Only 4 out of 236 sports rules were created from the pre-Euro 2020 programme

Article by Rzvan Luțac – Published Friday 16 September 2022 10:23 / Updated Friday 16 September 2022 11:37

In a response sent by the national investment firm to Gazeta Sporturilor, CNI showed that only 4 of the 236 sports rules proposed in Romania’s candidacy file for Euro 2020 have been received by the start of 2022, and another 125 rules will be implemented. , and 107 other documents are not ready. GSP tells you the story of those who made it.

1.69%. E is the percentage of sports rules acquired by the National Investment Company until 2022, The beneficiary of hundreds of works that were in the Romanian candidacy file for the European Football Championship 2020.

The company’s response from February. But after a quick check on the CNI website, within the framework of completed projects, the company received only two sports complexes in 2022. None of them were on the list sent at the beginning of the year as being under construction.

So, in August 2022, 4 of the 236 – 400 initially – sports bases that were ready across the country were completed and received. Another 125 targets are “at various stages”, i.e. in implementation, with procurement completed or prepared, and 107 do not have full documentation for financing. Let’s take them one by one.

A Brief History of Sports Rules in Pre-Euro 2020

Rumors about 400 bases appearing in the Euro 2020 project began about four years ago. Since then, politicians, union officials and government advisers have shaped the initial picture.

We’re working on it, and we’re in the design stage. We designed 3 types of rules (non-sports). A basic type that covers 17500 square meters and has a soccer field, a mini soccer field, a handball court to name it, any multi-purpose field… for any sport, volleyball, tennis or whatever, artificial surface. We’ve also thought about locations, of course.

– Paul Stensko, Deputy Prime Minister, in 2018, citing OrangeSport

Through the EURO 2020 programme, 400 sports bases will be built in small and medium-sized communities across the country, which is extraordinary. Projects have been approved and funding has been allocated. Something like this would not have happened without Euro 2020.

– Florin Shari, leader of the local EURO 2020 organizational structure in Bucharest, for, 2019

In the application file, we assumed the construction of 400 small sports fields, after consulting the Romanian Football Association.

– Gekko Popescu, Adviser to the Prime Minister, citing

Now the National Investment Company announces, From the 400th issue, the Romanian Football Association and the Ministry of National Education have submitted proposals for 236 basesas follows:

  • 175 From the proposals for normal sports rules (Type 1) and 6 proposals for sports rules of type 2 (“blind”, the name chosen by CNI, in reference to the pitch dimensions of blind football) from the Romanian Football Association
  • 125 Proposals for Type 2 Mathematical Grammar from the Ministry of National Education.

The 306 proposals are not final numbers. Because, among them, only 236, with 70 fewer, answered in the affirmative, and made it to the final list.

The county has half of its sports facilities complete!

What did you say? According to CNI, four sports complexes have been completed, received and can be used.

Two of these are in the west of the country, and the other two are in the north and northeast. The only province that has two bases ready is Arad, with Chimand and Bankota, two districts only 30 kilometers from each other. The other two are in Bucecea (Botoșani) and Budești (Bistrita-Năsăud).

This is the investment value of each one:

boycott Sweetened type and location Investment value
Will be bankota Basic type 2 next to the kindergarten 1514387 lei
Will be Simand Base type 2, in the city center 1514387 lei
BN Podesty Basic type 2, near the school in agu 1564249 LE
BT Bokeka Basic type 1 in Boscia 6330420 LY

What are the requirements for CNI

Why are type 2 grammar called “blind”? Because the project provides a playground with an area of ​​26 x 44 meters and a useful surface for playing 20 x 40, just like in blind football.

In the specifications, NIC states that each sports base will include a multi-purpose field, spare seating, soccer gates, night foam cover and a guardrail.

In addition, the labels must be placed in accordance with the rules of the IBSA (International Blind Sports Association). The area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe land should not be less than 1144 square meters, and the base must be connected to drinking water, electricity, telephone, Internet and sewage.

