This fall, Romanians will have a lot of fun, brain exercises, memorable interviews and relevant information, at Kanal D!

“Tu urmezi!” , the revolutionary game program, presented by Dan Negru, “Teo Show”, in a completely new content format, the hit series “The Infidel” and a new season “Word Game with Dan Negru”, among the productions that will bring millions of viewers in front of small screens

Kanal D is getting ready to launch the fall schedule! New seasons of shows that viewers love very much, but also news and huge surprises in terms of content and TV formats will make autumn even more beautiful for Romanians.

show “traitor” Started yesterday in Kanal D, the dramatic life story of a woman who revealed the fact that she is living in a big lie has already conquered the fans of Turkish series.

The production can be watched from Wednesday to Friday, from 20:00, on channel D. On Monday and Tuesday evenings, those in front of the small screens will be able to watch the continuation of the story. “broken wings”From 20:00 at Kanal D.

Having fully established that the Romanians need shows with an important element of general culture, the easiest way to understand the quiz program in the history of television, “Word Game with Dan Negro”, It returns with a challenging new season with and around words, starting August 31. Viewers will be able to resume the habit of testing their intelligence, vision, and speed of reaction from Wednesday to Friday, from 22:30.

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And because viewers’ appetite for high-quality shows with a strong general cultural element is huge, Channel D has prepared another nice surprise for them, which includes the same charismatic presenter, Dan Negro.

The most anticipated game show of the fall, “you are next!”, Getting ready thus, In the homes of millions of Romanians in a public cultural contest and great stakes. The only show in the world in which general culture will stand in line will be that which is designed entirely to exercise the intelligence of the Romanians, but also to relax and delight viewers with a series of surprises, from famous guests to original characters and unmistakable distinctive features The tension of huge stakes competition, under the pressure of time . We will return with information regarding the details of the broadcast of the show presented by the Romanian king of entertainment Dan Negro.

From August 27, Teo will meet the public every Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00 with the show “Theo Shaw” With a new content format, a solid set of useful information, relevant comments and relevant interviews with personalities from various fields of activity, as well as an important dose of entertainment.

With a correct understanding of reality, a unique perspective, but also the humor that characterizes it, Teo will highlight a number of aspects of everyday life, at the same time entering people’s homes with goodwill and inspiring those in front of small screens to live their lives beautifully, in the midst of friends and family.

The weekend brings those in front of the small screens the joy of being reunited with the third season of The Interview “40 Questions with Dennis Al-Rifai”Starting August 28 from 10:00 pm. The famous presenter is ready to meet the eager audience for complex and revealing interviews, and viewers will discover a new series of characters, ready to reveal themselves to the audience.

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Also this weekend, new seasons of news shows return “This is Romania!” And the “Roventura”. Calls Mihai Geeta, presenter of the program “This is Romania!” , his audience to get to know the deep Romania, their societies and their people, in various aspects, every Sunday, from 2:30 pm. George Mihai and Andrea Strovoo invite viewers on unforgettable journeys through the most beautiful places in the country, with the new season “Roventura” kicking off, on Saturday, August 20, from 15:00.

The gift is called The joy of the most beautiful weddings in the country continues, Mihai Mitocero and Gracilla Dupin travel across the country to collect dowries for the bride and groom and discover new traditions, every Saturday, from 20:00.

“Love House” And the host of the reality show With and About Love, Andrea Mantia, continues her mission to make fans of the show the most sensitive and emotional experiences of love. Contestants continue their journey in search of their soul mate, Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 16:30, and every Saturday and Sunday from 16:00 and from 19:00.

Ernst continues to bring interesting life stories to viewers In search of the truthEvery day from Monday to Friday from 13:00.

Kanal D . newsgroups It continues to provide D channel viewers with information relevant to the most interesting topics on the public agenda. Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. Simona Pătruleasa sets the tone for the series with Kanal D’s Morning Journal, Christian Sabbagh presents the evening news on Kanal D, Monday through Friday, 7:00 p.m. Also, Ilinca Obădescu is in front of the public from Monday to Thursday, in the office of the Jurnal from 12:00, Cristina Dorobantu provides information to those who stand in front of the small screens from Friday to Sunday, from 12:00, and Silvia Ioniţă stands in front of the spectators with the most important news of the weekend week, every Saturday and Sunday, from 18:00.

This fall, don’t miss out on the TV show, huge surprises in terms of TV content, quality entertainment and related information, at Kanal D!

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