Netflix Guide for Parents –

Recommendations for the whole family

Netflix offers a wide range of animated series, with productions suitable for viewers of all ages. For the little ones, there is, among other things, the Big Tree City, Super Giant Robot Brothers or Ivy + Bean.

Already featured products, dedicated to the family, such as Angry Birds: Summer Madness: Season Two, Kung Fu Panda: Dragon Knight Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Season 5 or Samurai Rabbit: The Chronicles of Usagi: Season Two It’s perfect for a movie night at home with the whole family.

But beyond the animation, we recommend “Anne with an E,” a series based on the Anne of Green Gables novel, that explores the theme of searching for one’s identity and finding inner strength.

And let’s not forget the documentation. “Our Planet”, “Dance of the Birds” or “Night on Earth” combine entertainment and learning, inviting you into the wonderful world of animals and wildlife.

For inspiration and suggestions, you can check out the Kids section of your Netflix account or go to the Kids & Family section.

baby care

Children’s profile (12 years or younger) will only include content designed for their age, Without allowing kids to access settings or Netflix games on the phone. All profiles created for kids contain the word kids/copii, to be more easily tagged when accessing the platform. New accounts include a default profile for kids, but the steps for creating a profile for a family member are simple. Note, however, that these changes can only be made from the browser.

  1. Either when Netflix opens, or from the main menu, in the upper right, click Profile Management / Profile Management.
  2. Add a profile / Add a profile.
  3. Type the name corresponding to the profile.
  4. On the right, check the box Baby? / Baby?
  5. Choose save / save.

Choose an age group

Now that you’ve created a profile for your child, you can easily shape their experience by cutting out titles that aren’t appropriate for their ages.

  1. Also from the main menu, in the upper right, click Account / Account.
  2. Below you will find the section Profile and parental controls Profile and parental controls.
  3. Next to your child’s profile, click the right arrow.
  4. Under Display Restrictions, click Yes they change.
  5. Enters The password Netflix.
  6. Next to the green section, choose the age group for the series and movies allowed in this profile. Age-specific content will be adjusted automatically.
  7. Choose save / save. TV shows, movies, and games that don’t fit the specified age group will be removed from the profile.

Block or unblock a series or movie

  1. Also from the main menu, in the upper right, click Account / Account.
  2. Also next to your child’s profile, tap right arrow to see the list.
  3. Changes the display constraints setting.
  4. Enters The password Netflix.
  5. in the field of TRestricted Addresses/Address Restrictionsenter the series or movie you want to block and click on the title that appears.
  6. Choose save / save. Series and movies shown in red in the restricted title list will be removed from this profile.
  7. To remove an address from the list of restricted addresses, select the X next to the address.

Set profile password

Netflix recently added an option to secure your profile, especially if you don’t want youngsters accessing your profile or watching content inappropriate for their age. To set a password, the steps are simple:

  1. – Also from the Profile & Parental Controls section, tap Arrow to the right of the profile that you want to secure with a password, to see the list.
  2. – Enters The password Netflix.
  3. – check box PIN code is required To access the specified profile.
  4. – Enter 4 digits to create a profile lock PIN. With the exception of incompatible devices, you will enter this PIN to access your profile or play titles downloaded from it.
  5. – To request a PIN each time you add a new profile to your account, select PIN code is required To add new profiles. (To disable the PIN request, uncheck the box.)
  6. – Choose save / save.

Your device may need to be refreshed to update the settings. For recovery:

  1. – Change the profile, then return to the original profile.
  2. – Or you can try to sign out of your device and sign in again later.

Activity view: How do you see what the children are looking at

Also from the Profile and Parental Controls section:

  1. – Click right arrowto see the list.
  2. – Click Watch activity And you will see the history of movies and series that your child watched.
  • If you are confused about all of these options:
  1. – From the main menu in the browser, tap, in the upper-right corner, tap Help / Help Center
  2. – Click Netflix Parental Control. Here you will find all the necessary steps.

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