Elected local officials have now assembled in an extraordinary meeting

Members of local councils from the municipality of Constanta were called to a regular meeting on Tuesday, starting at 14:00. On the agenda there are two draft resolutions to be discussed and then voted on by the members of the Council. The meeting was attended by 25 members of local councils.

1 – Draft Resolution on the approval of the submission of the project “Creation of digitized eco-islands in the municipality of Constana”, within the National Recovery and Resilience Plan;

Initiated by: Mayor Virgil Kechak

– Expert Committee opinion No. 1 nor. 3

The bill was adopted by 25 votes.

2. Draft decision on the approval of the exercise of the right of first refusal by the municipality of Constanta for the purchase of the building located in the municipality of Constanta, b. IC Brătianu no. 131, Constana Province, comprising: The building with an area of ​​69,823.00 square meters listed in the CF of UAT Constanța under No. 254165, the building with an area of ​​147.00 square meters, is registered in the CF of UAT Constanța under No. 221097, the building with an area of ​​140.00 square meters is registered in the CF of UAT Constanța under No. 208792.

Initiated by: Mayor Virgil Kechak

– Expert Committee opinion No. 1 nor. 5

Daniela Cismarro, representative of Prefabricate SA: “The right of pre-emption for the local council ceased on September 7. The Ministry of Culture does not understand the exercise of this right of pre-emption. This right has been transferred to the municipality. This right had to be exercised within 15 days, which is the deadline that elapsed. In our opinion, the decision of the local council does not object to it. Likewise, through your notification to the municipality, you sent a confirmed offer of sale. The municipality had a deadline of 30 days to express acceptance or rejection of this offer. In our opinion this draft resolution is without objection. I would like to take into account the fact that the person who offered the owner this amount intends to develop it. A goal that would add value to the city and create more jobs. On the other hand, through the draft resolution, an illusion is being pursued. To present such a project To vote, there should have been documents by book and a list of investors who were willing to participate in this auction. Which in our opinion is a frivolous proposal from the municipality.”

Costin Răsăuțeanu: “We understand that there is no communication in the city hall. Either you don’t know what you’re doing, or you’re pretending. Both options are very dangerous. When I saw this project, I realized how misunderstood the idea of ​​a public administration and being in the service of the citizen we wouldn’t vote For this project we do not know what is the financial potential of the municipality to own this land We are talking about 15 million euros Where will this money come from It is true that in the Civil Code it explains how this sale takes place We agree that our city should develop and invest in industrial parks We expect winter Difficult and we don’t know if Termoficare Constanța is starting to breathe hard and who knows what unexpected situations arise. Today is not the time for Constanta municipality to invest a lot of money in a plot. We think this project has nothing to look for in a local council meeting. If it is done Coming to a consensus, I don’t think this is the time to spend a lot of money. Before we think about kites, we should think about how citizens’ money is spent”

Dumitru Caragheorghe: “We, the local council, are authorized to exercise our right or not to support this pre-emption. This is how CL is being widowed from two directions. There is a great need to invest in a technology park in Constanta and management should look for solutions. I would have loved this fear Which colleagues from the PSD say they care about spending public money, to show sincerity when they voted to increase the appropriations for this Termoficare. That’s the amount of demagogy in this speech.”

Costin Răsăuțeanu: “Mr. Caragheorghe, you just know how to complain about your incompatibility with PNL. At work, you haven’t really met each other!”

Carmen Espace: “At the municipal level of Constana, the Ministry of Culture has informed us that it is not exercising its right of first refusal for this building. An industrial park will be built here. Just like other colleagues from other municipalities have done, you should know that we are the first to create such a project. You cannot buy A property without being appraised by an appraiser. This appraisal will be submitted to the city council. Everything has been done in accordance with the law.”

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