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A woman from Blaj, Alexandra CC, was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison with death penalty, after killing the man with whom she had two children. The crime took place a year ago, on September 14.

She was also ordered to pay 3,000 euros in moral compensation to the man’s father and 2,000 euros for each of his three brothers.

It is one of dozens of cases of domestic violence in Romania, which ends tragically in a murder. After the conviction, two minors, twins, were left without parents: the deceased father, and the mother initially convicted of premeditated murder.

The facts that led to the tragedy were described by the judges who investigated the case and were made public after the case had passed the procedures and exceptions stage of the Trial Chamber.

In a few words, Alexandra, against the background of a severe disturbance caused by a quarrel that occurred a few hours before the crime and a “serious violation of dignity (urinated in the room)”, hit 24-year-old Andrei, with several objects in the head. He used a glass, a trinket, but he also used a crook.

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How the Murder Reached: The Long “Movie” The Abuse That Led to Tragedy

Alexandra and Andrei started a relationship in 2019. Twins resulted from their relationship. The woman’s family did not accept the relationship, and the two did not live together, but rather saw each other from time to time.

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Moreover, the birth certificate of the twins born out of wedlock did not mention the “Father” column.

Andre started to get jealous and hit Alexandra

According to the judges, in late 2020, the relationship between the two began to deteriorate. Andrei began to feel very jealous, so he threatened Alexandra and beat her, as stated in the reasoning of the court.

The woman prevented him from entering her yard, but allowed him to take the children and walk with them down the street. Thus, the two meetings were held until September 13, 2021.

On September 13, Andrei went to pick up one of the two children and walk with him. Alexandra went to the store for shopping and met Andrei.

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According to the reasoning of the court, and without any reason, he started insulting her, insulting her and gently kicking her in the shin region. Despite his assault on her, the two went to the store and then returned home.

Later, he took the child again, and they walked down the street and brought him home. At about 8:00 pm, Andrei was drunk and again took the child for a walk. Alexandra saw that he was drunk and stunned, but she let him take the child.

The night of the crime: the woman mentally surrendered

Andrei later returned to Alexandra’s house with the child. According to the judges, he assaulted the woman again, slapped her in the face and, according to the court’s reasoning, urinated in the room.

Against the background of the previous aggression and given that the young man was under the influence of alcoholic drinks, Alexandra mentally surrendered: she began to hit him in the head and chest with several objects: a trinket, a glass, but also with a hammer .

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As a result of the aggression, Andrei died. The woman confessed her crime in full.

“(…) Against the background of a disturbance or a strong emotion resulting from a previous provocation resulting from the practice of violence (slapping the victim) and serious violations of dignity (urinating in the room) and taking advantage of the apparent weakness of the victim, due to the state of sleep and the effect of alcoholic beverages, the defendant beat her Several times with various sharp objects (cup, ornament and hair), in the area of ​​the head and chest, as a result of which the death occurred. The defendant admitted to committing the act “according to the reasoning of the court.

On September 19, 2022, the judges of the Alba Court sentenced Alexandra in first instance.

“Defendant S. Alexandra C.- (…) convicts of imprisonment for 4 years and 6 months for the crime of murder, (…) deductions from the penalty applicable to the accused for the period of detention and preventive arrest, starting from 14.09 .2021 on the day. Accepts The civil action brought by the civil parties (…) (the victim’s father) and the brothers of the minor victim (…) The defendant is obligated to pay the civil party (…) the equivalent in lei upon payment date of 3000 euros and the equivalent in lei in the amount of 2000 Euros each on the date of payment for each of the three siblings of the victim, (…).

(…) orders the confiscation of the following criminal corpses in particular: – a decorative piece – containing an ornate ceramic piece, depicting a dove on a rock, white, gray and green, laid on a carpet in the living room, of a bedroom type, (…) ‘, stated in the summary judgment of the Alba Court.

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