Around the Earth in 20 Movies. Astra Film Junior, the first film education program in Romania, returns to Sibiu

Astra Film Junior begins in Sibiu / Freepik

Children and teens get their festival back again: Organizers have announced that Astra Film Junior, Romania’s first and most complex film education programme, returns to Sibiu between October 9-16.

The AF Junior educational program designed for three age groups (6+, 11+ and 15+) includes movie screenings in cinemas and a full 360 cinema dome (Astra Film New Media Full Dome), followed by classroom learning activities, a comedy quiz and a film workshop. is the media partner of Astra Film Fest.

Each year, approximately 27,000 students participate in AF Junior. Details about the program of the Astra Film Festival. Astra Film Junior offers a selection of the best on the market today in feature documentaries for children and teens. “Everything will be great, because you will expand your horizons. With the Astra Film New Media Full Dome program, you will see immersive projections, connect with new technologies and get acquainted with an unusual type of cinema, in a 360-degree format, where the film surrounds the viewer “, conveys to young viewers Dumitru Pederala, Director and Founder of the Astra Film Festival.

Organizers prepared for viewers in the 6+ category the life stories of children close to their age, children who came out anonymous by thinking outside the box, and the constant desire for knowledge and insight. Yang, an 11-year-old Chinese boy, makes many sacrifices to learn all about traditional Chinese theater (The Monkey King, 2019). Aatos, Amin and Flo, three inseparable friends from a neighborhood in Brussels, search for answers to the questions of VIPs (Aatos and the world, 2019). Azat and his colleagues, from Tartastan, are 12 years old and, as young journalists, do an important assignment every week (Azat and Youtubers from Tartastan, 2018). In return, Clara, Matty and their friends set out on a journey full of adventure and adventure in the Danube Delta (Străjerii Deltei, 2022). And the movie #On the net answers some questions such as what is and how does the network work?, who are the trolls?, and what about influencers?

Messages for all ages

Viewers in the 11+ category will learn about the dreams of children from different parts of the world: Asho, from Iran, wants to become a famous actor (Asho, 2019); Ayana, a girl from Kyrgyzstan, would like to be the first in an exclusively male sport (Ayana, 2019); Rihad, from Denmark, wants to become a pigeon breeder (The Boy with the Birds, 2019), and Julieta, a young woman from the Netherlands, starts a business greening the ocean, which she considers her second home (Juliet and the Turtles, in Plastic Soup, 2020).

High school students, in the program for the class of 15+, will discover the life of one of the most followed 14-year-old girls on Instagram (Gașca de fete, 2022), the artistic maturity of a Norwegian singer who drops out. From school to becoming a pop star (Aurora, 2019) or the way teenagers today look at the image of communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu (for me, you’re Ceausescu, 2021). Through their selected documentaries, young people learn how to respond to sexual predators in an online environment (in The Network of Sexual Predators, 2020) and what are the effects of the rapid spread of artificial intelligence – saving humanity or, conversely, taking full control of it (iHuman, 2019).

Young and younger viewers are also invited to screenings of the 360 ​​full-dome cinema at the Dome installed in Piața Mare (Astra Film New Media Full Dome Special Program). Through great photography, they will learn that there are other sources of light besides the sun (On A Journey with Light, 2019), the mysteries of the universe will be revealed to them with the help of the largest radio telescope (Dream Stars, 2021), and will follow the story of the interstellar messages transmitted by space probes to civilizations beyond Planet Earth 45 Years Ago (Voyager, Endless Journey, 2019). Meanwhile, young viewers will relive Captain Cook’s voyage across the Pacific Ocean (Navigators, 2021), see how the electronic music composer finds inspiration in the sound of the Arctic Ocean (-22.7°C, 2021) and follow with their hearts. The Adventures of Shorty, Indigo and Jake in Legend of the Enchanted Reef (2021), a movie for the whole family, full of humor and fantasy.

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