Djiko Popescu is the “Captain” of the Football Museum in Bucharest

With a track record that is difficult to match for a Romanian footballer, and not only that, the Museo “Captain” of Gecko Popescu is one of the most appreciated Romanian players, having been named the best Romanian footballer 6 times;

The former Barcelona captain will share the museum’s strategy and how visitors will interact with the sports king inside the museum;

The Football Museum in Bucharest has announced the partnership with Gecko Popescu, Romanian footballer with a tough track record and current manager of Varol Constanta FC. The only Romanian in history that the Barcelona captain would have been actively involved in the museum’s long-term strategy and how every football fan would experience Romania’s most beloved sport at the new museum in the old center of Bucharest.

The footballer has an impressive career both at club level and with the national team, being among the top 3 Romanian players who have participated in the most number of matches. Moreover, Djiko Popescu left a strong imprint in the history of the tricolor, as he made 115 times with the national team, in which he scored 16 goals, and participated with him in 3 editions of the World Championship and 2 final tournaments of the European Championship.

Internationally, Djiko Popescu is the only Romanian footballer to wear the Barcelona captain’s armband, which is added by the fact that he has won three European titles with different teams: the Cup Winners’ Cup with Barcelona, ​​the European Super Cup and the UEFA Cup with Galatasaray.

I was a public school captain, a high school captain, a junior captain, a national junior team captain, a 20-year-old University of Craiova captain etc., a captain, a captain, a captain. Now is the time to be a leader again. to This time, my team is much bigger. It is made up of all those who love football and who are expected to experience it like they have never done before. See you in the “Field”, at the Football Museum in Bucharest! “announced by Gecko Popescu.

The Football Museum will open in the historical center of Bucharest, and tourists will have a 360-degree experience, where they will be able to enjoy amazing exhibition spaces, relive moments of football history with the help of interactive digital and virtual reality experiences. Football fans will be able to enjoy a range of items belonging to Romanian and international players. In addition to the exhibition spaces, the museum has a café, bistro, and a special event room that is permanently available to visitors.

The goal of the museum, a place that does not depend on the outcome of a game, is to capture the attention of visitors for a momentimportant in football. We aim to collaborate with all those passionate, and this team, like any other, is wantedcaptain. If you think of a captain in the history of Romanian football, the one who played immediately comes to mindBarcelona logo in a team with Ronaldo, Figo or Guardiola. Through his career and his wonderful storiesExtraordinary things to say, Gekko Popescu is best suited for the role of the captain of a special place likeFootball Museum”, Added Romeo Benic, Executive Director of the Football Museum in Bucharest.

Moreover, visitors will be able to find some of the shirts that Djiko Popescu wore, among them the shirt he won the UEFA Cup with Galatasaray, after a final with Arsenal, in which he scored the decisive penalty kick. The shirt bears the signatures of all members of the Galata team.

Besides Giko Popescu jerseys, other things directly related to football can be enjoyed at the Football Museum in Bucharest. Some of the valuables that you will find in the museum are: the shirt that Maradona wore in the 1983-84 season, when he played for Barcelona, ​​the shirt that Hagi wore at Real Madrid in the 1990-91 season, Ronaldo. Shirt from the Brazil national team match, signed by the double winner of the Ballon d’Or, but also by Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos.

About Bucharest Football Museum

The Football Museum Bucharest is the first football museum in Romania and aims to provide local and foreign tourists who choose to visit Bucharest an experience of interaction with football history of the highest standards. Located in the old center of the capital, Football Museum Bucharest is spread over 8 levels and will host groups for the first time in Romania, interactive experiences, event space, fan shop, bistro and café. More details are available on the museum’s official website,

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