the clubs I played in at one time One (No, Barcelona, ​​Porto..)

I’ve always looked at the management side and how the club is run. I know what to do, I know how to do it and with the support of the community, we will succeed. The sport from Brasov is currently ranked 22nd nationally. This is not normal!

I think Brasov can have teams in the first league in all sports. We would like to increase the number of divisions, and now we are taking the necessary steps to have, starting this season, men’s volleyball, women’s volleyball and men’s basketball, as well as a gymnastics division. Next season, we want sections for table tennis, wrestling and sports shooting,” Dido said.

CSM Corona Requests Budget Supplement

The Director General of Corona also took the first steps inside the club. Julian Stamati is the director of summer sports, and Bogdan Belen is the director of winter sports. Corona Club asked to add 1,400,000 lei to the budget.

He added, “On Tuesday, at the CL meeting, several requests from the Corona club will be analyzed. More than half of this amount is money for the disputes that the club lost in the handball department, and the rest for the creation of new departments,” said Mayor Allen Coliban.

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