Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee President: Athletes are more and more excited because medals will be better rewarded

Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee President: Athletes are more and more excited, because medals will be better rewarded / Image created by Anthony, from Pexels

The Romanian athletes have attracted the interest and support of the government with their recent performances, and at the same time they are more motivated because the medals will be better rewarded, the head of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, Mihai Kovalio, said on Thursday.

“I think the results of the last period have decisively contributed to this support and interest from the government as well. I would also like to thank Prime Minister Nikolai Ciuc for what he has done for the sport in Romania. I had the opportunity to see that the athletes are much more motivated, they want more to win medals, Precisely because these medals will be better rewarded in RomaniaKovalho said at the Olympic House.

Athletes are already preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympics

He explained that the emotions have already begun to qualify the athletes for the Olympic Games in Paris, starting in 2024, and that the offers of the last period contribute to the accumulation of points that guarantee the presence in the higher competition.

“I think everyone can say that Romanian sports are increasing, and there are very good results, whether in rowing, in swimming, in fencing, or in canoeing through Cătălin Chirilă, in judo, in wrestling, Alain Aleksuk yesterday won the bronze medal In the World Championships, these are very good results that do not come overnight, they are backed by action, support, plan and strategic program and I am absolutely convinced that these results come at a very good time.

Already the points won contribute to qualification for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. There are already feelings for Paris in every world or European championship, because results mean points, they mean better ranking on the competition table, and of course these results help to get bids and bring us closer to medals “Covalho added, according to Agerpres.

COSR President, special congratulations to swimmer David Popovici

COSR President also sent a congratulatory message to swimmer David Popovici, who turns 18 on Thursday: “It’s a very important day for a very important athlete for us, an athlete who managed to produce that wave that sport needed in Romania. Everyone started talking about the sport, There are more and more requests from children and parents to exercise, and swimming is a sport that helps regardless of your age.

My message to David is: Happy birthday, David! Make what you’ve achieved so far just a start, and like I said, keep having fun, and do it the way you’ve been doing it. You will perform much higher and I am absolutely convinced that this competition that you have created yourself is the most important and in this way you will get to where you want to be. ”

Romanian athletes at the Olympic Games will benefit from a special nutrition program

The Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee concluded a partnership with Herbalife on Thursday, in which Romanian athletes in the Olympic qualification races will benefit from a special nutrition programme.

“This partnership comes at a very good time for the athletes from Romania, after the very good results they had this summer, especially as these results bring with them the points needed to qualify for the Olympic Games.

This qualification has begun, and these results are important to qualifying for the Olympics and these results did not come unexpectedly, they were built and sustained based on a strategy that we implemented with all COSR employees.

It is also about a partnership from a nutritional and nutritional education point of view, we will have more performance athletes, and we will ensure vitamin and mineral support so that participation in the competition increases.”Kovalho also said.

Herbalife Regional Director, Romeo Cusinescu is pleased that through this partnership with Romanian athletes

“I am glad that we are in the same family as COSR, and I understand how important the effort of athletes is. We believe that athletic performance should be supported by adequate nutrition. Through this partnership, we are with athletes with a specific group for them, because they need proper nutrition during training but also after that “.

Football club president Farol Constanta, Jorge Popescu, said the recent performance of the team coached by Jorge Hagi is partly due to the partnership with Herbalife.

“We stole the start, we have been in this collaboration for seven years and I think our club’s performance recently is linked to this collaboration. Current athletes are very fortunate to have adequate nutrition. Our generation did not have such a nutrition program and I was thinking about where we could have ended up. It’s if we had something like that.”Jorge Popescu announced.

Rowers Yonela Kuzmic, Marius Kuzmiuk and Sergio Bogán also participated in the event at COSR Headquarters.

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