Eurovision Romania 2022. Semi-final date and who are the competitors vying for a place in the national final?

With quick and assured steps, Romania is preparing to choose its representative at Eurovision 2022, the European music competition that will take place in May, in Italy. The semi-finals of Eurovision Romania 2022 kick off on Saturday, February 5, with the first of three editions of the “Road to Turin” show.

When is the semi-finals of Eurovision Romania 2022?

Ilinca Băcilă advances to the semi-finals at Eurovision Romania 2022. / Photo: TVR

On Saturday, February 5, from 11 pm, Sunday, February 6, from 10:30 pm, and Monday February 7, from 10:50 pm, Ilinca Băcilă, former representative of Romania in the international Eurovision competition, will present 46 contestants and moments In which they hope to get a place in the Grand Final and a ticket to represent our country in Italy.

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Who are the artists who qualified for the semi-finals of Eurovision 2022?

As of Saturday, February 5, the videos of the 46 semi-finalists will be uploaded to YouTube. Fans will be able to vote for their favorite on the National Contest’s official Facebook page on February 9-10, where they can save five songs for the second semi-final stage. The jury will qualify for 15 more songs, and the semi-finals will end on February 12, with a TV show, during which the jury will choose from professionals only ten songs for the grand final, according to

  1. Aldo Blaga – Al-Jamar
  2. Alex Parker and Bastian – All That Love
  3. Alexa – Hoodies and Cold Nights
  4. Alina Amon – Without You
  5. Anna – the young man
  6. Andra Oberoi – Unique
  7. Andrea Stocchino – Afraid
  8. Andrei Petruş – Take Me
  9. ARIS – Is Svidaniya
  10. Iona – let me come to you
  11. Barbara – hypnotic
  12. Bogdan Domitras – Sign
  13. Carmen Tranavir – Masks
  14. Cesar Watteau – For everyone
  15. Cerro de Luca – Unforgivable
  16. Karim, Menodora and Diana Boxo – Romania
  17. Dan Helsiug – 241
  18. Dora Jitanovici – Anna
  19. E-an-na – Malere
  20. Eliza J – The Other Half of Me
  21. Eugenia Nikolai feat. The Kazanoy Brothers – Doina
  22. FABI – This way
  23. Work – get out, brother!
  24. Gabriel Basco – One Night
  25. Julia Georgia – Be Your Way
  26. Evil – Never ending
  27. Jesse – sorry
  28. Keri Mendel – Hurricane
  29. Leticia Moisecu – MERONICA
  30. Leah – I’ll be fine
  31. Malina – Prisoner
  32. Myriam – Rainbow Top
  33. MUSE – Guilty
  34. Oana Tabultoc – Utopia
  35. Olivia Mihey – Fragile
  36. Othello – You deserve
  37. Flow – runs in circles
  38. Petra – not religious
  39. Roberta Maria Popa – Indigo
  40. Romeo Zaharia – Until the fight
  41. Seiya – save me
  42. Sofia – Beautiful Lies
  43. Stellian – Remember
  44. Fano – Never give up
  45. See – sparrow
  46. WRS – Llamame

Who is on the jury for Eurovision Romania 2022

Eurovision Romania 2022 Jury

Ozana Barabancia, Christian Fore, Randy, Alexandra Angoriano and Adrian Romescu are part of the Eurovision Romania 2022 jury / Photo: Facebook Eurovision Romania

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Ozana Barabancea, Randi, Alexandra Ungureanu, Adrian Romcescu and Cristian Faur are part of the Eurovision Romania 2022 jury. The Eurovision final will take place in Romania on March 5, where we will find out who will represent us in the competition in Turin, in May.

What is the international Eurovision 2022 deadline

Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Eurovision 2022 was held in Turin, Italy. / Photo: Profimedia

At the moment, we don’t know who Romania will send to Eurovision 2022, but the performer or band that will represent us at the Eurovision Song Contest will take the stage in Italy on May 12, along with 17 other countries, in the second half. -ultimate. The Eurovision 2022 final will take place on May 14.

Photo: Facebook, TVR, Profimedia

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