Smooth path to bell stars. Journalists from Neamt bid farewell to a colleague in business “Monitorol de Neamte and Roman

42-year-old Adrian Eshim passed away last night (Wednesday 7 September), after a period of trial and suffering. Condolences to the family.

Adrian Ichim was born in 1979 and has worked in several fields. He started working in the local press in 2007. He was a cameraman and reporter for B1TV, Realitatea, Dolce Sport and Prima TV channels.

Bye Bill!

“Once upon a time, it wasn’t like before… If it wasn’t, he wouldn’t have been told…”

There were some beautiful young men gathered in different newsrooms in the city under the same belief: that journalism is the most beautiful job in the world. Thousands of beautiful moments, some difficult moments, thousands of trips at most different times of the day and especially at night, all to get to the “hot” places and to give people the answers we’ve all been looking for to the basic questions: what…from…where.. When… why…

Today is one of those days when the questions that united us remain unanswered.

Addy left to smile at us from above.

Why…. Where…how…we may never know.

Good light, dear fellow! And do not forget: “We waited with a few pairs, so that we can give too …”!

Katrinelle Kojokaru, journalist

“I’ve known Addie Bell, as our colleagues in the press call him, for several years, shortly after I moved to Piatra Neamt. He seemed like a wonderful, very dynamic guy. We got to know each other better when we started working closely on photography and video. We were very supportive of each other. Some with information and equipment, and we were constantly talking about cameras, shooting styles, techniques and things like that. In the end he was increasingly interested in photography. I’m sure he would have become a craftsman in this field too, as he did with videography. He studied alone and came to a very good level Recently.

I have always been impressed by his concern for his family. He was loyal to his wife and daughter and seemed to me very involved in family life and the responsibilities that come with it.

Unfortunately, an unforgivable disease took him from us, without which Addie Bell could take successful photos, interesting clips or take his daughter to college. Now everything is gone and nothing remains in our soul but the memory of a man full of energy, dynamism, hard work and common sense.

That’s how I met him.

good bye my friend!”

Iulian Cazacu, journalist

“May God guide your steps towards the light, Uday!”

Ionuț Antoniu Lovin, journalist

“For a short period of time I was also a part of his life. We worked together, painted the earth together, shared coffee and mood. It is very difficult to talk about a person with whom I worked and knew in the past, from now on there remain memories of a man who showed the whole world that he loves what he does. From Now on, there is light in the flow of beautiful time people have. Have a nice journey, Adrien, and thank you for showing us, through the lens of your camera, your beautiful face to the world…until we meet again, hello.”

Cyprien Solomon, Radio and TV Producer

“I grew up in the same area as Addie. He was the youngest of the three Ekim boys. I can’t believe he’s gone… I’ve always seen Adi smiling, with extraordinary common sense and with so much warmth. We’ve also worked together over time… The people who You grew up with them and played with them and laughed and cried with them always had a place in your heart… he never spoke badly of anyone… I saw each other for a while and didn’t know he was sick… God rest his soul.. I’ll tell him beautifully, I won’t have any Another way.. walk in the light of Uday… you won’t forget!”

Alina Zhikovino, journalist

Goodbye Bill!

May you have a good light where you go!

I still remember our last photoshoot together. It was a cold February night and I discovered that the road to Jeruv was snowy. I was just trying to recover from a ligament tear and couldn’t drive. I wonder who among my colleagues would like to go shooting in such weather, and all of them are left with only two names. Aeolian was out of town and only Uday was left of him. Call him, he answers, he is glad that he can shoot news for Prima TV. In 10 minutes he comes and we leave together for the night and the blizzard. Arriving in Jirov, we found the road blocked and the snowstorm made it almost impossible to know where the road was. The shots stopped on the road, the cars came out on the scene, and Eddie could hardly control the car and drive through the snowstorm and ice. We shoot, but on the way back a snowplow appears and forces us to make room for it and we end up driving into the ditch. The machine passes, we stay in the trench. Addie manages to get out of the car, I can’t, the snow was hitting the door window, and my legs wouldn’t let me get out of the driver’s side. We wait a few minutes, but no one is venturing through the blizzard to help us. Addy takes a shovel and begins to remove the snow. I can’t do anything, I don’t even have a sign on my phone, call someone to help us. Finally, a car appears and helps us out of the hole.

This is how I remember Uday, a fast-moving guy, always ready to help, a big soul. A year ago I was talking to him and he said that he feels good, that he managed to gain 4 kilograms after interfering with Yash and that he is fine. A few days ago I found out that he was not feeling well, and I do not have the courage to call him, but I leave him a message, it turns out I saw him, but that’s it. Adi hasn’t responded yet. God bless you Uday!

Sebastian Bowditch, TV reporter

Watching a severely ill society from behind the camera can’t help but leave traces. It affected Uday the most. For many he was not a star. For us he was a fellow with common sense! I hope you rest in peace!

Colleagues from Mesagerul de Neamt

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