Residents’ nightmare Ploiesti: what electricity bills should I expect if I heat the apartment with electric radiators, Dumitrescu-Volosevici team?

Maria Popa, one of the tenants of more than 50,000 apartments left without hot water on August 1, tried to make an estimate regarding winter knocking on our doors. Fearing what would happen, she wrote to us asking what would happen next.

“I am writing to you now because I am aware that once the electricity bills start going out, I have no choice but to pay them…

I waited until September 1st for the issues to be resolved. I’m not surprised, but they go deeper rather than solve.

After recent discussions, I realized we wouldn’t have had any heat when it should have been fired.

Flat heating station not included

The first idea: I take out a loan and install a switchboard in my apartment. We started phones. After contacting about 2-3 companies taken from the network, from which I received the same answer: “We do not install, we just repair and check”, I ended up talking to a company that already does the installation through someone. I was interested in an estimated cost.

Last winter, the total cost of installing a heating plant in a two-room apartment was 3000 € +/- 500 €, including projects, labor, materials, permits, etc. But it was an apartment in a building not connected to the central system…that’s what the person who gave me the contact from the gas company told me.

Now, you said it would take about another 500-1000 euros. You made a huge miscalculation!

“Ma’am, 80 million only costs you a pipe from the bottom to your apartment! And that is if you get, absurdly, nod….” And so I found out that my block is in the area that wasn’t approved to be separated from the central system, and if approved, I still couldn’t because the owners’ union was totally against the “thermal upset” of the block, so I wouldn’t get their approval.

I don’t understand what the thermometer will be like at the end of October when it’s below 5 degrees outside at night. But according to the principle “let’s all freeze to death”, I do not give any consent to my neighbors.

Electric radiators seem to be the only solution. But for what money?

We have children. We really can’t stay without heating in the house. So it seems that the only solution is heating on the basis of electric radiators.

3 room apartment, a cooler in each room, a small apartment in the bathroom (from time to time because you don’t have hot water to wash yourself anyway), one in the kitchen so you wouldn’t get a heat shock when he left the room.

The four radiators will work around the clock, at least from 8 pm to 8 am, and the thermal comfort of central heating (at the level of the city or central apartment) will not remain. What is the monthly consumption that will entail the minimum rest that I must provide for the family???

Last year, when we didn’t split the numbers for air conditioning in the summer or electric radiators in the spring and fall, our average consumption was 263 kWh.

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With the ceiling lowered from 300 kWh to 255 kWh, we, a family of 5, are no longer eligible for lower electricity rates. (Because this is a poorly studied law, it doesn’t matter how many people live in the house. 1 person in the house, or 7 people in the same house, must consume less than 255 kWh to take advantage of the reduced rate).

No one was able to tell me exactly how much I would pay (because no one knows).

I only found one Analyze-estimate, at Prahovean . Observatory. I am in Electrica Furnizare, according to the analysis, at 260 kWh per month, I’ll have a monthly bill of 1,364.62 for me without the electric radiators!

Given that at home we can’t really stay 15-16 degrees, like the environment minister (who I don’t know if he has kids), how much are we going to pay the current bill?!?!?

However, when trying to approximate, during the periods when we turn on the radiators, the consumption will at least double, and we will have At least 500 kWh per month, which means the current bill is no less than 2,600 lei!

I can still remember the “Team Dumitrescu-Volosevici” campaign clips from 2020. Dumitrescu was saying then: “Ploiești is collapsing due to political battles…blah blah blah” or “Andre, we will be the team that Ploiești needs!”. “Sure, yes, Aeolian!” replied the incumbent mayor. And I, like a fool, believed them and voted for them. And look where we ended up! ‘, our reader wrote.

He also wants to ask officials if they agree to pay the difference in the current bill because, basically and after all, it is the Dumitrescu-Volosevici team’s fault for the situation it has reached.

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