At 14 he reached the Book of Records

Alice in writing history in Romanian and world motorsport!

The ‘Queen of Europe’ in drift reached the Guinness Book of Records thanks to her exceptional performance in 2021, when she won the European title, at just 14 years and 79 days old!

The athlete received the big news a few days ago.

World premiere in motorsports: 14-year-old Romanian reaches the record book | Special

“I still don’t realize I’m in the Book of Records. And my friends ask me how I feel. I’m Alice herself, a normal person,” said Alice Ein, European drift champion.

“We have been trying for a year, I have sent several guides to the Guinness Book of Records and received an email telling me that my application has been accepted and my record is official in the Book of Records,” European drift champion Alice Ene continued. .

Alice’s father, Soren, from whom the young woman had inherited her passion for drifting, no longer hoped that Alice’s performance would be certified in the famous book of records.

“We didn’t think it could happen. Then I got the news that this record was certified and in a few weeks I also received the certificate,” confirms Surin Ene, national drift champion, founder of the first drift school in Romania.

Alice and her father went to the Romanian Motorsport Federation to give the good news to Norris Mugino!

“Every step like this counts and crowns the efforts of those who achieve these results. For Alice Ene, this exceptional performance comes on the back of so many competition entries and a very long time spent in the race car.” says Norris Mugino, president of the Romanian Sports Motor Federation.

I raced for the first time at the Nürburgring

If last year was Alice’s dream, as she likes to say, then this year for the young athlete things are no longer that way.

“2022 started with more bad luck, Alice smashed a new engine and from here started several technical retirements. However, my daughter finished third in the National Drift Championship, just like me,” admits Soren Ein, National Drift Champion, Founder The first drift school in Romania.

“This year doesn’t compare to last year, but in a way I expected it. In life we ​​can’t always be there, there are better moments and less quality moments. Somehow I expected it and my dad told me I’d have to go through those things too.”

I started the season with the left and I realized it wasn’t going to be my season like it was last year. So far I haven’t hit the car, but in the first stage I broke my car’s engine,” says Alice Ein, European drift champion.

Even if 2022 isn’t the year he wanted from a professional point of view, in addition to appearing in the Book of Records, the Drift “Queen of Europe” has good reason to feel happy.

A month ago, Alice competed for the first time The famous Nürburgring in GermanyHe did a very good job!

“The competition takes place live on a part of the Formula 1 circuit. More than 100 drivers took part and Alice was competing in the Pro class for the first time. Of the 79 pilots in her class, she managed to take 22nd, which is a great achievement,” adds Soren Ein, drift champion. National, the first drift school institution in Romania.

There are many tense moments.

Soren In, the girl’s father is the one who accompanies her everywhere and is the good guy in everything. He admits that quarrels often break out between him and his daughter.

“There are many tense and tense moments between us. I am angry with Alice when cars break down because it is not her business.

I was very upset on the stage in Hungary when it went great in training. A stage was predicted with a very good result, in two days of training he did not make a single mistake, and the only two mistakes in three days were exactly in the qualifying rounds”, believes Soren Ene, national drift champion, founder of the first drift school from Romania.

Drifting, an expensive sport

Alice In has arrived in just 6 years since she began drifting to become the best driver in Europe in her age group.

In 2020, the young woman, who was only 13 years old, obtained her professional pilot license and became the youngest drift pilot in Europe and the world. In a very short time and at a very young age, Alice has achieved some great performances in motorsports.

In 2021, in a few months, she became the European champion, in the European Championship “Kings of Drift”, from Greece, from Ceres, where he managed to set a new world record in drift competitions. Thanks to this success, Alice got into the Guinness Book of Records.

Also last year, Alice won the final of the Czech championship held at the Brno circuit, in the Pro2 category. The young woman admits that the sport that she has been practicing for many years has become very expensive, especially when she goes to compete abroad, where the level is much higher.

“I want to keep drifting, of course if my parents would support me, because without them I wouldn’t have gotten here of course. Hopefully we’ll have more sponsors so we can keep going. We have a budget, but it’s not big enough” – Alice Eine, European champion in Drift.

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