We asked Ploieti City Hall how tenants can disconnect to install their apartment’s switchboard? What an answer I got

In the context that the hot water crisis has already lasted for a month and a half, many residents of Ploiti have taken into account the disconnection from the central heating system for the installation of apartment heating stations.

Since August 1, more than 130 thousand tenants of apartments connected to the heating system have been left without hot water.

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Perhaps many of them are afraid that according to the “hot water” model they can be left without heating in the winter, they asked us under what conditions they can be disconnected from the heating system.

On August 30, the Observatorul Prahovean editorial office submitted the following request to Ploiești City Hall:

Hello, due to the large number of requests from our readers in Ployesty We ask you to send us the procedure for disconnecting from the central heating system for the installation of a central heating system for the apartment. We ask you to specify the required documents and where to submit them.

On Friday, September 16, I received the following response from Ploiești City Hall:

After your electronic request, registered with the Department of Communications, Public Relations and Emergencies / Public Relations Service, monitor the administrative procedures in the Public Interest Information Register without. 257/2022 and according to Law No. No. 544/2001 on free access to information of general interest, with subsequent modifications and additions, you are asked to inform you of the procedure for disconnecting from the central thermal power supply system in order to install a central heating unit for an apartment, we communicate with the following:

In accordance with the provisions of Article 30 of Law No. 325/14.07.2006 on Public Thermal Energy Supply Service, the complete disconnection of indoor heating and/or domestic hot water installations for a condominium-type user will be carried out according to the following cumulative conditions:
– the written agreement of the owners’ association, expressed by a decision of the general assembly, of the intention to establish an individual heating system;

– written notification from the operator who also has the quality of the resource, at least 30 days before the disconnection;

– Apartment neighbors agreement horizontally and vertically.

Separations / detachments cannot be carried out during the heating season and are carried out only by the operator with the capacity of the supplier, within 45 days from the date of the order, after checking the documents that prove the fulfillment of the imposed cumulative conditions.

The applicant shall bear the costs of the semester / semester.

Considering the legal aspects, the applicant will apply as follows:

The heating plans for the entire apartment complex are not obtained from the block’s existing construction book or from the building’s original designer. In the event that such plans are not found, a survey of the entire heating installation will be carried out.

2. With these, they are directed to a designer specialized in thermal installations, who will draw up implementation documents and who will take into account all detached apartments, documents that must be signed by the preliminary designer of the installation. If it no longer exists, the technical expertise will be prepared by an MLPTL certified technical expert for thermal installations, wherein the method of solving the problems arising after separation that will be resolved by the project will be clarified.

3. The project or technical expertise will include at least the following:
– technical documentation for adjusting internal heating installations (plans, diagrams) and balancing the calculation of heating columns for the entire residential complex;
– evaluation of all the effects resulting from the separation;
– assessment of the reduction of heat requirement by separation;
– the method of distribution of heating consumption within the assembly after separation;
– it will be determined whether, after disconnecting the connection, it is possible to maintain the current conduction meter or if it is necessary to replace it;
– The project prepared will be verified by NILPTL validator.

4 With the project prepared in accordance with the above, the applicant will present himself to the operator who also has the quality of the resource, to issue the specialized technical report on the separation.

5 With the specialized technical report obtained from the heating agent supplier, the applicant will address the Owners Association General Assembly for approval.

The disconnection request is submitted to the operator Termoficare Prahova SA (Editor’s note: the operator has announced that it will no longer provide service after September 27 – details here)

Individual separation of residential premises of the residential unit type from the centralized thermal energy supply system (SACET) in the region is possible only with cumulative compliance with the conditions established by the legislation mentioned below:
– No law. 325/2006 for general thermal power supply service, updated;
– Provincial Council Decision 280/2021 – Organization of the service of public supply of centrally produced thermal energy in production – Transportation – Prahova County-wide distribution system of Pločeti Municipality, Appendix 1 to Local Council Resolution No. 483/2021;
Local Council Resolution No. 353/2011 – Feasibility study for single heating zones;
– No law. 10/1995 Quality in Build, Updated;
– Law No. 50/1991 on licensing construction works, republished and updated.
– No law. Update No. 196/2018 regarding the establishment, organization and operation of owners’ associations and the management of housing units.

We determine the fact that, at the level of the municipality of Ploiti, it is laid out in accordance with Art. 8 paragraph. 2 letter i, a feasibility study for the establishment of unified heating zones, taking into account the main investments, as well as the investments in progress.

Thus, pursuant to Ploiești Municipal Council Resolution No. 353/09.30.2011 A feasibility study was approved for the establishment of unified heating zones in the municipality of Ploechte.

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