Anton Pann retells the story of the mysterious opera Ada Kaleh on the stage of the Bucharest National Opera.

From the history of the place, to the memories of the community: a wonderful story in sounds, images and memories with musicians and islanders in a unique project on September 23, from 19:00, at the Bucharest National Opera.

“Ada Kaleh Mon Amour” – The story of a vanishing oriental space

The Association for Culture and Tradition “Anton Pan”, under the auspices of the Turkish Embassy in Bucharest, in partnership with the Bucharest National Opera, has launched “Ada Kaleh Mon Amour” – a complex cultural project aimed at bringing to life through music, stories and images the memory of the disappearance of the Danube Island – Ada Kaleh. All the actions included in the project are designed with a high degree of interaction, so that memories of the island come to life and the audience rediscovers what life was like in Ada Kaleh, what secrets it hid in the four tunnels, and how children hide them. Enjoy or how love stories were born here.

The “Ada Kaleh Mon Amour” project began in 2014, when members of the band Anton Pann and the band of the same name reached out to islanders who shared their memories of the place in their souls “Home”. These restored life stories were fermenting the desire to re-educate the Roman public to the history of this very special island and the flavor of the East “from our homeland”. To create this project, “Anton Pann” team collaborated with the National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti” and the “Constantin Brăiloiu” Institute of Ethnography and Folklore of the Romanian Academy, extensive research was carried out in the National Archives and brought back memories over a long period. Hours of dialogue with the last islanders.

Thus, the project “Ada Kaleh Mon Amour” through music ends with an exploration of the lush and colorful sounds of this rich and wonderful oriental space. From the recovered fragments of memory, the story of the mysterious island of Ada Calais is reborn, the uniqueness of which has impressed writers and directors alike over time, forming the perfect idea for an eerie immersion in a vanishing world. Through music, video performances, exhibitions and memories, the audience will embark on a wonderful imaginative journey to the amazing Ada Calais island.

In “Ada Kaleh Mon Amour,” audiences will get in touch with the island atmosphere through a unique performance by early room musician Anton Ban and their guests, a show that will feature a selection of songs that were once played on Ada Kaleh. It is a music full of color and fragrance, with which the musicians will recreate the atmosphere on the island, and their guests will carry different emotion by remembering the moments they lived on the island full of puzzles.

Orchestrated by Constantin Reliano (leader and orchestra player, voice, percussion, dyer, qanun), musicians Sabine Peña (violin), Alexandro Stoica (oud), André Nesescu (cello), Ghassan Boz (bandar, darbuka, rag) will facilitate the identification. The beautiful Ada Kaleh. They were joined by special guest Mehtab Demir (vocals). The mystery of the story will be completed by video presentations by Oana Răileanu, introducing Mr. Claudiu Turcitu and the memories of Pervin Halimooglu islanders, Turhan Semși.

The project “Ada Kaleh Mon Amour” is a production of the Anton Pann Association for Culture and Traditions under the auspices of the Turkish Embassy in Bucharest, and was co-produced by the National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti”. The project partners are the National Archives, the Center for Turkish Studies at the University of Bucharest, the Turkish Democratic Union, the Portelli di Iron District Museum, the Mahdini Provincial Council, the Constana Romanian Provincial Library, the Turkish Consulate, the Bucharest National Opera, Radio Romania, Radio Romania Cultural, Drobeta Turnu City Hall Severin, Computerland, TIAAD, Turkish Airlines, Canal D, Brodal 94. Banca Transylvania. The project is funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN).

Tickets are available at and at the Bucharest National Opera box office.

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