Georges Biberia: Once again, the “conspirators” were right. The entire global health policy, during the pandemic, was led by the four NGOs owned or coordinated by Bill Gates

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The German mainstream media revealed the wheel, after 8 months of documentation and investigation: the entire global health policy, in the pandemic, was designed and managed with an iron hand by the four NGOs that Bell owns or coordinates.

But this reality was in plain sight. The tiger was in the living room, pampered by the same mainstream media, with billions by “civilized” countries, in order to spread propaganda for the epidemic and censor free opinions, clear scientific reports and analyzes of rights and freedoms, and rejected it. See so far.

All legislation, all digital dictatorship, all health apartheid system was designed and enforced under the domination of these NGOs.

How was that possible?

First of all, through digitization. The world is powered by buttons, by applications, algorithms, artificial intelligence, “smart” things that keep an eye on us, stocks listed on stock exchanges and managed in coordination from mega funds, debt, major US media and “social” networking or digital commerce platforms.

Second, through patronage, pressure, bribery and a revolving door. Bill Gates’ companies and foundations are the main funders of the World Health Organization. It was easy for WHO to turn into a mere tool for the crazy plans of the “specialist” in the garage.

Furthermore, WHO staff have been commuting and relocating to Gates Foundations/Assemblies, as in a constant back-and-forth through the revolving doors of the expensive WHO headquarters in Geneva and elsewhere and the Bill & Melinda Foundation. In addition, Bill Gates made extensive use of political pressure and electoral bribery, in Washington, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, London, Canberra, Ottawa, etc.

Third, it was also possible with the unhesitating support of China and Russia (what, did you forget that the Russians were the first to grab a vakseen against cou_veed?).

Ironically, the two mainstream German publications also found that despite ironclad leadership of the pandemic, as well as $10 billion spent on sponsorship, lobbying and influence, Gates’s four NGO’s didn’t do much nonsense. Even Bill Gates pointed out bitterly in the spring that he hadn’t done well with vaccines, hoping to be more successful in the next pandemic. Moreover, the Germans say that the person who vehemently opposed the free waiver of patents for vaccines made in and for poor countries was Bill Gates himself.

The world was, literally, resting on the stumps of an aung-and-cracy, which imposed itself through the aristocracy. This is because it willingly left itself in the hands of “specialists” and under the control of the digital Führer.

Once again, the “conspirators” were right. Seeing this miserable old man who totally wants us stings 20 times a year and wants us less, so present everywhere, it was impossible not to notice that something was wrong. Unless you are in this category of submissive by definition or useful fools.

But more important is the fact that one cannot avoid this question, which is asked by any strategist or man of common sense:

cui prodest (who uses it).

Health policy during the pandemic has not been beneficial to the population. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been seven waves or tens of millions of deaths caused by obstruction of the health system by the zero cou_veed policy of insane Fauci & co, and deaths “sudden” or caused by causes

normal/unknown at 18 etc. But the pandemic has benefited hugely from big pharma and big tech companies, with Bill Gates & Co. holding huge shares. More than 10 thousand billion dollars accumulated in the accounts of these pharaohs during the 2.5 years of the epidemic, and we became poor and hungry. Western media, especially American, as well as social networks, also benefited greatly, democracy retreated to totalitarianism, civilization entered the way back to the cave, and man became decadent.

All for the insane plans of individuals like Gates (who was not shy about conducting a public and rumored simulation of the epidemic 3 months before the “epidemic” of Chinese origin) and for the prosperity of accountants with the sleeves of bureaucrats like Tedros or Arhat.

At least now: have you understood, jubilant brothers of the makers of crises and disasters?

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