Two days of bad weather in Alba and other provinces of the country, this weekend: heavy rain, electrical discharges, storms

In Ighiu, the Apulum Agraria Fair, now in its XXX edition, is taking place this weekend. The event was organized in the exhibition space of the Animal Show, located at DJ 107 H.

From September 17-18 there will be exhibitions of local producers, members of professional associations, animal breeders, vine growers and farmers from the province of Alba, meetings with financiers and specialists of enterprises in the field of agriculture, with representatives of secondary schools with the agricultural sector. Provincial profile, presentations of products and services of companies in the agricultural field, exchange of experiences between exhibitors and visitors interested in the development of technologies in this field.

Organizers say ethnographic exhibitions, displays of traditional customs, autumn cooking shows and equestrian shows will also be held.

More than 100 exhibitors from all sectors of agriculture are waiting with interest to present their services and equipment useful in the field, as well as the fruits of the work of the year.

For visitors who want to come by car, there is the possibility of parking near the event site. For those who do not have their own transport, regular trips will be provided through STP Alba Iulia, on the Alba Iulia – Ighiu route and back (price 5 lei / trip), starting from 9.15, with an interval of 1 hour, on the route: Bus station, Electrica , C. Motilor, Kaufland, Ighiu.

Alba County Council partners in this event are: Apollo County Breeders Association, Wine Country Association and Local Working Groups: Morris and Tarnav Lag, Tara Sekailor Alba – Sibiu Lag, Valia Ampuului – Valia Murului LAG and LAG Metaliferi Mountains, Trascu and Montele Mare .

Apollo Agricultural Exhibition 2022

Saturday 17th September

10:30 AM Official Opening of Apulum Agraria 2022

11.00 am visit the stands

Hours 12.00-16.00 Meetings on specialized topics (Main Suite)

Food Safety – Food Poisoning Prevention Measures – DSVSA
Animal Health – Measures for the Prevention of African Swine Fever – DSVSA
Good Practices in Primary Production of Food Products of Non-Animal Origin – DSVSA
Funding Opportunities During the Transition Period Through PNDR 2014-2020 – AFIR, DAJ
PNS National Strategic Plan – Proposed Financial Allocations for 2023-2027 – AFIR
Good Practice Examples, AFIR Funded Projects
Subsidies to support agricultural activities – APIA
Inform farmers that conditions are met for greater uptake of funds and deliver key results from the field – APIA
Hours 12.00-18.00 Demonstrations of traditional customs

Plaiting, weaving and sewing hemp
Culinary – Palmos, burnat, sweetness, zakuska
Grape Picking and Pressing, țara Vinului Association and Augustin Bena . Culture Center
Hours 12.00-18.00 Beginning of the ride – demonstration of the Colț de rai Riding and Recovery Center, Ampoiţa

Sunday 18 September

10:00 am Exhibition opening

11.00 am Innovative technologies in agriculture – Agronom Bio Sol SRL Alba Iulia

Hours 12.00-16.00 Meetings on specialized topics (Main Suite)

Local Gastronomic Points – General Terms of Establishment and Operation – DSVSA
Establishment in the forms of associations (cooperatives, producer groups) – DAJ
Organic Agriculture – Advantages and Conditions – DAJ
Training courses in the agricultural field – DAJ
Associations of producers of the province of Alba
Agricultural education in the province of Alba
Hours 12.00-18.00 Start riding – Colț de rai Riding and Resuscitation Centre, Amboeca

1:30 p.m. Gymnastics on Horseback – Association Demonstration for Recovery and Recreation Through Horseback Riding, Lorraine

14.30 Agricultural drones for the application of phytosanitary treatments – Presentation of Riagro Experimental SRL Brașov

15.30 Popular Show:

Maria Dan Baosian
Justina Span
Vita Berry
Alba County Folk Ensemble, conductor Alexandro Pal:

Roxana Rishi
Floricica Muga
Dorina Narita
Nikolai Plota

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