The Beatles: A Story With … “The Coming”

The Beatles: A Story With… “The Coming”. It’s been more than half a century since the dissolution of a group with a relatively short existence – especially compared to the Rolling Stones – but the Beatles remain the most famous and influential music brand in history. This is certain. In the year of the epidemic, 2019, songs composed and sung by the Fab Four were listened to on Spotify nearly 1.8 billion times and half of those who searched for them on Live are millennials, underage. From 30. The Beatles’ fan base remembers each other, maintains their planetary scale, and among their countless fans there are politicians, stars, businessmen, students and simple workers alike. VITAL Cultural: The Beatles: A story with… “You Will Follow” narrated by Ewan Page.

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I’m a Beatles fan too

the Beatles. “Even during the pandemic, when I was wearing a mask and even sunglasses, people would stop me from saying ‘Hi, Paul! Jackson’s directing mini-series Lord of the Rings Get Back (available on Disney+ along with another Beatles-related documentary, John Lennon: His Life, Legacy, His Last Days, from 2020), admitted with a smile. … I’m a fan of the Beatles too. We were a good little band. That ‘little band’ left its members a legacy of billions, literally, and the entire world an everlasting and priceless cultural treasure, regardless of whether we’re referring to the Beatles’ legacy from a social or spiritual perspective. Or aesthetic or purely musical.

Regarding the value and complexity of the band’s intangible heritage, hundreds of books have been written and dozens of documentaries have been produced, the latter still being the most accessible portal into the Beatles’ multiverse. These provide, in many cases, a suggestive portrait of the breadth of social and cultural influence the band still has today on the general public, from Might Good The Beatles (1977) or How the Beatles Changed the World (2017), both available on Netflix, at archive The comprehensive .org The Compleat Beatles (1982), narrated by Malcolm McDowell, or Lennon or McCartney (2014), can be viewed for free on director Matt Schechter’s YouTube channel, which has polled more than 500 artists on this infamous dilemma. Lennon or McCartney? “Question” shows us that time cannot undermine certain values, as they continue to hold, although it goes against the creative legacy left by an artist who became a victim of celebrity in 1980, John, with a monument to vitality, Macca, who celebrated his birthday The 80’s on stage in June 2022, during his Got Back tour.

In the 1970s, the Beatles ceased to exist as a band, and John, Paul, George, and Ringo each continued their own path and rarely crossed musical paths with notable results for Mercybet’s nostalgia.

However, all of them, even if independent of each other, constantly added original chapters to the story of the Fab Four, which only enriched and increased the area of ​​influence of the sixties introduced dedicated to the presence of the quartet in this “never-ending”. Story”. As for the collective brand, if we only refer to the recent past, the new millennium Beatles entered into a sensation.

Apple Corps, the company the four founded in 1968, released in 2000 the album 1, a compilation of their first songs, which went on to sell nearly 15 million copies and stayed on the US charts for… 388 weeks! The value of the Beatles’ catalog, especially after a technical upgrade in 2009, currently exceeds $1 billion, and their music continues to be reinterpreted, remixed, and reworked into thousands of versions. Cirque du Soleil’s show, Love, whose sound is made up of a mix of some Beatles songs, has been running continuously in Las Vegas for about 15 years, so even in 2022 amateurs can count among the 2,000 spectators attending a one-night Mirage show. Tickets are reasonable, between $70 and $200, but traveling to Vegas can cause some cost issues.

The primal, almost childlike simplicity of compositions and texts

Although it has no simple explanation, the “miracle” of the Beatles’ continued success is probably due to one of its main causes in the elementary, almost childlike simplicity of the compositions and texts, associated with the monolithic appearance of the Quartet, that transcend value systems in honor of local and societal cultures, opposing more of which are similar. Which, in the case of The Beatles, has evolved at a fairy tale speed, within a process of individual creative maturation, towards music that incorporates a variety of elements, from classical and passion to world music and Prog-Rock.

If we were to look for a pop culture reference, probably the best example would be Steven Spielberg, with his development in less than a decade from ET, dismissed by critics at the time as a childish tale of simplicity, but now a science-classic with a global fan base. For the universality of its message, to the cinematic masterpiece is Schindler’s List, embraced by the general public and industry alike, and included by the American Film Institute in its list of the 100 greatest American films of all time. Think now of the path the Beatles took from Please Please Me to Sgt. Pepper in just four years.

The music of the Beatles united two Western worlds that at the time were operating with completely different types of fuel

From a cosmopolitan perspective, looking back at the 1960s, whose “ultimate” image was the Four Beatles, their music united two Western worlds operating at the time with completely different fuels. On one side of the Atlantic was the United States, with Woodstock but also with Altamont, with assassinations, political crises, racial and ethnic protests and anti-Vietnam, but also with the Equal Pay Act against gender discrimination, where the first email was sent. The email from UCLA to Stanford and the solitude of Neil Armstrong, on the other hand, the English quietly lived through the swinging sixties, when London became a world capital of freedom, liberalism, creativity and the joy of living, where daily upheaval was often fueled on mundane grounds ( Profumo case, sexual revolution) more than deep social crises (diluted by institutional reactions such as the Sexual Offenses Act or Race Relations Act), individualism first before society. Beginning with the transoceanic cultural bridge, whose ends were Love Me Do and I saw her standing there, the Beatles established themselves through talent and organic flair as pioneers, and then as icons of the counterculture, given the conditions they were in. Not exclusively products from it. It was therefore more or less natural to continue to evolve at the individual level, along with the maturity with which the radical changes were amplified in the course of the 1970s and 1980s.

The Beatles, their music is timeless… a reminder

However, in addition to the nearly one billion discs sold in total, both as a set and individually, the Quartet’s very powerful influence in the twenty-first century must also be sought in its key role in “waking up” generations, regardless of whether we think about it. Artists, the media or the public. The Beatles remain a mirror of the redefining of subcultures in a society that is just beginning to recognize the necessity of rigorous winning of community rights and unrestricted individual expression as a factor of evolution. In essence, this is what builds the legacy the Beatles have left us, with their music serving as an everlasting reminder.

BEATLES playlist SUGGESTION – Selection by years, to reflect changes

Love Me Do (1962)

I Saw Her Standing There (1963)

Hard Night (1964)

help! (1965)

Eleanor Rigby (1966)

Your Mother Should Know (1967)

When I Was Sixty-Four Years Old (1967)

Revolution (1968)

Happiness is a Warm Gun (1968)

Don’t Let Me Down (1969)

Across the Universe (1969/70)

Bonus:Julie Taymour’s 2007 thriller inspired by the Beatles across the universe and

Contrasting mix “Through the Universe” and “Helter Skelter” [interpretate de Jim Sturgess si Dana Fuchs] Which beautifully embodies the Beatles’ Yinyang:

The article on the Beatles signed by Ewan Pegg is part of the Beatles issue, dedicated to the British group “Sunete” magazine

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