The highway that was auctioned 4 times

Trameco-Drum Asfalt (Selina) objected to the exclusion of its bid for the construction of 26.35 km of the A3 Chiribiș-Suplacu de Barcău motorway, and therefore the procurement proceedings were cancelled. This is the fourth time the aforementioned piece has been auctioned and the action falls. Representatives of the NGO Pro Infrastructureura claim it is a world record. They blame CNAIR for the situation. “Very frustrating is the attitude of CNAIR pretending it’s raining and not communicating anything in public space regarding these stalls, other than the deviant behavior of the group sponsored by Beniamin Rus (owner Selina – Trameco, no) who mocked Chiribiș-Biharia forcing CNAIR to terminate his contract He is now contesting both Chiribiș-Suplacu de Barcău and Chețani-Câmpia Turzii (a measure rejected by the CNSC only yesterday), say those from the Pro Infrastructure Association.

The 26.35-kilometer segment contains a 1.8-kilometre bridge built by Bechtel over the reservoir from Sublacu de Barcău, but it remained in the physical stage at 60-70%, when the contract was terminated in 2013. In May 2014, Compania de Autostrazi launched The tender to complete the works abandoned by the American company. The new contract was signed in 2015 with the Spanish association Corsan Corviam. However, it was terminated in 2016, “due to inadequate constructor mobilization”. A new tender was launched in August 2017, but two and a half years later, in January 2020, CNAIR canceled it because the contractor identified as the winner had financial problems in the country of origin. In the new auction that started in 2020, 4 bids were submitted, and two competitors will continue, namely Construcții Erbașu – Vahostav SK AA and Drum Asfalt SRL & Trameco (Selina Group) – OPR Asfalt SRL – Obras Publicas Y Ragadios SA – Citadina 98 SA – Lemacons SRL. The specific winner was Construcții Erbașu – Vahostav SK AA. The Selena Group has challenged the outcome of the auction in court.

“This is not fiction, but hard reality: the business was started in 2004 by Bechtel, finished with the Americans in 2013 (with a 50% stake in Suplacu de Barcău-Borș), and then in 2015 re-contracted with the Spaniards from Corsan-Corviam and. .. termination again in 2016 because the new old businessman did practically nothing.Then in August 2017, they bid again and after 3 (three years) the contract was signed in July 2020 with Romanians from Trameco/Selina: 6 months design , 18 months implementation, 326 million RUB plus VAT. But the hallucinatory drama of this damned extension is not over yet! Trameco / Selina said the differences on the ground compared to CNAIR’s expertise are significant and asked for more than 130 million lei for additional work (40 % of contract),” Pro Infrastructureura said recently. In the fourth tender, Erbașu, the original winner, was challenged, and the contender, the Drum Asfalt-Trameco (Selina Group), won a final disqualification from Erbașu’s bid. On July 26, 2022, CNAIR declared the Asfalt-Trameco Road bid unacceptable.
“The reason? From what information we have, not because of the negative testimony resulting from the termination of the contract on the adjacent lot, Chiribiș-Biharia, but because of the method of calculating the similar experience (the value of similar projects built earlier) of the Spanish partner in the association. Automatic result? Cancellation of the action”, This is from Pro Infrastructure.

The Minister of Transport, Soren Grindano, has reported that October 17, 2022 is the deadline for bidding for the contract required to build the Chiribes-Bharia section of the Transylvania Highway. The project, with an estimated value of 877.779 million lei (excluding VAT), is being financed through the 2021-2027 National Action Plan and should be completed within 24 months. “October 17, 2022 is the deadline for bidding for the contract required to build the Chiribes-Bihariya Highway Section (Transylvania Highway)! CNAIR Publishing, at SICAP, has submitted a Notice of Participation for the Design and Implementation of 28.55 km of this Section (Part of the Braشوفov-Targu-Morris-Cluj-Road) Oradea), the minister said on the Facebook page.

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