ADI Termo Prahova: Ploiești City Hall is solely responsible for paying heating bills

The hot water scandal in Ploiti is far from over, unfortunately for the more than 130,000 tenants affected by the biggest crisis the municipality has seen in the past 30 years. According to Prahova County Council Chairman Iulian Dumitrescu, Termoficare Prahova stopped providing hot water in Ploiesti on August 1 because Mayor Andrei Vološević refused to pay the subsidy bills.

“The mayor of Ploieti, Andrei Vološević, cried like a boa that he would not pay the bills, and support in this case, for hot water, even though the inhabitants of Ploeti were receiving hot water (…)

It was obvious, that the mayor was threatening and declaring all the time that he would not pay the bills, and the subsidies for hot water to the residents of Ploechte, which that company provided – that this would end and the company would not be able to deliver hot water.

So the only culprit because the hot water stopped in Ploiti is someone who hasn’t paid for the hot water that a company has provided for three months, out of his own money, with paid salaries, and purchased petrol. It is about the mayor of Ploiti, Andrei Volosevici.

No one in this town would pay out of his pocket for three months, and the mayor wouldn’t pay his hot water bills. How long can this guy last? Yesterday, Domitrescu said in a live view of the Brahovin Observatory.

Details here: “The only culprit is Volosevici. The operator stopped the hot water because the town hall did not pay the bills”, accuses Yulian Domitrescu

Shortly after the broadcast, Ploiești City Hall issued a press release explaining the status of unpaid bills to Termoficare Prahova.

“Thermal energy subsidy bills delivered to residents, issued by the new operator, SC Termoficare Prahova SA, are in the records of the Termo Prahova Community Development Association (ADI) and amount to 6,637,787.05 lei.

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Considering that, to date, the said bills have not been confirmed and approved in connection with the realized consumption, by (ADI) Termo Prahova, according to the characteristics of this local structure, the Ploieti City Council cannot order their payment.

Today the Prahov Observatory publishes an official document from the Association for Inter-Communal Development (ADI) Termo Prahova, which has been sent to the Pločeti City Council since September 6, about which Mayor Vološević has not said a word in public.

Thus, ADI Termo Prahova dismantles the accusations of Mayor Andrei Volosevici and explains to him, on time, that according to the statute, the association does not monitor the supply of thermal energy in Ploiești City Hall at thermal points and public institutions.

Moreover, in accordance with the legislation in force regarding internal control and preventive financial control, “The directors of the specialized departments – those in the municipality of Ploiti are responsible for the reality, regularity and legitimacy of operations.”

Meanwhile, in accordance with Ministry of Public Finance Order 1792/2002 on Employment and Payment of Public Expenses, Documents evidencing the goods delivered, the works performed and the services rendered, which give rise to certain payment obligations, are approved for payment by the applicant for credit, that is, by the Ploiești City Hall.

In the document posted at the end of the text, it is stated that since Article 7 of the ADI Termo Prahova Basic Law states that “the association does not have the capacity of the operator and will not carry out economic activities”, it is clear that the Chairman of the Board of Directors cannot certify the reality, regularity and legality of the quantities billed by Termoficare Prahova SA to Ploiești City Hall.

Finally, the management of ADI Termo Prahova sent her to Ploiești City Hall “To check the reality, regularity and legality of the application of subsidies for thermal energy activities issued by SC Termoficare Prahova SA to citizens, during the period in which they performed the activity and paid the corresponding bills.”

We remind you that Termoficare Prahova filed a lawsuit against Ploiești City Hall for non-payment of bills related to the hot water subsidy delivered to residents between May 13 and August 1 in the amount of more than 6 million lei.

Photo document: Address where ADI Termo Prahova explains why Ploiești City Hall is solely responsible for paying hot water subsidy bills

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