He played for Rapid and Steaua, but Dynamo wanted him too! Peter Marin revealed in ‘Friends of Ovidiu’

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Peter Marin played for 6 seasons in the team sponsored by Gigi Becali and speaks unequivocally about the scandal of recent years in Romanian football. He says he has disappeared from the football arena to nurture the growth and development of future footballers and reveals what will immediately change in Romanian football.

– Peter, you look like you’re playing soccer!
– Eh, Nya Ovidiu. I wear something. Five and six kilograms. But I’m fine. Although I retired almost 38 years ago.

– I wanted to call you a few months ago on the show and tell me you had a problem.
– The first operation in my life. I didn’t have surgeries when I was a kid either.

– what happened?
– You played the big boys game and ruptured your Achilles tendon. I was with Meryl Rodoy and Gabi Bottini at a match at Severin. I think the wear and tear and the training I did caused my injury.

– You’ve been in bed for a month, right?
– I was in a cast, and then I had an operation at the doctor Ionuț Codorean. I am recovering at FCSB, in Ovidiu Kurti. It’s a feeling I’ve never experienced before. I would not wish this on anyone. Anyway, I take this opportunity to thank both of them for their help.

“Kids still come to football, it’s fun”

– This is your nickname, Gayer, which he gave you?
– Ole VFC National. He told me I looked like a Brazilian soccer player, maybe even in terms of playing style.

– A kind of invisibility from the landscape. what are you doing now?
– Together with Soren Gyonya and Federal coach George Gijel, we have a football school. News Starts Bucharest. We have about 200 kids, in partnership with Gekko Hagee Academy, where the best six of us have arrived.

– Are you a boss or a coach too?
I’m a school owner, but I’m also a coach. The youngest is 6 years old, and the largest group is 15 years old. I really love what I’m doing now! I was a scout in Chiajna with Ellie Stan as coach, then I resigned for this project. We also have our base in Drumul Camperei-Militari, with two mini football pitches.

Do the kids know you?
– I know myself better as Rozvan’s father.

– Does the world still come to football?
– The kids keep coming and that’s fun. Especially after what happened with the pandemic when we were both locked up at home. Kids come, but there’s a problem with phones and tablets. We’re trying to educate the little ones to give up staying home all day with their eyes on their tablets.

– By the time I started…
Then there was more interest in football. It was our only joy. Hit the ball in front of the house or on the court, in the gardens, behind the blocks. Now many sports bases and parks have disappeared. Where we look around, especially in Bucharest, we see a lot of construction work.

“With Brondby, I was a ball kid.”

Do children come because they want to or because they are forced by their parents?
– We tell parents that when a child does not want to go to football, play sports or train, then it does not make sense to force him. It is better to go where he feels joy and go with love than to come by force.

– Well, all parents dream that their children will become rich.
– When they start playing football, no one dreams of becoming millionaires, of winning millions of euros. They dream of becoming footballers like Messi, like Ronaldo, like Rozvan Marin, like Iannis Hagi. The fun and passion of playing soccer is very good.

Did you come up with this idea in mind? To become like football players at that time?
– I had the opportunity to be in Sportul Studențesc, where I grew up with two great footballers. I went to Sportol because it was in the top three in Bucharest, after Steaua and Dinamo. In the Sportului match with Brondby, I was a kid of balls. We also won with Inter, when he was playing Gino Iorgulescu and Mircea Sando…

Did your parents let you go to football?
– They didn’t urge me. And I did the same with Răzvan. Going with me to matches, to the dressing room, to training, the germ was transferred and that’s what he wanted to do. I stayed near the field, went there all day, hit the ball. We used to drop out of school to play football in the street with our friends.

– I was in the reggae.
– Now I’m still there. I went to Sportul because the stadium was right next to where I was sitting. Since Giulești was very close, we also went to Rapid. But on a trip, three months, on vacation.

Scandal, problems? Why so little?
– Mr. Rednick was the coach, after the departure of Mircea Lucescu. That’s how it was… We don’t dig for the dead anymore.

“I am satisfied with my career”

– Your beginnings were a goalkeeper?
– Yes Yes! This is correct! I really liked him in goal, but I also went out in attack to score goals. I was away on a tour of Buhoe and broke my hand. Since then I have not wanted to stay in the gate. Now, when we play mini soccer, where we move around so we don’t get numb and don’t get old, I go back to goal. And I’m really good, even if I’m not that tall.

– DF How did you get there?
– At that time he played with the far right and the extreme left. I was left-handed, and I scored a lot of goals. I’ll bet with the coach on Pepsi or Coca-Cola. Nia Ando adapted me as a left-back, when Bonacio was injured.

Sportol, National, Rapid. Then move to Stewa.
– We have a home coach. I had the opportunity in my career to work with good coaches and great people. I had something to learn from everyone. I am satisfied with what I have achieved, with my career. Long walk with results, only regret is that I didn’t try out in an outdoor tournament.

Almost 500 matches in Romania and none abroad.
– There was interest from some teams, but it did not materialize. I arrived late at Steaua, I was 31, probably that’s why I didn’t get a transfer abroad. At the age of 21, he left Răzvan for Standard Liege. But I am happy with everything I have. Especially since I also played in the Champions League.

