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It’s been four years since “Acolo unde cantă racii” was released, but the echo is still cherished by readers around the world. The book generated a veritable phenomenon, selling over 12 million copies and placing it at the top of the charts in 2019 and 2020, having been number one for several weeks in a row in the New York Times fiction department — and it’s true. register.

Although the novel is not based on real events, nature represents the connection between the story and the author’s life. As a child, Delia Owens would play in the woods, collecting feathers, insects, and pebbles, and her mother encouraged her to roam in the midst of nature, “where the lobster sings.” Although he loves to write, he has pursued his career in science and has spent more than 20 years studying wildlife in Africa, publishing his findings in three bestselling non-fiction books, followed by Where the Crabs Sing. “We can learn about human nature from nature. We forget that we are part of nature, we are not separate from it. Even if some don’t believe it, we have a real relationship with nature. We talk about Mother Nature, but we don’t treat her like a mother, and it is necessary to remember that.”says Owens.

The film tells the incredible story of Kia, who learns to live alone in the dangerous swamps of North Carolina in the early 1950s after being abandoned by her family. The locals don’t accept her and she will always be in their eyes a “savage”, treating her whenever you try to get close to her. Kya only has one day at school but she knows a lot, the swamp has taught her everything she needs to know, she has been her mother and her teacher. When her first friend, Tate, taught her to read and write, she took wings of hope. But he left for college, and Kya found herself deserted again, so she turned to painting. Footballer Chase approaches, attracting him with her mysterious reputation.

When he is found dead, Kia becomes the prime suspect. Wrongly accused of murder and facing the death penalty, Kia must once again fight for her life. The investigation reveals the details of a “quagmire” and the truth is shrouded in mystery. In the swamp, nature operates according to an immutable rule: every being does what it must do to survive. But although Kia learned the lesson of survival from a young age, she no longer has anything to do with the cruelty of people, the twisted laws of society that judge them without their knowledge, condemn them before they are heard, and haunt them without right of appeal. . As savage and terrifying as nature can be, society far surpasses it.

The story includes several layers, from the drama of an abandoned child and her surprising survival in that hostile environment, attempts to get closer to society, and something that grows with the first excitement of love and then a murder mystery and painful investigation. It follows that it all contributes to epic threads that are as emotional as they are exciting. The wonderful views of the lake, the beauty of the wild nature of the swamp are a delight to the eyes of the viewers, adding to the drama. A captivating story about survival and despair, about isolation and the need to belong, about the authenticity of nature and the falsity of society, about the cruelty of nature, but especially on people. An emotional and exciting movie that combines drama, love, suspense and mystery in a unique way. We see it from August 19, 2022, only in the cinema.

The heroine is mysterious, romantic, sensitive and vulnerable, but also strong and resilient. “Kia says that nature has no dark side, it is just creative ways to resist. She has suffered so much abuse from family and abandonment of nature that nature is all she has left. Nature is always on his side, he has become his adoptive family,” Says heroine Daisy Edgar Jones, who was nominated for BAFTA Awards and Golden Globes for her role in the TV series “Normal People.”

Daisy Edgar Jones is a unique talent. He can transform into many different characters. You can feel his underperformance, but also his ferocity. There is no trick there, nothing false; It simply becomes one with the character,” Reese Witherspoon, who promoted the novel at the famous book club and then co-produced the film, believes alongside Lauren Neustadter. And Taylor Swift, a fan of the book, wanted to contribute to the making of the movie, so she specially composed the song. “Caroline”.

Directed by Olivia Newman, based on a screenplay by Lucy Alibar based on the novel by Delia Owens. “Delia created a timeless classic”, The director says. The cast also includes Taylor John Smith, Harris Dickinson, Michael Hyatt, Sterling Foxy Jr., and David Strathairn.

Hello Sunshine’s production by 3000 Pictures (a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment), in partnership with HarperCollins Publishers, is distributed in Romania by InterComFilm Distribution. The film lasts 125 minutes, is recommended for the general audience, and will be shown on large screens in 2D and Dolby Atmos formats.

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