Bucharest Days at Dino Lipati Art House

Dinu Lipatti House of Arts invites you on Friday and Saturday, 16-17 September 2022, between 19:00 and 21:00, to the fourth edition of “Bucharest days at Dinu Lipatti Art HouseThe event is dedicated to exceptional personalities from the culture of Bucharest and our country.

Organized on the occasion of the 563rd anniversary of the first specific documentary testimony of the city of Bucharest, through the Emiri Charter of September 20, 1459 signed by Vlad Cheppe, which provided for the exemption of taxes and the strengthening of property rights for some. The residents of Bucharest Days are a great occasion to meet again in the home of the brilliant pianist and composer Dino Lipati, born in Bucharest.

During the two days, the public was invited to enjoy the open exhibition “Bucharest Days – Bucharest Classical Music” on the founding of the city, its history, artistic and musical life and the creation of the most important cultural centers and institutions. “We pay tribute to the Bucharest performers and creators who have contributed to the development of Romanian classical music. The two cultural events are dedicated to the three personalities who were born or had their careers in Bucharest: Dinu Lipatti, Barbu Brezianu, Margareta Sterian,” reads a press release from the cultural foundation.

Friday, September 16th starting at 7:00 pmAn extraordinary party will be held.Tribute to Dino Lipati“Performed by pianist Vinicio Moroyano. The evening ends with the screening of the film”Lipati, last recitalBy Philip Roger, in memory of the legendary concert given by the great Dino Lipati on September 16, 1950 at the Besançon Festival.

Vinicio Moroyano Born in Bucharest in 1962 in a family of musicians. He showed an early penchant for composition and literature as he gave his first concert at the age of ten. He graduated, in his hometown, from “Dino Lipati” High School of Music in the class of teacher Marta Pallady. At the National University of Music, Vinicio Moroyano received lessons from pianist and professor Gabriel Amirach, and was accompanied by student Susani Szorini. Pianist and teacher Vinicio Moroyano won three first prizes in national piano competitions, he also received a prize in Paris, in the competition “Guilde francaise des Artes solistes” in 1979, and in Bucharest, in the competition “George Enescu” in 1991 he was awarded the The College of Music Critics Award from Romania – 1981, for the performance of “The Third Piano Sonata” by Jorge Enescu, the “Dinu Lipatti” Foundation Award from Bucharest in 1992, for the performance of “Fantasia” and its performance in concert. Reference 8 “by Dino Lipati. In 2005, he was awarded the title of Doctor of Music, with the thesis “Two centuries of compositional thought reflected in the creativity of Dino Lipati for solo piano.” He is currently a university professor at the National University of Music in Bucharest.

the film “Lipati, last recital”, created by French director and producer Philippe Roger in 2004, suggests evoking the image of the great pianist Dino Lipati, in the context of his recent appearance on stage. We got the testimonies of some of Lipati’s closest students, pianist Jacques Chapuis, concert audiences including Jack Kreisler (festival president in 1950), artist biographer Gregor Burgoano and photographer Michele Musi, who immortalized in photographs this sequence of struggle and grace. Philip Roger.

Saturday, September 17, also from 19:00The first version of the program will be held.Romanian culture memory‘, an event presented by acquaintance makers From the TV shows, Marilina Rotaru. This event marks the first new cultural program created in collaboration with the famous producer of documentaries, TV shows and brand events – Marilina Rotaru. The first edition of the “Memory of Romanian Culture” program is dedicated to painter, writer and translator Margherita Strian and historian and art critic Barbo Briziano, two great figures of Romanian culture.

The public will have the opportunity to watch documentaries.Twilight the Seeker – Barbo Briziano” And the “Eternal joy is beauty – Margarita Strian‘, both signed by Marilena Rotaru.

Marilina Rotaru He was born in Bucharest and attended “ILCaragiale” High School, then the Faculty of Romanian Language and Literature at the University of Bucharest. After finishing college, I worked in TVR’s cultural newsroom, going through all the hierarchical steps from reporter, editor to director. Among the Romanian TV programs we mention: the first interview with conductor Sergio Celebedach (broadcast in February 1990), “Eternă jurei-i beleştă”, a documentary film dedicated to the painter Margarita Strian (broadcast after 1989); Centenary of Sila de la Francia on the stage of the concert on RTV, etc. Between 1991 and 2016 he produced the TV series: “Memory of the Romanian Exile”, in which 150 episodes were dedicated to characters of Romanian origin who were exiled during the communist regime: Vintilă Horia, Monica Lovinescu, Virgil Ierunca, Alexandru Ciorănescu, Emil Cioran, Sergio Celebedac, Camilian Dimitriscu, Radu Aldolescu, Pan Vizerescu, Paul Goma, Father Viorel Mahdinau, Sergio Grosso, Chief Rabbi Alexandro Safran, Mircea Karp, Soprano Nelly Mericchio, Vladimir Kuzma, Ion Sigismons Dinu Ianculescu, Friedrich von Bomoiles, Laculină George Manzina, Laculină Jemzina and “Free Europe” and the Treasury of Romania in Moscow, etc. Between 1990 and 2014, she authored 52 shows and public events, 68 documentaries and radio interviews, dedicated to the royal family, King Michael and the Romanian royal family, many of them in the period 1990-1997, when the subject was under absolute prohibition, the most famous of which was the show “Ora Regelui”.

After 1989, Marilena Rotaru also carried out a media activity, in “România Liberă”, “Cotidianul”, on the radio station “Europa Liberă”, expressing herself, as on radio programmes, about the values ​​of democracy and above all, for freedom The opinion.

During her brilliant career, Marilena Rotaru has received 4 awards from the Association of Television Professionals for: “The Return of Ventillo Horia” (2000), “Sergio Celebedach” (2003), “Mihai I, King of the Romanians” (2013), the 25th anniversary of the entire series “Memory of the Romanian Exile”, but also with the Excellence Award from the Association of Film Writers and Producers for the entire activity (2017), the Excellence Award of the Union of Cinematographers from Romania, Special Contribution to the Restoration of National Memory through a Television Film (2018), Excellence Award from the National Council Audiovisual for the entire activity (2003), “Never Forgotten Diploma” of the cultural institution “Memoria” (2021) in 2008 and 2012 His Majesty King Mihai decorated it with “King Michael’s Medal of Loyalty” and “Royal House Cross”.

event concept Bucharest days at Dinu Lipatti Art Housefourth edition, It belongs to pianist and director Alice Barb, founding director of the Dino Lipati House of the Arts.

Tickets can be purchased online at www.iabilet.ro and at iabilet.ro/retea or at the headquarters of the Dinu Lipatti Art House. Entry for people with disabilities and their companions is free with prior reservation on the phone number 0314252563.

Tickets for 16.09.2022 can be purchased by accessing the link: https://www.iabilet.ro/bilete-zilele-bucurestiului-la-casa-artelor-dinu-lipatti-editia-a-iv-a-ziua-1-78646/?

Tickets for 17.09.2022 can be purchased by accessing the link: https://www.iabilet.ro/bilete-zilele-bucurestiului-la-casa-artelor-dinu-lipatti-editia-a-iv-a-ziua-2-78647/?q=zi

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