“You can come from any background and be successful in business and investment,” says Conor McGregor, the most valuable fighter in UFC history and the new XTB ambassador.

Conor McGregor is a UFC multi-weight champion, entrepreneur, and global icon in business and sports.

Originally from Dublin, McGregor was a trained plumber and amateur fighter before entering the UFC scene in 2013.

He quickly rose through the ranks, winning the UFC Featherweight Championship in 2015.

McGregor then made history by becoming the first fighter in UFC history to hold two weight divisions at once, winning the UFC Lightweight Championship in 2016.

As the first fighter to hold two UFC belts at the same time, Conor McGregor will go down in history as a great fighter and one of the most successful athletes of all time.

Outside the arena, McGregor has had similar success in business. The former two-time UFC champion is always looking to add new business ventures to his roster.

He founded the fastest growing whiskey brand on the market, invested in a number of sports-related businesses, owned a restaurant and even became the face of the popular online game Dystopia: Conquest of Heroes.

Conor McGregor became the ambassador of XTB, the global investment company active in Romania since 2008 and known as the best broker on international stock exchanges in our country.

In an interview, he talked about the mindset, confidence and passion that took him from a training room in a Dublin suburb to world fame, making him the biggest name in the UFC.

His ideas are not only relevant to sports, but can also be valuable in everyday life.

You’ve built your own path to success from the boxing halls of Crumlin to the UFC Championship. It must have taken a lot of determination to get first place. How do you find your inner motivation for continuous development?

Conor McGregor: I’ve had this dream since I was a kid to be the best. I wanted to give myself and my family a wonderful life. And I didn’t let anything stop me. I put in the effort, took a risk, and the results came.

What is most important to you in sports? Are there lessons from sports that can be applied in daily life?

Sports teach you how to get up after a fall. Fighting is what teaches you that, specifically. You will get hit and hit someday – just like in life. How do you answer is all. If you can take the blows and keep fighting, you will find some kind of success.

Your athletic career shows that you mentally won many fights even before the first round. Do you agree that success is determined by the mental attitude of the individual?

It is a combination of mental and physical training. No one with an indestructible drive and clear vision will be frustrated or distracted. You must be 100% loyal and mentally and emotionally prepared.

People often limit their potential. What’s your best advice for pushing boundaries?

There are no real limits to what one can do! These are set by yourself or the community. In fact, anything is possible if you approach with both the heart and the mind.

Martial arts are very demanding, both physically and mentally. Any fight needs perfect preparation – challenging exercises, but also a plan. How is a winning strategy?

Well, it’s all about knowing your opponent inside and out. But it’s also about preparing yourself to the point where you can trust yourself, both mentally and physically, to be ready for anything. Sun Tzu said, “If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the outcome of a hundred battles.”

As a fighter, it is good to understand how you react to stress and how it works. How do you deal with stress in the most stressful situations?

When the world is watching, there is no way to hide. But I like pressure. It motivates me and leads me to the present. It anchors me in the present moment, heightens my awareness, makes me appreciate all that I have accomplished, and reminds me of what I have to do.

You excel equally in sports and business. I was the highest paid athlete last year. You also demonstrated that you have insight as an entrepreneur: the business you invested in turned out to be profitable. What do you think determine success at work?

Well, many athletes will invest their own money and let the “experts” handle the investment. I’m not. Not only can you invest money; You have to invest your time, your emotions, and your personal commitment.

I take an active part in every business. I help by making sure that I bring the right people into the business, that the services are of high quality and that the expectations of our audience are always met.

Do you see similarities between business and sports?

If you want to win, you have to share everything. You need to prepare, you need to know your opponents, the competition. You have to understand yourself, know what your strengths and weaknesses are, and you have to be dedicated to the job.

Sports and business can be unpredictable. How do you handle situations where things don’t go according to plan?

Well, I’ve failed before. that happens. In my opinion, you can learn more from losses than wins.

You learn from your mistakes, you study your failure to see where the error occurred and you use it as motivation.

The failures are cruel, but every loss I have made me get better.

Many people are embarrassed to talk about money. Speak openly about your income or investments. Do you think people still talk a little bit about finance?

I talk about money so people realize that you can come from any background and be successful in business. It’s not just a boys’ club on Wall Street.

If someone sees me, a professional wrestler who’s never been to college, talking about business, they might think “I could do that too!”

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