Exhibition news at Mogoșoaia . Palace

Between September 3 and October 3, 2022, on the ground floor of the Brankovinsk Palace in Mogowaya, you can visit the NOD exhibition, signed by artists Georgiana Manea Josan and Eusebiu Josan, curated by Lina armure.

According to DEX, knot refers to “the place where two threads, two threads, two strips of fabric etc. are joined. To hold tightly; place along or at the end of the thread, floss, piece of fabric, etc. where an eye is made through which one end passes and tightens firmly; and thus the connection was obtained.” ‘Canvas’, ‘compressed together’, ‘along or at the end’, ‘taut’ These are words/phrases that can be carefully coordinated to form the figurative and descriptive image of the artists, which might look like this: Georgiana Manea – Josan and Eusebiu Josan started a painting Their drawing is from the same end, and they have continued to work together throughout their personal and professional journey. Although always at an infinitesimal distance, proximity to union is ubiquitous, the two “strips of cloth” each have a special peculiarity. Whether we are talking about the gardens of Georgiana or the abstract structures of Eusebius, the compositions converge from an abstract idea, but branch off due to the distinct characteristics of each individual. Lina Termore

At the Voyeur Gallery, the public can visit the exhibition of glass and jewelry titled The Journey of the Initiative, signed by artists Alice Protopscu and Panteleimon Arnoff, curators Ioana Stelia and Bogdan Lefter.

“The Initiative’s Journey” is an exhibition project that invites the public to discover the introductory journey of emerging artists who have managed in recent years to build a distinctive identity in contemporary art.

The presented body of works reveals a sublime artistic symbiosis between two creators of beauty, between two metal and glass-assisted fire tamers taking forms of subtle aesthetic expression. (…) “The Initiative’s Journey” is an exhibition project that invites the public to discover the initial path of two emerging artists who have managed in recent years to build a distinct identity in contemporary art.

The body of works on display reveals a sublime artistic symbiosis between two creators of beauty, between two fire tamers, where metal and glass take on forms of subtle aesthetic expressions.

Artist Alice Protopescu’s jewelry goes far beyond the classic range of a wearable body adornment. Each statement piece becomes an ecosystem with a powerful message designed to draw attention to the harmful impact of our actions on nature. An environmental concept that has a direct impact on our lives calls for awareness of our communion with nature and our dependence on it.

Panteleymon Arnaudov is an artist who, through the technique of blown and hot glass, harmoniously synthesizes in seemingly simple transpositions ancient symbols, which become instantaneous on the surface of the glass volumes. The material gains new plastic traits under the artist’s wand, where transparency, shadows, and thickness are technically controlled and speculated. Precious hues can be earthly through gently undulating lines, silent and fluid, and heavenly through the dash of brilliance in the rains of voids. – Dr. Bogdan Adrian Lefter / d. Iwana Stelia

In the hall with Venetian mosaics, until 25.09.2022, the exhibition Random Story by the artist Ingrid Juncanariu was opened.

My art is a perpetual pendulum between dream and abstract reality. I am often fascinated by organic forms, which I represent in a fluid flowing form, which heightens the compositional dynamism. I’ve never set a color palette, the colors pop up intuitively, carefully, or automatically covering every surface of the canvas. My painting is an extension of my soul and color… a timeless mission.

Artist Ana Maria Caldrocchi-Mayoro invites you to visit the RE-KNOAȘTERE exhibition, open at the Gyuri Gallery, between September 10 and October 10 2022, curated by Ioana Stelia and Anca Ventello Drago.

The thread’s sensitivity can be read in the things it chooses to deepen. Thus, Anna Maria Mayoro Caldarroch finds her inspiration in nature, in the world of geese, bees and plants and penetrates their intimate relationship by studying them under a microscope, fascinated by textures, shapes and signs.

The artist takes on an ancient source of inspiration, the microscopic plaques, which have fascinated artists and architects since the discovery of the achromatic lens in 1830.

In essence, Anna’s object groups can fit into the broader theme of memory. We learn from the exhibition’s title, “Re-Knowledge,” his desire to research his past and his friendship with his present.

We are waiting for you at the palace with great anticipation!

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