Officially, Alexandro Dido is the new sporting director of Corona

author: Irina Prahonov

Posted in September 16, 2022

Volleyball and basketball teams are among the first projects in addition to the immediate promotion of the handball team

A move announced two or three weeks ago, the appointment of Alexandro Dido as sporting director of Koruna Brasov was officially announced, Thursday, during a press conference attended by Mayor Alain Culliban.
Among Dedu’s first projects, he brought Corona’s “umbrella” to new teams, men’s volleyball, women’s volleyball and men’s basketball, as well as creating a gymnastics department. After that, they may also want sections for table tennis, wrestling, and sports shooting.
“I came to Brasov because CSM Corona is a big club in Romania and here I had the opportunity to work and build a project. I have been a professional in sports since I was 18. When I was a player I always looked at the management side, how the club is run. I would like to show Corona how do the clubs I once played in. Sports from Brasov is currently in the 22nd place at the national level. This is not normal! I think Brasov can have teams in the first league in all sports. We want to increase the number of divisions, and now we are taking steps It is necessary to have at the beginning of this season teams for men’s volleyball, women’s volleyball, men’s basketball, in addition to a gymnastics division. For next season we want divisions for table tennis, wrestling and sports shooting.”Alexandru Dido said.
About the handball team, he said that he should definitely promote at the end of this season, and the hockey team should fight for first and second places in the national championship.
Corona currently has sections for women’s handball, hockey, swimming, fencing, snowboarding, speed skating, polo, and alpine skiing.

Salary of 5000 euros, Stamati and Pelin will be the assistants
The new sporting director of Corona will receive a three-year contract with a monthly salary of 5,000 euros.
The departments will be divided into summer and winter zones and will be coordinated by two sports directors: former handball player Julian Stamat, with whom Dido also worked in the Romanian Handball Federation – summer sports director, respectively Bogdan Pelin – winter sports director.
“Yes, that’s right, I will get a salary of 5,000 euros! There are players and coaches, including in this club, who earn more than the General Director of Sports. It is normal in sports. The same is happening in CSM Bucharest. Otherwise, the sport will be closed in Romania! From During the contract I signed, I have shouldered some goals, which will condition my presence or my exit from this club. My skills are focused on the sporting side. With the approval of the interim manager of the club, I will also participate in the administrative part. I am under the general manager at CSM Corona. I will never be a civil servant. For 8 years I was the president of FRH and was called pesedit, penelist, userist, depending on those who commented. I want and hope to be judged according to the facts. There is a common denominator, a leitmotif of everything we are going to do from now on, and that is performance. The only thing that amazed me It is the fact that the Corona club departments bring an impressive number of medals, but the people of Brasov do not know this and this is not a good thing, because these people work for the community and with the help of the community,” said Alexandru Dido, the new General Sports Director of Corona Virus.

Budget supplement 1,400,000 lei
Corona Club asked to add 1,400,000 lei to the budget. He added, “On Tuesday, at the CL meeting, several requests from the Corona club will be analyzed. More than half of this amount is money for the disputes that the club lost in the handball department, and the rest for the creation of new departments. I am happy that Alexandro Dido accepted this challenge, to be the General Sports Director The club has development goals for the next three years.We also had a discussion regarding Braşoviada, a competition organized for students from Brasov.Corona will take on this project and organize it from next year through the sports section for all, said Mayor Alain Culiban. Increasing exercise in Brasov, via Corona.”


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