He has no jurisdiction. What does the agency say?

Article by Viorel Tudorache – Posted on Monday, September 19, 2022 at 5:55 pm / Updated Monday, September 19, 2022 at 7:05 pm.

Three weeks after the newspaper’s request, the American company “Wings of Strength” that organized the event, responded after the director general of the National Anti-Doping Agency, Gabriela Andreao, accused the producers of the “Olympia Amateur Eastern Europe” of banning doping control of seven Romanian athletes, three of whom are suspended for Doping, but they are present in the competition.

“ANAD is not competent to implement anti-doping controls at the sites of events organized by our community,” this is the conclusion sent by the organizers.


Stubborn control, blocked in a competition in Bucharest! Embarrassing moments: threats to bodyguards and an athlete fleeing the stage!

“We are under no obligation to provide assistance to the Agency in implementing anti-doping controls.”

They are walking on the fact that the events they organize are private and not sports competitions, which should be considered under the jurisdiction of ANAD.

“We continue to consider that our company, as the organizer of the event, has no obligation to provide assistance to ANAD in implementing anti-doping controls.

ANAD claims that it will have the ability to enter any building to conduct unsupported anti-doping control, and bodybuilding competitions are not sports competitions in the usual sense.

Bodybuilders do not run, jump or lift weights, the participant’s evaluation is based on the participant’s body shape, and the aesthetic items are the items subject to evaluation, not athletic performance.

We take our activity in Romania with full seriousness and responsibility and intend to continue to operate in Romania and organize similar events in full compliance with the applicable legislation,” reads the statement sent to Gazeta Sporturilor.

The signatories to the statement, Malcolm Beach and Alina Popa, compete for ANAD competency in the events they organize, because the community they represent It is an independent organization, not affiliated with Romanian sports bodies, specialized in the organization and holding of fitness and bodybuilding events/shows in Romania.

The Eastern European Amateur Olympia also specified that they were not hostile to ANAD representatives: “During the visit of ANAD representatives to the event, we expressed our disagreement with the competence of the National Anti-Doping Agency to implement anti-doping controls at the event site. However, none of the Our company representatives at any time threaten or disrespect ANAD officials.

Our position was a simple objective to challenge the competence of ANAD, after analyzing the applicable legal framework. Accordingly, we have informed agency officials that due to the status of our association and the format of our events, the agency has no jurisdiction over the event.”

Similarly, Malcolm Beach and Alina Popa contradict the statements of the Director-General of the National Anti-Doping Agency, Gabriela Andreao, which states that “five nervous bodyguards had the task of escorting us abroad. It was not comfortable.”

The organizers responded to the incident, which was reported by ANAD: “We want to emphasize that we have not created a hostile environment for stubborn representatives. Of course, in the events we organize, there are representatives of companies that provide security and protection services to ensure a safe and peaceful environment at our event sites.

We strongly reject the statement or any suggestion that company representatives who provide security and protection services have been instructed by us to intimidate or escort officials of the National Industrial Development Agency (ANAD) from the building where the event took place. Therefore, Inad’s hints that he would not have felt comfortable due to the presence of representatives of the Security and Protection Company are unjustified. ”

The organizers of the Eastern European Amateur Olympia consider it absurd for the National Anti-Doping Agency to implement anti-doping controls at private sporting events.

“If the ANAD approach is accepted, we will have to accept the participation of participants in a sports event/competition organized in a private venue (for example, within family events or special team building events organized by companies for employees) that is under the control of ANAD, and the organizer will be obligated to allow ANAD representatives to By accessing private locations (for example, a yard or someone’s home, a space rented by the company organizing the team building event),” offers are added in the press release.

“Participants are free to choose whether or not to respond to ANAD requests.”

Another ANAD accusation is that promoter Alina Popa incited all seven selected athletes to refuse doping control.

“The accusation that Mrs. Alina Popa incited the seven athletes is unfounded. First of all, we must mention that the list of the seven athletes selected by ANAD was not known to the association nor to Mrs. Alina Popa. Ms. Alina Popa spoke to only one of the athletes who was surprised by ANAD’s control and did not know how to handle the agency officials’ request and asked for the organizer’s point of view.

Ms Bubba only specified that the association had no legal or contractual authority or power to require event participants to agree to submit to anti-doping control implemented by ANAD.

As such, we have determined that participants are free to choose whether or not to comply with ANAD requests, bearing in mind that anti-doping tests do not affect their participation in the event organized by our company. The decision to submit to ANAD anti-doping control was a personal choice of each participant, and the association had no control or influence over it.”

ANAD holds its position after the reaction of the Olympia Amateur Eastern Europe organizers.

“ANAD’s access to the premises of the multi-purpose hall where the sports competition was held was restricted due to the organizers’ lack of cooperation from the first contact of ANAD officials with them, by restricting access to the list of athletes registered for the competition, by their refusal to provide a doping control station, as well as by threatening to escort ANAD officials outside the Polyvalent Hall, a national sports complex,” ANAD sent to Gazeta Sporturilor.

ANAD confirms that the Olympia Amateur Eastern Europe is a sporting event, not a show. He adds:

“ANAD has the applicable legal framework and jurisdiction for sporting events that take place on the territory of Romania.”Created under Law No. 310/2021 on Prevention and Control of Doping in Sport and Mercury 278/2022 on Anti-Doping Systematic Rules.

The competition organizer uses the IFBB Professional League logo as such, which gives the impression that the organizer is operating as a professional league;

From the list of participants, obtained by photographing them from the walls of the Polyvalent Hall, later verified on the competition website, Inad found that 3 athletes who were in the suspension period for doping participated in the eventAs a result, the applicable legal provisions will be applied and the suspension period recalculated.”

Harsh response from regulators … from Gazeta Sporturilor


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