Live video – about history, culture and the promotion of national values, in the BZI LIVE platform with Professor Arita Musso, head of the chapter “Michael Coglinisano”, a body associated with the Transylvanian Society of Romanian Literature and Culture of Romanian People (ASTRA)

On Thursday, January 13, 2022, starting at 3:00 pm, in BZI LIVE Studio, a dialogue is scheduled with Professor Areta Moşu, President of “Mihail Kogălniceanu”, a body associated with the Transylvanian Association of Romanian Literature and Culture of the Romanian People (ASTRA). Besides, topics related to the activity, coherent projects implemented by its coordinating body, history, culture and promotion of national values ​​will be addressed. He was born on August 4, 1946 in the town of Principeli Mihai, Ilfov province (today, Nikolai Belcescu municipality, Calrashe County).

He graduated from Cuza-Voda Theoretical School in Huşi (1964), respectively Faculty of Arts from the University of “Alexandu Ioan Cuza” (UAIC) in Iaşi. Between 1990-1994 he served as vice-president of the association “Ginta Latină” in Iai. Since 1994, he has held the position of head of the Yash division “Mikhail Koglinicino” in Astra. Since 1995, he has been director of the publishing department of ASTRA Iaşi “Revista Româna” and Vice-President of the Transylvanian Society of Romanian Literature and Culture of the Roman People – ASTRA, based in Sibiu (responsible for relations with Romanians everywhere). Author of numerous studies and materials on activities carried out with Romanians abroad in publications such as: “Foaia Poporului”, “Astra Blăjeana”, “Astra”, “Tibiscus”, “Arcaşul”, “Concordia”, “Revista Româna” or Flux” or “Jurnalul de Chisinau”. Numerous studies and materials on the activities carried out by the ASTRA departments, in the country and abroad, have been published in volumes edited on the occasion of historical events such as: “The Hundred General Assembly of the National Astra”, “10 years since the appearance of ASTRA in the Republic of Moldova”, commemorating some poets The Romanians, “Deniile eminesciene” (1995-2005) or others.

The Transylvanian Society for the Literature and Culture of the Roman People (ASTRA) was founded in 1861 (October 23 / November 4) in Sibiu.

The Transylvanian Society for the Literature and Culture of the Romanian People (ASTRA) was founded in 1861 (October 23 / November 4), in Sibiu, on the initiative of 176 Transylvanian scholars, led by the Bishops of the Greek Orthodox and Catholic Churches, Archbishop Alexandru Sterka-Solotio and Archbishop Andre Baron de Laguna, with Timothy Sibario, George Barrett, Ewan Cavaller de Bocario, Iacob Bologa, Elie McClario and Accent Sever. Now, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, ASTRA has proven to be one of the most chosen and enduring cultural institutions in our nation’s history, making significant contributions to affirming and recognizing national values. The Astra chapter “Mihail Kogălniceanu” in Iași, founded on November 18, 1994, is one of the most active and important astrological chapters, a fact shown not only by the variety of events and activities, but also by the collective appreciation it has received. From many personalities from the country and outside Romania.

Many of the activities and interests found in the Easy chapter can be categorized into six broad categories: 1. Actions to popularize and disseminate national culture in Romania and within Romanian communities around Romania. 2. High-level scientific and academic works (ASTRA conferences, ASTRA conferences, ASTRA meetings). 3. Activities carried out in the scientific community under the auspices of the Secession (workshops, round tables, etc.). 4. Editing the chapters of the “Romanian Review” “Kronos” chapter. Journal of History “,” Horoscopes of Iai “, as well as some scientific circles. 5. Scholarships awarded by the Astra Iai Division and financial and material support for students of Romanian origin from outside Romania studying in Iai; 6. Department correspondence.

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