Bancotta: used by “dozens of children”

  • city: Bankota, Arad
  • Residents: 6900
  • Creator: Feldo Starcons (Arad)
  • price: 1514387 lei

First stop in Bankuta. A city where the plain of Arad gathers courage and begins to climb towards the Zarandoloi Mountains, where, if clear, you can see the fortress of Seria. He is calm. Too obvious for anyone to dare, perhaps, is the stifling heat of the towns in the west of the country.

Not everyone is safe from a heat wave. There is work in the kindergarten yard with a regular schedule in the city. And it’s very easy to get from the workers to the base official in the back. The man with the key comes and opens the horizon. Because the base is not visible from the street, probably because the building is covered with changing rooms, showers and toilets. But it looks good. “Dozens of children use it,” says the official.

Photo: Răzvan Luțac

The plan is simple: a one-story, 6-room building, where the children using the plinth make use of the change. “We’ve also left adults behind, but a lot of the time, they can cause harm and we don’t want that,” the employee says.

He tells us that the kindergarten has three groups of children who use the land, but they not only come here, but also the children from Pâncota Theoretical High School, up the hill. On the court you can play mini football, handball, basketball and “laptenis”, as soccer is called in Transylvania.

They were also in Section B

Pâncota has, as it were, a tradition in football. It was also in the second league a few years ago, when local businessman Pavel Peroich, the man who owns the county’s most popular security company, enjoyed the second league. But the team was left without the support of local authorities in the summer of 2016, when the band withdrew after a series of disastrous results. Astronomical degrees have been erased from history. Some examples: 0-16 with Afumați, 0-7 with Sepsi Sf. Gheorghe, 0-18 with Juventus Bucharest!

Pustiu in Šimand

  • city: Shamand, Arad
  • Residents: 3,982
  • Creator: Feldo Starcons (Arad)
  • price: 1514387 lei

Photo: Răzvan Luțac

The heat has also kept the world away from Chemende, near Bankuta, where the NIC has practically rebuilt downtown. Because the mathematical base, similar to the one in Bankuta, is not the only one that CNI built here.

A few steps away there is also a gym with 180 seats that costs a lot of money: 8.4 million lei, almost 1,700,000 euros. Although no one greeted us at Šimand, one of the gates was wide open and you could approach within one meter – two from a similar base – the changing room as well as the field.

The unpleasant surprise: Several seats in the Type 2 field had already been broken, indicating that the official from Pâncota was right.

only type 1

  • city: Boccia, Boccani
  • Residents: 4200
  • Creator: Association between Simion Tehnoconstruct (Botoșani), MTA Structural Engineers (Bucharest) and Dalubuild Construct (Suceava)
  • price: 6330420 LY

At the beginning of January, the first base of the first type in Romania was inaugurated in the city of Poscia, 30 km from Suceava and 20 km from Potočani. This means a full-size football field, a basketball court with a table, and a multi-purpose building with 60 parking spaces.

The Minister of Development, Sheki Attila, was present at the event, according to local news portal Botoșani News. “It is a moment of joy,” he added. “Infrastructure is being established for the local community.”

The base was opened with the council of priests

  • city: Țagu, Budești commune, Bistrita-Năsăud
  • Residents: 629
  • Creator: Flylly Group (Bistrita Nossud)
  • price: 1564249 LE

On June 19, another Type 2 sports base was opened, this time in the village of Țagu, Bodeti municipality, Bistrita Nosod district. The event was attended by Mayor Vasily Kudria, Deputy Bogdan Gruya Ivan (PSD) and a council of priests. After the institution was dedicated, a match was played with two teams of big boys.

The base is similar to that established in Arad County, with the difference that it is located in a small village, Țagu, of not even 1,000 inhabitants, near the local school.

  • In an upcoming episode, GSP will show you what the rules that are currently being built look like, and the foundations that aren’t even finished with documentation.

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