“Andone wanted me in the dynamo!”

– Do you have an offer from Dynamo?
– surely! Even during the time I signed with Steaua, Dynamo was interested in me. Ando was the coach. The person who promoted me at Sportul. They were on tour in France when they took an interest in me. I only spoke to them on the phone. I’m not sorry that I couldn’t get to Dynamo. I performed, I made money, and I have very fond memories.

– How do you see the current situation in Dynamo?
It’s unfortunate what happens to traditional teams. I was really happy that Rapid was back in League One, but, unfortunately, Dynamo is gone. Teams with supporters create a simulation, these teams should always be on top. I can’t understand what’s going on at Dynamo and why no one is coming in to take over the team.

If they don’t come now…
Let someone come and strategize. Rapid took it from League 4 and ended up again in League 1. Well, anyway, only here, in Romania, there is more Steaua, more speed, more dynamo, more Craiova, more Timișoara. I’ve never seen anything like this in another country.

Everything happens by a will from above.

– Steaua or FCSB? What is the real team?
– For me, Steaua is from League 1! I said it! I don’t want to bother anyone. Team Becali, FCSB! I’m speaking from a mathematical point of view. It is a continuation of everything that has happened since 1947. I do not know what the court decided, I do not want to comment. That’s all I have to say, from a sporting point of view, the team that is now in League 1 has continued its footballing activity over time.

– please tell me…
– Do you know what pain is? Steaua or FCSB had the largest number of supporters in Romania. And now they’ve split, some with CSA Steaua, others with FCSB. Unfortunately, the stadiums are no longer full. I, for example, had the opportunity to play with a stadium full, when we had a match on the previous “23 August”, from Unirii to the stadium there was a crowd. Once, at a match, Oli and MM got off the bus to tell each other in front of the bus that we were late for the field. It was in vain that we had a pre-merger with us, because everything was banned. Now, fans are divided. Millions of supporters suffer.

– Have you collected the best memories in Steaua?
– Winning the first title when we celebrated with thousands of fans. The second address, when we came back from Vaslui, and along the way, through whatever district or village we passed, people would stop us and get off the bus and take pictures. In Buzău, there was a celebration in town, they even put us on stage on our way to Bucharest. Our generation was an exceptional generation. We were brothers, as we say. And now we’re friends. We have our own WhatsApp group where we talk.

– I also played in the match against Middlesbrough.
Unfortunately, I played. So far we can’t find an explanation for what happened. They heard they put us inside and I don’t know what by ventilation… I didn’t feel like it! fairy tales. Ole told us in the first half: “Well, if we play like we’ve done in the last 10 minutes, we’ll make it big!”. Unfortunately, he was right. There are no explanations! Although we got a clear penalty in the 90th minute or so. It was hard… I had the qualification in hand. This is how it was meant to be. Everything happens by the will of the Most High. If God so decided, let’s take the step to the end, it happened.

“The first thing I would like to change is the mentality!”

– How do you see the situation regarding the Gincia stadium?
– As long as the stadiums are made with public money, then naturally anyone can access them. I’m not only referring to Ghencea, but also to the Arc de Triomphe. This seems natural to me, there are pitches that should produce. Anyone who wants to develop there, pay rent and play. With FCSB on Ghencea, it’s a little more difficult because there is this difference between fans.

– You have hundreds of matches in League 1, but there are only 9 national picks. why?
– The number of choices does not matter, the important thing is that I wore the most important shirt! Think about what football players were in this situation. Selymes, Rat, Chivu… It was hard to catch her. However, I am glad that I was also part of a very good generation.

– I may put you in an awkward position, but I have to ask you, how do you see the national team now?
– I have always been objective and realistic, and from my point of view we have a very good generation. Unfortunately, the results speak for themselves. When you don’t get results, no matter what your name is, you face a challenge. I was also in the last game, and rightly so, some competed and chanted certain things for the coach and the federation.

– Have you also seen good things in the national team?
From a football point of view, we have to give these kids time. And then a click will occur. take time. We cannot solve things overnight. Time should be given to these children.

– How did you receive the appointment of Eduardo Yordonescu?
– We have a young coach who showed up in Romanian football. He also had experience in other tournaments, we should be more positive, more optimistic. The national team is the team of all Romanians.

– What would you like to change in Romanian football?
– Phew! There is a lot! The first thing I would change is the mentality! Further sharing, let’s let people do their jobs where they are put, because that’s why they put them. Let each one see his side, the job he has. How can I come now and teach you how the press works? This is missing in Romanian football or in general. We Romanians are good at everything. Especially in football and politics where we are experts.

I didn’t count how long I was in the camps, but I was away from home three or four days a week. We didn’t have many options to enjoy it either. We had a laptop, watched movies, played rummy, backgammon, and read a book. We had no options today

Răzvan quality? Intelligence! I have said many times, my wife, Raluca, has a great deal of credit for his upbringing. I was always in training camp, going to matches. When Răzvan was born, I was in training camp with National FC in Thailand. I saw him after four days

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