Dan Negro, exclusive behind-the-scenes details of “You’re Watching!” and “Word Game” by D channel.

Dan Negro turns prime-time audience figures upside down with a quiz show. With an engaging format for an audience eager to solve small screen definitions, star Kanal D has taken the “Word Game” show to an art level. The show’s second season has already started, but there’s a new show betting on Dan Negro on Saturday evenings. Due to the results in growing and bringing together a distinguished audience, Black Dan speaks frankly and exclusively CANCAN.ROOn the progress of television and viewers in the current era.

Over time, the presenter of “Antene” managed more and more diverse and unusual formats. The list contains programs such as “Te pui cu belle?” Or “Next Star” or “Ciao Darwin” or “Plasa de stelle”, which are real TV shows.

With more or less concessions, assumed long-term Black DunnThe medium was at the point where he dominated Kanal D with shows aimed at changing the face of Romanian television.

Dan Negro is active with two shows on the D channel schedule (Photo: CANCAN.RO)

“I don’t say goodbye to my past!”

Analytics for audience measurement tools indicate a significant increase in D channel in the highly educated audience, but also a decrease in viewers in rural areas.

Black Dunn It reveals that there has been no pressure in terms of recorded numbers and the success shows that performance can also be achieved with “clean” content.

The stake in ‘game of words’ and ‘you follow’, we’re talking about the ‘game of words’ now on the station, I give you a word of honor that the stake was never the character of the audience, but the idea of ​​bringing a different show in front of the viewer.

The audience came as a reward, it’s a reward from the show, but know that there are victories that frustrate you and defeats that lift you up.

Black Dunn reveals the secret behind ‘You Follow’ and ‘The Word Game’

On TV, that’s right, there are victories that frustrate you, shows with a terrifyingly large audience, some absurd, with some characters from three me, absurd!

I never say goodbye to the past, but there are victories that frustrate you and defeats that lift you!

If it had been a “word game” defeat, it would have been a defeat that would have lifted us. Audience reward! I don’t think the audience is stupid, I can’t believe it, I’ve never done it! Romanian TV audience is a smart audience! “The presenter told us.

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“The hardest thing in this world is to think differently!”

The second season of “Word Game” began on Channel D on August 31. The show will be broadcast from Wednesday to Friday, from 22:30, and on Saturday the audience from Channel D will also meet Dan Negru, who suggests “You Follow!” , a format that will motivate runners to think the opposite, says the presenter.

“We will be surprised by the general culture questions. People don’t really believe, but not just culture, don’t imagine when I say general culture, that I’m Pleșu, that you’re Liiceanu and that we’re discussing those “conversations”, at some point they had some discussions about TVR.

We don’t go to that area, they are light and light shows. I think you can sell this kind of mainstream culture, and dress them up really well with a nice, well-packed coat.

Dan Negro and Florin Persic filmed the 2021 Christmas Show in Dubai.  Now it will happen in Hollywood (Image: Instagram)
Dan Negru can be seen from Wednesday to Friday from 10:30 pm and Saturday from 20:00

“you are next!” It’s a show that includes them all. I’m not going to say now how it is, what’s more complicated about this show is the moment we put people in and give them a lot, a lot, a lot of money, and make people think the opposite.

I won’t say more than that, but we reward them with hundreds of thousands of lei!

If you can think backwards, you will get paid. The hardest thing in this world is to think differently. When you think with your head, you see the world as it is. When you think about other people’s brains, you see the world as they tell you!

Then we convince people to think with their brains! “Dan Negro added.

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