“It is also the reason for the increase in the number of students”

About a week ago, the Sibiu City Council announced the completion of the expansion work of the King Ferdinand School, a fact that led to the relocation of all morning classes. According to the director of the educational unit Professor George Berza, everyone is happy, and the transfer of classes to a single period has led to an increase in the number of students at Vasily Aron School. The last unit that, in Sibiu, was able to transfer its courses definitively in one shift was High School No. 13. It was happening in 2016, six years ago.

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In the “King Ferdinand” Secondary School in Sibiu, a new building structure of 1105 square meters has been established in which 5 new classrooms, 2 laboratories, a documentation center, information and health facilities have been arranged. Solar panels have been placed on the roof of the building that will cover up to 70% of the thermal energy needed for hot water, and LED lighting, being more energy efficient. Most importantly, the building is optimized for use by people with disabilities, with ramps and a lift platform.

“The work on the new body has progressed very well. Although the end date was originally somewhere at the end of October, they were able to finish early and we were able to get all the permits and health permits so we could work legally and normally, with all the kids in attendance. To school only in the morning. The school has been teaching in two shifts for many years and in recent years has declined significantly. When I came here at the end of last year, there were about 430 children or so, and now we have 518″, says Professor George Berza, Principal The school.

A gym worthy of international competitions

The unit manager also talks about the joy this achievement brings to children, parents and teachers.

“We are all very happy. I think this is also one of the reasons for the increase in the number of children. I remember that at the beginning of the year, at the festive opening, I told them that as soon as possible we would only come to the morning hours, but not everyone believed me, and now two weeks have passed and we are just working Since morning,” he says.

King Ferdinand School

In all this modernization and rehabilitation of the school, the principal speaks proudly of the sports hall, which he says is accredited for international sports competitions.

“We have a physical locker and a chemical locker equipped with new and high quality furniture. The new body also contains a gymnasium that is equipped with FIBA ​​approved materials and equipment, which means it is made in such a way that it can withstand any international competition in handball or basketball.”

The gym area is 1340 square meters with changing rooms, showers, bathrooms, a medical office and a storage room for sports materials. The court in the hall is paved with parquet for sports activities and arranged so that basketball and handball, as well as other activities of the sports classes can be played. The rooftop of the gym’s main access area is a grassy terrace.

No school has successfully moved into morning classes forever in the past six years

According to the information obtained from Sibiu County School Inspection Department, the last school in Sibiu that was able to transfer courses definitively, in one period, was High School No. 13. It happened in 2016 after the construction of a new building that provided the necessary space. Before that it was High School No. 2 from Sibiu which, after the attic, in 2014 managed to transfer the morning classes. Attempts were also made in secondary school No. 18 and in Regina Maria, in the first case after rehabilitation with European funding, in the second after the attic, however, after a while, the two educational institutions returned to classes in two shifts.

King Ferdinand School

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