Contests with prizes and performances in full halls at the “Constantin Tănase” festival

The winners of the prizes for the satirical and humorous literature competition of the “Konstantin Tunas” Humor Festival were announced on Friday. This was followed by an evening of parade and laughter for the spectators in the hall of the House of Culture.

The Vaslui District Library “Nicolae Milescu Spătarul” Vaslui organized an award ceremony for its satirical and humorous literature competition on Friday. This year’s edition has enjoyed good participation, with quality works.

In manuscripts, the first prize was won by scribe Georgi Polisi, from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, and in the book category, the first prize went to the oldest participant, Nikkor Konsentescu, who showed a lot, at the age of 90. Of vitality and artistic inspiration.

The organizers also presented a series of awards to personalities from the world of literature and poetry.

“Writing humor is delicate, but judging is harder. In the book section, judging was also the hardest, with some contestants participating with two or more books. It was easier for those without any books to compete for a prize. Here the jury analyzed the authors’ stages, and ecstasy, brevity, flow of narration, and grace. The notes were varied, but close to talented. A good book presents itself and cannot be challenged, no matter what we think of the author,” said Gillo Piccini, director of the “Nicolae Milescu Spătarul” county library in Vaslui.

George Corbo, President of the Federation of Epigramists from Romania, and a member of the jury, spoke about the state of humor, which is good, with self-published humor magazines, and exceptional ones. There are many humor books out and we still have TV shows. “The patron of this festival is Konstantin Tunas, whom we commend in every way, and this festival in Vaslui is the ultimate form of honoring a great figure, a comedian of the first order. I consider him among the emblematic figures of Roman culture. We can talk about the treasure of Vaslui, embodied in the extraordinary man, who marked an era in the show theater, in the Roman comedy, Konstantin Tunas”.

Writer Teodor Praxiu spoke about the ambiguous future of Romanian humor, warning about the absence of young people from humorous literature competitions, since participants are over 40 years old.

In the evening, the Konstantin Tunas Comedy Festival proposed the performance of “Phasicator” directed by Georges Video, performed by the actors of the theater “Victor Ion Popa” in Paarl, directed by Stefan Alexio.

It was another evening with an auditorium full of the House of Culture, where there was a lot of laughter, the actors of the parlady theater managed to present a funny and confusing story, in which the trickster is easily deceived, the dizzying pace of events, unpredictability and reversal of situations led to high-quality comedy , applauded hard.

Basically, Vaslui’s audience met with an excessive comic turn of events, a little blackmail, a lot of lies, unexpected situations, a fast paced and a lot of chaos.

The cast consisted of actors Jorge Sobolevsky, Soren Georgi, Ramona Anani, Petronella Ene, Simone Salko Jr., Irina Cocchia, Christian Todeco, Marcel Angel, Oana Floria, Lily Bubba Alexio, Kotilina Rosso, Sila Croetoro, Alexandro Sappho, Lucien. Hatmanu.

The next day, the people of Vaslui had the opportunity to see the performance of the operetta and the national musical theater “Ion Dacian” from Bucharest.

Through the show “Bonsoir, mon Paris”, Vaslui viewers in the auditorium of the House of Culture “Constantin Tănase” learned through music about the secrets of bohemian Paris, its cabarets and cafés, where spectators had the opportunity to relive Parisian life. Spirit of another time.

The show was based on some of the most beautiful French songs, an ode to Paris and the musicians who played its hidden magic.

In about two hours, soloists and the operetta theater orchestra provided moments of refined artistic dress, and the people of Vasluy witnessed scenes of exuberance that characterize Paris, a city brimming with life, with poets, painters, florists, and street artists.

The long applause at the end reflects the success that the actors of the national operetta and musical theater “Aeon Dachian” have had on the stage of the Konstantin Tunas Comedy Festival.

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