Site handover approved to CNI for construction of a sports base

In the extraordinary meeting held on September 15, the members of the local councils adopted a draft decision on handing over the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration through the National Investment Company “CNI” SA, and ascertaining the terms of the site. Implementation of the project Type of investment objective – construction of a sports base of the first type, Ali Dembrava Menonato Street, No. 4, Călăraşi Municipality, Clăraşi County.

The land, which has an area of ​​13,202 square meters, was delivered ready-made according to the urban planning documents, in accordance with the regulations in force.

In accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned draft resolution, Călărași City Hall will ensure the financing of the expenses of utility connections (electricity, water, sewage, gas or other type of fuel used, etc.). In addition, after the delivery of the site and the goal achieved, it is obliged to maintain its destination and guarantee maintenance for a period of at least 15 years.

“The municipality of Călărași initially sent to CNI SA a request regarding the realization of an investment objective type project -” Establishment of a sports base TYPE 1, Aleea Dumbrava Minunata, no. 4, Călărași Municipality, Călărași Province”. By address No. 49596 / 01.07.2022, registered in CNI SA without. 35425 / 05.07.2022, UAT Călărași municipality sent the extract of the Land Deed No. 34365 resulting from the appendix of the building, its location and demarcation plan Subsequently, by address No. 43104 / 09.08.2022, CNI SA conveyed to the applicant the fact that the proposed site corresponds to the fact that the technical and economic indicators approved by Order No. 2069 / 25.05.2020 on the basis of extracting CF No. 30990 and HCL Site Handover No. 8 of 30.01.2020, it is necessary to resume the procedures for obtaining the approval order for technical and economic indicators based on the new extract from the Land Registry.

In order to submit the new building based on the order of indications, it is necessary that the municipality of Călăraşi UAT submits the decision of the local council on the handover of the site according to the agreed form and sends it to the beneficiary, who will have attached the PAD form regarding the proposed site.

Practically, it is necessary to hand over the land located in the municipality of Călărași, Călărași province, Aleea Dumbrava Minunata no. 4, owned by the Calarasi Municipality, privately owned and under the management of the Calarasi Municipal Council, with an area of ​​13,202 square meters, in accordance with the PAD attached to this resolution, out of a total of 45,658. square meters determined according to Land Book No. 34365, no. The topography of 34365, free from any obstructions, in view of and during the achievement of the “CNI” SA investment objective The type of project – “Construction of a sports base TYPE 1, Aleea Dumbrava Minunata, No. 4, Călărași Municipality, Călărași Province”, is mentioned in the approval report.

Building Mathematical Rules – Type I Project

The land on which the sports base will be erected must be rectangular in size with an area of ​​not less than 13,202 square metres, a width of not less than 80.50 meters and a minimum length of 164.00 metres.

The land may have a larger area and a different shape than the one mentioned, provided that the 80.50 m x 164.00 m rectangle matches the shape of the available land.

The land to be provided, for the construction of the sports base, must comply with the conditions of local urban planning as well as the minimum requirements of the General Urban Regulations from 1996, which was republished, approved by GD No. 525/1996, called:

The maximum percentage of land occupancy will be:

  1. a) 50% for construction and sports facilities.
  2. b) 20% for alleys, roads and parking lots.
  3. c) 30% for green space

The sports rule will include:

▪ Football field

Multifunctional court for handball, basketball, volleyball, tennis,

▪ Construction of changing rooms,

▪ Gate cabin

▪ Parking

▪ pedestrian alleys

▪ Green spaces.

football field

▪ The football field has the dimensions of the useful development surface of 75.50 m x 117.00 m and that of the useful playing surface of 68.00 m x 105.00 m. The width of the circumferential protection zone is 3.00 m on the long sides and 6.00 m on the short sides.

The stadium markings comply with the requirements of the 2018 regulation for the regulation of football activity of the Romanian Football Association. The pitch can also be specified for two mini football fields, the surfaces will be 40.00m x 60.00m.

▪ The playing surface will be an artificial turf carpet, on layers of ballast and compacted stone.

Multifunctional court for handball, basketball, volleyball and tennis

▪ The multifunctional area has the dimensions of the useful development surface 25.00 m x 44.00 m and that of the useful playing surface 40.00 m x 20.00 m. The width of the surrounding protection zone is 2.00 m.

Field marks comply with the requirements of the operating regulations of the Romanian handball, basketball, volleyball and tennis federations.

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